Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Best Vacation Evah!

This past weekend Sarge and I took our respective kids for a weekend at Turner Falls. It was so damn AWESOME!

We got there about 5 pm Friday and finally found out cabin around 5:30 pm. (no my navigational deficiencies had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the difficulty with which it was to find the cabin. The cabin website not having clear directions was to blame.)

As soon as we got settled in the cabin, the kids wanted to go swimming.
We took them to the swimming area near the cabin and let them swim until dusk. Then back to the cabin to grill dinner while the kids showered. The cabin had a kick ass deck that wrapped around half of the cabin.

From the deck we had a really nice view of the water.

After dinner it was time to start making S'Mores! Sarge was in charge of the graham crackers and I had the chocolate and marshmallows.
The kids got to cook the marshmallows.

Saturday morning Sarge and I made breakfast. I cooked the bacon (turkey) and eggs, he cooked the pancakes. While we were cooking Cabbage Patch wandered into the kitchen with her stuffed pig and asked me "Are you making bacon?" I said yes and she covered Piggy's eyes saying "Piggy doesn't want to see that!" lol. She's so funny.

After breakfast Saturday the plan was to go to the caves, come back for lunch, head out to swim until dusk again and repeat dinner and S'Mores. First a quick trip across the street to the trading post to get dish soap. Then my stunning gracefulness shone through like an elephant in a tutu. I proceeded down the stairs and on the bottom step, I twisted my ankle. Yes, really, I twisted my fucking ankle on the bottom step. So back up the stairs I hobble, ice and Alieve and a bit of a rest on the bed. Not wanting to be a downer to the vacation I just got up and got going. Thankfully Sarge was there for me to hold on to when I needed it and the kids were so good, no one was disapointed when we changed the plans from going to the caves to going to swim.

So that was it, the kids swam all morning and played in the mud on the shore while Sarge and I sat and talked and counted the Douchebag's in the area. It was unbelievable.

After swimming Sarge took the kids up to the small cave and I snapped this photo with Sarge's camera when they came down. (his camera because I discovered mine is messed up while the kids were swimming).

Back to the cabin for lunch, the kids took a short nap and we took them back out swimming until dusk again.

Then more grilling, s'mores and watching the stars. Sarge and I saw a shooting star Friday night and Super Girl and Red saw one Saturday night.

Oh yeah, we also had a scorpion in the room. Just a little thing. Sarge took care of that. I would have but scorpions are too much like spiders to me and I didn't feel like screaming like a little girl in front of the kids.
Sunday, we slept in, had breakfast, took showers and headed out. Here we all are outside the cabin. The kids were all so good. I really expected my Tiny Terrorists to be at each others throats but they weren't and it was fabulous.

On the way home despite my faulty directional sense (yes I did tell Sarge to go in the wrong direction), we found the scenic lookout and got some photos. They are so damned adorable!

And the falls.

Such a great vacation, it was sad to have it end. Everything was just perfect.