Saturday, August 02, 2008

Birthday List - Part One

Since it's so near to my birthday I thought I'd make shopping for me* that much easier! There is always the old standbys that are ALWAYS on my gift lists - Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Batman, Bruce Willis, the entire cast of 300, Bruce Willis... you get the idea. This list is for those of you who either have trouble locating and kidnapping a celebrity or find it morally wrong for me to imprison someone for my cheap sexual fantasies (you prude!).

Hello Kitty - I luvs me some Hello Kitty! And Tokidoki for Hello Kitty is AWESOME! Cruise around the site, it's so cool! They have fabulous toys! Especially Mozzarella! How cute is that?!?!?!?!? I could just go into a coma from the cuteness.

Okay, that's enough for this morning. I'll give you a chance to take it all in and check your bank accounts. I need to go to work anyway. Just remember... 10 more shopping days until my birthday! So get that express shipping! ;)

*I kid! Don't shop for me! Just send me a funny e-card.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pirate Cake

Went to Target with K to get a few things. Got home and realized that the chocolate didn't make it home. After K left discovered the COFFEE didn't either! DAMN!

I like how this turned out.
This cupcake goes with the next cake. The reason for the cupcake is that they invited a little girl who's allergic to just about EVERYTHING so it had to be a white cupcake with sparing amounts of white icing. I didn't have a pirate pick so I put a black cross on the cupcake with ribbon and then put the skull on that in white.
I love this cake! I did it WRONG though. I forgot the filling and 10 minutes before I was to leave my manager asked about the filled cake. Oops! Luckily it only took me 20 minutes to recreate this.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


When someone practices the art of being a douchebag.

Ex: "Sheesh, he must have a PHD in Douchebaggery. No wonder that presentation sucked."


Douchebaggery in a higher degree.

Ex: "You would not believe the douchebaggeryness that my ex exhibited last night. The entire evening was ruined."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kosher Bacon

Not really, but certified Kosher Bacon Salt. No shit. They even have a blog.

I enjoy their line "Whether you're a regular griller or a gourmet chef, are counting calories or are a vegetarian who craves mouth-watering bacon taste without the bacon guilt, this is what you've been waiting for." lol "...a vegetarian who craves mouth-watering bacon taste without the bacon guilt..." *snerk* Bacon Guilt. I like how it's 'certified Kosher', though I think it might not be appropriate to sprinkle on Passover dinner.

If you get this, you have to let me know if it's good. HAVE TO.

Today hasn't got as planned. I haven't even gotten dressed today. Still not dressed. Nothing. Done nothing today other than try to get ahold of people on the phone. Stressful day. Can't get ahold of anyone. SUCKS! Bleh. Feeling like a big baby, pouty. No one wants to hear that shit though. Moving on...

Here's CAKE! I know you only come here for the cake so why disappoint. ;)

Yesterday I dropped a 30 lb box of frozen cookie dough on my arm. This is how it looked 5 minutes after the painful incident. It stung like a mutha for about 20 minutes then it stung every time my shirt brushed against it. Good times.
This is TODAY! More VIBRANT! More COLORFUL! 10% less painful though, probably because I didn't get dressed today.
A wedding shower cake. I think it's tacky. But... they loved it, it's what they wanted. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
I love this cake! It was ordered by one of my favorite customers - and not just because she recently ordered 3 cakes in 2 days.
So festive! I'm going to make one for my display case.
HATE this cake. Sometimes people shouldn't be allowed to design their own cakes.
The napkin brought in with the request for me to match.
The 5 inch baby cake to match.
The half sheet cake to match. Again, very satisfied customer. Loved doing this cake.

Okay, that's all, move along now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cheesecakie Goodness!

Check this out. Cheesecake for $1.50 a slice at the Cheesecake Factory. Tomorrow. I totally want to go and get some!

You know you want to buy me some CHEESECAKE. If it being $1.50 a slice isn't enough to warrant a trip to Cheesecake Factory, then think of it as a slightly early birthday thing you can do for me. I promise I won't hit you up for a card or money on the 11th when the real birthday rolls in. ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Clean Slate

Tonight I spent a good chunk of the evening cleaning. First there was the helping of K to pack up some of his stuff. I actually didn't do much to help other than sit on the bed and read comic books. Eventually I did drift into the Tiny Terrorists room and start shoveling out that pig sty. When K left I ventured downstairs to the play area in search of the mislaid library book and ended up cleaning the entire living room. My living room. It fully dawned on me tonight that this is now Mi Casa not OUR Casa. And that makes me smile.

Moving on...

I'm considering getting a kitten. I think my kitty may be lonely since her sister has died. And maybe, just maybe a new face around here would make her less lonely... or more homicidal. Not sure, must consider a bit longer.

On The Terror Front

I'm already missing my Tiny Terrorists something fierce. They on the other hand are NOT missing me. Apparently it's a little slice of heaven down on the coast. Today when I spoke with my oldest sister she asked both of my progeny of they wanted to talk to me and they both politely declined. Nice.

Wednesday they head over to my dad's to visit for a couple of days and meet the step cousins (my step sister's kids).

And now CAKE!

Puppy cupcakes.
Kitten cupcakes.
How Geeky I am

63% Geek

I'm shocked there were no questions about roleplaying games, I'm sure I could have scored at least 10 pts higher had that been considered.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pretty CAKES!

Lazy slow days at work can be great for creativity.
This actually isn't how I intended it to turn out, not that I'm unhappy in any way with what I got, it's just not the original 'vision'. I'll just have to do it again.

I did a couple of other things, but I'll save those for tomorrow just in case I don't make any pretty cakes.

And yes I am in a better frame of mind today.