Thursday, January 29, 2004

Cosmically Wrong

I have to laugh at this - this was my horoscope for today:
Horoscope (by
Some unexpected phone calls from friends or colleagues could bring you some wonderful news today, dear Leo. A serendipitous lucky break could end the logjam that has held up the attainment of all your hopes and dreams. Love, money, success in your career and personal development - all seem to be falling into place at once. You might spend much of the day walking around in a daze, trying to take it all in. Relax and stay focused. You're on your way!

heh... 'serendipitous lucky break' my ass.
Go Godzilla!

Despite the little people's behavior all day, they still amuse the hell out of me. I put Godzilla 2000 on as I could not sit through yet another one of the animated DVD's that they love so well. Just a moment ago they were chanting "Go Godzilla! Go Godzilla! Go Godzilla!" and now they are talking to the movie. Booing the bad guy. Brings back memories of watching Godzilla movies (in Japanese) when I was little.

Go Godzilla!
It's Only 1 PM and I'm Ready For The Day To Be OVER!

The toilet again, the husband home (screwing up my schedule), the not to happy e-mail from the guy, the project with holes... What more could I add to this perfect day you ask... A trip with the little people to Chick-Fila!

We go to my favorite fast food place, it's packed with moms and kids. The little people rush through their lunch by eating the 4 nuggets and refusing the waffle potatoes and head to the play area. Super Girl goes up to the large platform and then won't come down. A nice little boy comes out and tells us that she is scared. Her daddy goes and talkes to her but she wants me. I go in and stand on a bench (so I can see her) and talk for 10 minutes trying to talk her down. Mind you the actual 'fear' tears ended long ago, now she's just not coming down, ya see she's now realized that her being 'afraid' to go down or go up has garnered her some valuable attention from the other well meaning children. I finally leave to finish my luke warm nuggets. Hubby and I watch through the glass as the kids play - it's much like being at the zoo watching the monkeys. After a while of watching Super Girl hold court and Cabbage Patch climb UP the slide then scamper down the stairs we conclude that it's time to end the fun. Hubby goes in and tells the little people to come on down and get their ice cream. Cabbage Patch is down struggling with her socks before he gets all of icecream out. Super Girl on the other hand won't come down. I watch the monkey house for a while then relieve hubby to talk Super Girl down. She claims that she's far to afraid to come down or go up (and then down the slide). I of course see that this is just a load of bull she's shoveling as she seems to be having no problem playing with the other kids up there and that of course cause me to have to continue to call her name. We negotiate through the mesh about how she needs to come down, she will get her ice cream if she comes down, no ice cream if she doesn't, maybe we shouldn't have her birthday party now since she's to afraid to come down... Even idle threats to leave her there to live out the remainder of her days in the top loft of the Chick-Fil-a play area (I'm so freaking sure all the other moms in there were loving that one, thinking that I was such a suck ass mom right then). Super Girl kept telling me to come get her and I flat out told her that I could NOT do that. Hell I doubt I could have gotten my big ass up there and I am wearing a DRESS so I really really didn't think the other patrons of Chick-Fil-A would have appreciated something like THAT while they try to digest their chicken nuggets. It is a family restaurant after all! I give up and tell hubby it's his turn, get her out. He manages to wiggle up the awkwardly built for adults stairs and pulls her out. It was quite a site, I was glad he didn't get stuck!

*sigh* I'm ready for this day to be OVER.

I'm praying that my mail order tranqulizer gun will make it here before the little people wake from naps.


Butterfly Effect

Holly crap! This is a great movie! I can't even talk about the movie without ruining something for those who haven't seen it but plan to. I must say that Kutcher shocked the crap out of me by being able to ACT well. I really didn't think he had it in him. If you seen the previews for the movie well you know the premise of the movie, so no need to explain there. It's a very intense movie and super creepy, kind of sad but in a bitter sweet kind of way. Go see it, unless you get creeped out easily - I had creepy dreams last night.


So hubby takes the day off today - for what? I don't fucking know. I thought to give me a break, ya know, a day off so to speak, but I'm not sure now. The little people are acting horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. AND I had to have YET another round with The Toilet Of Doom! I hate my toilet.

Good thing: I did get to sleep in this morning as hubby was home and had instructed that the little people should be directed to him for attention this morning. I took that to heart. I got to sleep for an extra hour. Well rested for the rest of this day.

Bad thing: While I was washing my face, Cabbage Patch and Super Girl were in my bedroom and started messing with my sewing maching and the project I've been working on and cut it all to hell. I'm so pissed about that.

Good thing: I got some uninterupted time on the computer this morning.

Bad Thing: My schedule is totally off today.

*sigh* I think I'll go to lunch by myself. Anywhere I can get a large Roffy-colota!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

What A Wonderful Fucking Life

This morning started much like any other morning, the little people getting up way to damn early, me trying to convince them to go back to sleep, their daddy rushing out the door a few minutes late. Since yesterday was an abysmal day I decided that since it was forecast to be a warmer day and the sun seemed to be coming up it had to be a new day and a new day means a better day that yesterday.

The little people had a delightful breakfast of cookies and milk (blame their father, he's the one who bought the cookies and then left them within reach of Chaos and Destruction... I mean the little people). After breakfast I ushered the little people into the bathroom so I could take a shower, with them of course - as long as they are IN the shower bugging me they AREN'T wrecking havoc through out the house to surprise me with. After the shower I flushed my toilet and guess what? It fills to the top and threatens to over flow. Yay. I've been having trouble with the damn toilet for about a week and have had to plunge it about 3 times. So I wait for the water to slowly recede and start plunging. Yuck. It seemed that the water was receding, although it just might have been the plunging that was splashing the icky toilet water out onto my recently cleaned bathroom floor and mat. I was completely disgusted as always when I have to deal with the toilet. With much trepidation I pushed the handle down on the toilet and prayed for it to flush. No such luck. It filled with water and then did the dreaded overflow. Shit. I drop my freshly laundered towels on the floor and shoved my red bath mat closer to the toilet to save my toes from being dampened by toilet water. Grrr.... Briefly I considered letting the water recede before continuing to plunge as to avoid getting MORE icky toilet water on my floor but abandoned that plan when I remembered the little people and how an overflowing toilet is just an invitation for something really horrible to happen or be dropped into said toilet. It was time to get medieval on it's ass (the Toilet of Doom that is...). I plunged my 'Super Plunger' into the water and started plunging with gusto - partially out of frustration and anger and partially out of desperation to get this taken care of so I could get to where the little people were and make certain they were not causing more destruction in my household. More water on the floor, the other bath mat getting wet from the expanding river of water heading for the door. Finally I hear the blessed noise of the toilet submitting to my superiority and clearing. Ahhh-Ha! I had won! I conquered the dreaded Toilet of Doom! Me and my 'Super Plunger' had vanquished the blockage! I reveled in my victory over the Toilet of Doom for just a moment as I heard the squeals of the little people and immediately feared what they were doing. Then I gathered up all the icky wet towels and bid my Super Plunger good-bye, until our next battle with the Toilet of Doom.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

By Moms For Moms

I'm convinced Valium was developed by mothers for other mothers. *sigh* I also belive Ritalin was developed on the same principal - by moms for kids. The same results is all that matters.

The little people are coming down with colds (yay me) and this makes them tired, cranky and hyper. Yes hyper. This is why I'm dreaming wistfully of Valium and Ritalin. The living room is littered with blocks and puzzle pieces. A recent inspection of the loud thumping in their room lead to the discovery (by me) of a small mud slide of books from their book shelf and one of their beds (toddler beds) turned over, I'm not sure what the loud thumping was but I think it had to do with one or both of them jumping. Oh yes and how can I forget - Cabbage Patch was sans pants. 20 minutes earlier I had found her in my bed with the blanket pulled over her head screaming 'Hide and seek!' to me, when I pulled the covers back I found a naked toddler. *sigh* Yes I know, naked and toddler go hand in hand. We had this conversation:

Me: Why are you naked?
Her: Naked!!
Me: Where are your clothes?
Me: Why are you naked?
Her: Wet
Me: Why are your clothes wet?
Her: I duno
Me: Put your clothes back on.
Her: *giggles* Naked!

Valium. Ritalin... hell I'd even settle for some Roofies. (just kidding)

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Not So Old

Today someone at work told me that they thought I was between 23-25 and was shocked to find out I was the ripe old age of 32. heh, that's just because I act immature not because I look young. ;o)