Thursday, May 20, 2004


SUCKED. I'm not that excited about the school Super Girl will be going to. It's very new, all nice and bright and very 'progressive'. I think that's where I have issue. I'm not a huge fan of the 'progressive' teaching or the Montissori type teaching (I think because I went to a Montissori kindergarten at one time and I hated it). Maybe it was the kindergarten teacher that we got to observe. I was less than impressed with her, she seemed almost BORED and was very flat with the kids. I was surprised by that because she was very young. I don't think I EVER saw her smile. Color me unimpressed and skeptical.

To be honest my opinion of the school and the Kindergarten Round-Up might have been colored by my not so pleasant experience of trying to get Super Girl registered before the round up - which included a surly office attendant (why the hell are they ALL surly???), me having to drive back home to get proof of residence (as the proof I brought wasn't enough) and discovering upon return to school that it locks down tighter than a vault after the kids arrive - all the doors are locked and you have to push a button to speak to someone to have them unlocked (this actually made me very uneasy, gave the school a prison complex feel... Very Big Brother-ish).

After the class room observation, we headed to the library (which I WAS impressed with) which lasted about 20 minutes to long - all of the kids were wiggly and squirming by the time it was over.

We headed BACK to Ms. Surly to finish the registration where I discovered that I DID not have all the paper work to register my child for school, where upon I was treated like the village idiot. I commented that it would have been nice to have a list online of what is required to register a child. Ms. Surly assured me it WAS on the website. Now, gentle reader, trust me, I have spent literally HOURS online looking at the school district website trying to figure out what school my daughter will attend, where it is, when to register and what she will need for school as well as registration. I did NOT see the page. Maybe I am the village idiot, but I didn't see the information. Doesn't matter, it just means that I have to go to downtown Dallas to procure what I need.

And Super Girl, well she was enamored with being in SCHOOL. She wants to go NOW. Eh, it will work out fine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Fucking Tired


Couch now.

More (substance)


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blinking Fun!

Last night the girls and I chased FIRE FLIES at the park. I caught two of them and showed them to the girls. Ya know, I don't recall fire flies being so freaking hard to catch when I was little. What's the deal? Have they somehow improved and are now harder to catch? All equipped with human detecting radar? All of them flying stealth these days? What? Or am I just way to freaking old to be out there running around like and moron trying to catch fire flies? (don't answer that one)

At any rate the girls were fascinated by the blinking fire fly in my hand. I released it after everyone got a good look. I only hunt fire flies for sport, I have a strict 'catch and release' policy for all bugs that I will catch (which really aren't that many - most bugs and crawly things creep me out).
Duck Date

Last night when we walked around the park, we were greeted with some ducks in the process of *ahem* mating. Super Girl ran up to the ducks and started scolding the male duck for biting the girl ducks neck. K called her back and told her to stop. Super Girl asked why she should stop since they were fighting. I told her they were on a date - a duck date. heh... I figured it was nicer than telling her the ducks were fucking. ;o)
Busy Busy

Damn I've been busy lately. I don't mind it too much until I start feeling like I have no time to even take a piss. That's lately. I can't even go into what or why I'm so busy, because it doesn't SOUND busy, just sounds like I'm being a lazy ass bitching about being so busy with what I'm busy with. Momhood is not always interesting.

We went to the store this morning, Cabbage Patch is nearly three and is starting to go into here Terrorist Threes. (Everyone bitches about Terrible Twos, but that's mostly bullshit. Three is the magic hell number. Although Super Girl started her terrorist phase at about one and a half and didn't out grow THAT until sometime after 3. She can still be a terror, but she's not that bad now. Cabbage Patch... She's cute and adorable and a terror.) Cabbage Patch started whining right after we crossed the street to go to the store, so hardly a forth of the way there. She didn't stop whining until we set foot IN the store. So here I am with two kids by the hand (my kids think I'm an ogre for making them hold my hand when we walk to the store), one screaming toddler being practically dragged and the pre-schooler being a normal child. Once the screaming stopped, we had a lovely shopping experience, with a minimum of begging and complete acceptance of the pudding offering as opposed to the candy they had been begging for. Once we walked passed the sliding doors and back into the open air the whining and screaming started again, all the way to the town house door. Ahhh what fun. It's bizarre how the tantrum torch has been handed off from Super Girl to Cabbage Patch rather suddenly. I was naively hoping that Cabbage Patch just wouldn't start throwing tantrums and that Super Girl would magically stop. *sigh* So much for that.

Is It Time Already???

Tomorrow I go register Super Girl for Kindergarten. She starts school August 17th. I can not believe it's almost here.

Registration is another deal, I found out from a friend that registration had already started! That pisses me off because I was checking out the school district page just last week to find out what school she'll be attending, when to register and when classes start and there was nothing. They hadn't finished the Updated Zone Map. Registration started May 10th! Tomorrow is the Kindergarten Round Up at the school Super Girl will be attending so we will be dropping off K early, heading to school by 7:45 AM for registration, 8 AM - 9 AM is the round up. Ugh. I hate when I find out about things last minute! Oh and another pisser - Super Girl will be attending the elementary school that she has to be bused to as opposed to one of the two that are in walking distance. Fucked up zoning map. I'm seriously pissed about that, if only because the thought of Super Girl on a school bus with out much supervision makes me cringe. Well that and I'm seriously over protective.

*sigh* Just a little MORE stress to be added to my life.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I Fucking Suck

Damn it I knew I was forgetting something important.

Damn it, I've been busy with my miserable life and forgot it was MONDAY MAY 17! I remembered last night and figured I'd remember today and call, but fuck no, I just suck.


Have a wonderful day (what's left of it).
Monday Is No Funday

Fuck, why do I always have so much cleaning to do on Monday's?

K enjoyed his gay birthday. The cake was good. We had barbecue for dinner. I didn't buy him a present for his birthday though. I am a broke dick so I can't afford anything. I did however steal a present for him. I stole a magazine from the waiting area at the hospital. It was over a year old and it had a lovely shirtless picture of Mike Modano on it. Yummy. He liked that.

Sheesh... I have laundry to do. ick.