Sunday, November 05, 2006

CSI is Quality Children’s Programming

My offspring love CSI. It’s maybe a wee bit frightening at times. Last night at dinner with the Little People and La Seg was one of those moments. We ordered sopapias after our delightful Mexican dinner. They brought the Little People sopapias shaped like people. I, like any good mother, make a comment about how it looks like they are doing an autopsy when they cut it with a knife. Cabbage Patched proceeded to drown hers in honey and gleefully stab it with her knife and fork saying that it looked like blood. La Seg didn’t seem to appreciate the Sesame Street version of an autopsy as much as I did. Though when suggested that they actually looked like voodoo dolls she thought that was great. It is. Everyone should go to El Fenix and get the people shaped voodoo sopapias. I wish I had thought of that first!