Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coming To A Screeching Halt

Today I was having a conversation with a co-worker as we decorated cakes. The conversation went to teen pregnancy and how her 13 year old had classmates who were pregnant, which is shocking and sad all at the same time. As the discussion continued I said "Goodness, my babies are small but the thought of that (the pregnant 13 year olds) makes me want to send my girls off to an all girls school." To which she replied "Yeah, but then you'd have to worry about her turning queer." I just shut up. I was appalled and knew that it was in my best interest (of keeping my job) to just say nothing even though I found her twisted fundamental Christian (yes she is a Christian and other than this a very nice person who seems smart) view on how girls being at an all girl school would be 'turned queer' just ignorant and insulting. At that moment I was reminded that I live in the Bible Belt where being open minded is frowned upon.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Old Friend and New Movie for $3.25! That ROCKS!

I went to see Evan Almighty with my friend Kanga today. Kind of spur of the moment “Hey what are you doing? I should be packing for my BIG trip, do you want to go see a movie?” and me being the supportive and helpful friend, I said “Hell yeah!” The theater was fairly full, it didn’t help that we had to stand in line for nearly 10 minutes to get drinks before we went to search for a seat. A very nice woman offered to move her brood over so we could sit on the end and not have to sit in the VERY FRONT of the theater. This seemed like a rather nice gesture until shortly into the movie when I (who was sitting right next to the seemingly nice woman) heard her talking. Now I don’t care that I had paid the matinee price of a paltry $3.25 to see the movie, or that it was a Sunday after noon (which are supposed to be easy after all), movie etiquette demands that you don’t talk through a movie (except the Rocky Horror Picture Show). The first few times it happened I thought one of her offspring had asked her an important question, but then I started listening and realized that she was just having a conversation with her progeny about the movie. This struck me as more than just a little odd but down right stupid. I wasn’t sure, if she just didn’t realize that she HADN’T rented this movie and WASN’T sitting on her couch with a bag of chips or if she had forgotten her special medication this morning. I honestly didn’t care, I just wanted her to shut it. And she did for a while, until nearing the end of the movie. The last two outbursts by her made me wonder if she was taking this movie a little to seriously and had actually had a religious moment somewhere between all the laughing and giggling. Moreover, the THAT thought made me laugh all the way out of the theater.Having a religious moment brought on by Steve Carell. LOL!