Friday, November 07, 2003

I Got A Smack In My Hand

Ever walk around with the feeling that you want to smack the crap out of people? For no particular reason... Or maybe a reason - doesn't matter. That's me. Everything is irritating to me. Or should I say just about EVERYONE is an irritant right now. Eh, maybe it's PMS. Maybe it's just my incredibly bitchy side taking over. Who knows, I'd just suggest walking on the other side of the street if you see me... But be discrete about it... If I think you are actively avoiding me, I might just have to smack you twice for that!

Off to bed now... Probably a good think I sleep alone. ;o)

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I Am The Pumpkin Queen!!

I've been making all sorts of pumpkin things - cookies, muffins, pancakes, soup, bread... I remember when my mom cooked some pumpkins (three to be exact) and how she acted as if it was the biggest pain in the ass. Then the only thing she made with the pumpkin was bread. Lots of bread. She never tried to make anything different. Too bad for her, she missed out on a lot of wonderful things.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Week From Hell With The Little People

What? You say that it's just the middle of the week? There are still plenty of days to go? Awwww Damn.... *sigh* I better turn up my illegally downloaded music (Copacabanna is on now... Copa... copacabanna... Nothing like a cheesy song to make me smile... Well that and this bottle of cheap wine I'm drinking straight from the bottle... Oh yeah... OK I'm just virtually drinking... hmmm... Maybe I should choose something better to virtually drink... Don't fall in love... Copa, Copacabanna) and chill out for now.

Sheesh... This is one of those times I am questioning my judgment for getting off antidepressants. Let me start from MONDAY.... Have a seat, get a drink... (not mine though, I'm not sharing today), get comfortable and be thankful that the little people live in my house and not yourself (please keep that to yourself though, I have a slight homicidal feeling within so don't push me).

Manic Monday

About mid morning on Monday Cabbage Patch decided to go upstairs and play. I check on her about 10 minutes later because she won't come to where I can see here. What do I discover? She had filled an empty cookie tin with cat litter (clean) and had poured water in it thus making mud. Grrr.... I cleaned her up and sent her down the stairs for a time out. All was fine and good until after naps. My sister came over. I told Super Girl to go upstairs and find something for Cabbage Patch to wear. Cabbage Patch followed her sister up. After several attempts to get them to come on down stairs I venture upstairs to find that Cabbage Patch had mixed yet another contained of mud from the remaining clean litter and she had thrown mud balls at the wall in her bedroom. Take a moment to picture this.... OK, got it? Alright, let me continue. There were 20 or so globs of mud on the wall and both of the little people's beds were covered in litter (dry thankfully). All I could say was "Oh - My-G-d! Your father is going to flip." I made them go downstairs. D and I scratched our previous plans and headed to the store so I could procure some cleaning supplies. When hubby got home he was livid (partially because he had to clean it - he made the little people help him). The little people ended up being grounded from the TV for 2 days.

Tuesday was just a normal day here, the little people helped me tend my 'garden' and looked at the toad and BIG ASS Spider.

Wednesday Of Woe

All seemed good today. The little people enjoyed the pumpkin muffins I made for them and got to watch cartoons this morning. We ventured out to the post office and ran into a friend. Then back home for lunch. I go into the kitchen and look for things to make a nice warm lunch for the little people since it's cool today. I get their plates ready and serve them then get my food, as I sit and eat and tell the little people to EAT, I notice that Cabbage Patch's hair looks odd and it hits me. Her hair is cut. Her cute little golden curls are completely sheared off on one side (think Cindy Lauper's hair back in the 80's minus the multi colors). I look at Super Girl, her bangs are whacked up as well and there is hair on the sofa and the floor. Mommy has a moment. It pained me greatly but I had to snip off the rest of Cabbage Patch's curls to even it up. Now her hair is super short, especially the bangs - some of the places cut on the side were crew cut level. I'm so upset about this. And this is partially my fault. I used the scissors in the 'garden' yesterday and told Super Girl to put them away for me, then I forgot to make sure they were AWAY after our toad meeting adventure. Damn. Damn. Damn. Now my baby looks boyish and I hate it. I questioned Super Girl as to WHY she cut Cabbage Patch's hair and she said she wanted to be the curly baby and thought she could make Cabbage Patch's hair look pretty. *sigh* The girls are now grounded from the TV for the next two weeks as well as having to go to bed early for said two weeks. Daddy told Super Girl that for the rest of this week she won't get a story before bed.

Well I must go before more pandemonium and chaos happen.

That's my week so far... I'm going to go clean out my pantry now, maybe I have a few left over antidepressants in there or something...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

My Most Exciting News... I'm EXPECTING!!!

... Tomatoes!!! - After the whole freaking summer without even the tiniest bloom I finally get tomatoes! I have a bunch of tiny tomatoes on my plant - I'll probably be the only person with nice vine ripe tomatoes at Thanksgiving! I'll keep everyone up to date on the progress of my babies!
Visitors To My Abode

Today while tending my pathetic little garden Super Girl discovered what she thought was a frog. Further investigation proved it to be a a cool toad. I picked it up and showed it to the little people and asked them if they wanted to touch the toad - they did after many squeals, then I released the toad to go about his life again.

Moments later I discovered a big ass spider hanging out between my window and screen - here's a better picture of the bastard spider
Oatcake Anyone?

I'm sure most of you have no freaking clue what an oatcake is. I know I didn't. I saw the word on someone's blog a long time and I had to look it up. I found SEVERAL different recipes - It's an English item... Or maybe an Irish on... Or Scottish... Or Welsh.. Or... Well you get the picture. I looked at all of the recipes and found one that I felt the little people might actually eat. Well they were remarkably easy to make and the little people actually at them. I thought they were kind of bland - definitely needed cream cheese. Anyway... I made them a couple of weeks ago. Might make them again.
Pumpkin Rich!

So I took care of my broken pumpkin... As well as all of my other pumpkins. I chopped them up and boiled them then puree'd them. I must have a gallon of pumpkin pulp in my fridge currently. So I made some delightful pumpkin cookies for hubby to take to his office tomorrow. I must share the wealth (and wish large hips on the skinny women in his office... heh heh heh).

I also made pumpkin soup. It was really good. I think the little people ate some of it. I'll be making a lot of pumpkin dishes in the future. I think at one time I saw a recipe for pumpkin pasta - must look for that.

Because I haven't had much time to post....

Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.