Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Crap

Sunshine discusses politics.

Sunshine explains astrophysics to me... or tries anyway.

Sunshine doesn't think the 'Dave's not home' joke is funny. No sense of humor!

Sunshine thinks I should shut the fuck up and feed her.

I got the issues mostly figured out with my camera.

Apparently my youngest will not spell SHIT on her spelling test today. This morning she spelled SHE correctly right off. I'm mildly disapointed.

Yesterday as we went over the spelling words more and she kept spelling she as shit, Supergirl was listening and said "She spelled SHIT!" Which made me do the most inappropriate thing as a parent. I burst out laughing. Then told her not to say that. I rock.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spelling Curse Words For 1st Graders

I was just going over spelling words with Cabbage Patch. Her list includes it words... (ie sit, fit, hit...) and some other words like for, and, she, etc. She's really got it through her head that the it words are for this week. This exchange just now happened:

ME: Spell SHE.
Her: S.....H...... IT!
ME: *snicker* No, SHE.

Now how bad am I that I sort of hope she writes SHIT on her spelling test tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Cat Is BACK!

Doing what she usually does... nap.

Now the sofa is eating her. She was napping so vigirously that she didn't realize she had slid down between the sofa and the coushion.

Oh no! The sofa swallowed the cat! Shoot, I hope it doesn't end up with a hairball.

Okay, that's all I got. Sorry people. I'll post something later.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is soooooo cool! Though it took almost an hour to do.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Painted Frogs!

Homework Hell

I've been fussing with the Tiny Terrorists about doing their homework. Earlier I mentioned to K that I wished it would be QUIETER around here and he said "Hey there there is learning going on." and I said "Yeah I'm learning that all this noise is giving me a fucking headache."

Then later my youngest just made me laugh, her spelling word is grit she has to make a sentence with the word she said "I ate the grits!" Such a southern girl.
Camera Issues....

My camera is acting wonky. I think it has something to do with Tiny Terrorist activites - so I'm not able to get a photo of Sunshine today.

Instead I have a photo of the some of the minis I've been painting for Bruce Willis. I'm rather pleased with them. Hopefully the batteries will completely charge soon and I'll get photos of the rest of them to post.

Not My Cat

But damn funny.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Something Smells In Denmark

Well, really just my kitchen. I'm going to take a stab at it and guess it's either the trash or the dishes and that I'm going to have to be the one to take care of either of them. *sigh*

Just Off

I'm not sure why my supervisor decided that I should come in an hour later than usual. I was an hour LATE on everything. And the most special bestestest incredible thing happened (sarcasm), I had to try to handle a customer who wrote a check! HAH! I've only WATCHED other people do a check. So... I had no fucking clue what to do. And the customer? She was getting pissy with me. Partly because she was supposed to be at a birthday party at 1:15 and it was 10 till one (I guess she should have picked up her cupcakes at noon like she said she would) and mostly because I was completly inept and couldn't handle the check. She finally asked me to give her the check back and used her debit card. Which made me want to ask her why she didn't do that in the first place. Why write a check if you can just use your debit card? The money exits your account at the same speed no matter how you pay, so why bother with writing a check? But whatever, it was me being a TARD that was most irritating.

Sunshine Moment!

More of MY CAT!

Sunshine is attacked!!!

The beastie attacks her with his menacing weapon.

Sunshine turns away in disdain. This foul beastie is far to ugly to eat.

Note to Bruce Willis: There was absolutly NO tomfollery or high spirited hijinks going on with your minis prior to my painting them. ABSOLUTLY none what so ever. I have NO idea how these photos happend. I think my townhouse was built on an Indian burrial ground though. It would explain why I can never find a matching pair of socks.
Lost and Adrift

The worst part of not having my computer working is my lack of access to my porn... er... I mean my bookmarks. I can't find most of the blogs I usually read. *sigh*