Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mid Day Cake Update!

A 6 Year Old's Religious Perspective

Just had a conversation with Cabbage Patch and K about Easter and Passover - as in, they are coming up. K said, the kids don't really seem all that interested in Easter. Cabbage Patch pipes in that she's interested in Easter which prompts me to ask "So what's Easter about?" She hops around on the floor and says "That's when the bunnies hide the Easter eggs!" I give K a smug look and he asks her what Passover is about. Cabbage Patch says "I don't know." Not to let K have this one, I say "You know, that holiday when we usually sit on the floor and do the story." she says "And we wash our hands!" Thinking I had a victory I ask her who the story is about and she doesn't know nor does know how many questions are asked, but she DOES remember that I've done Puppet Theater Seder before and she liked that. K looked at me and said something smug and sarcastic about her not knowing about Passover and I remind him that at least she knew it was about more than bunnies hiding eggs. It's okay, I think her resistance to organized religion is due to her not being from this planet, because Super Girl knows all about Passover and even knows that Easter is when JC comes out of his cave, and if he sees his shadow we have 6 more weeks of winter... or something like that.

Back to work for me. Enjoy the cake!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost My Place

I was going to post 5 or 6 more photos of CAKE today but I've sort of lost my will to do that now. It's 20 until 11 pm and I really should be in bed considering I have to open the bakery tomorrow and get the deliveries as well. I'm not though, which is obvious because I couldn't be blogging if I was in bed... where I should be.

Where was I? Oh yes, cake. I'm not going to post any tonight because I'm just not in a good place with myself right now. Somewhere near self loathing and self critical with a dash of self doubt and a sprinkle of insecurity. i.e. depressed and a tad emotional. Don't worry, I'll be fine. And no, I don't want to talk about it. So if you are not Sarge, or D calling from England or K calling about the Tiny Terrorists, I probably won't answer and if I do, I won't talk about all this, so leave it be. My problems aren't important and it's me not you.

Things are slowing down at work, which is good, for the first time in months I'm actually ahead on my work as I type this. I do realize that tomorrow is a brand new day of which I open the bakery and all being caught up could and probably will be blown to hell by 11 am tomorrow.

Other areas of work are somewhat chaotic though. The departure of the store director was quickly followed (as in last night) of the termination of employment of the night manager who was caught taking a long snooze in one of the offices. Needless to say, people have been keeping to their selves and looking busy. (go ahead, click the link, you know you want to... you won't regret it!) I personally remain somewhat oblivious to all of it... or at least I pretend to be, it works out better for office politics if you play stupid and unbiased.

This next week I won't have to worry about looking busy as my boss will be on vacation and I'll be opening the bakery the 5 days I work. Her being gone makes me want to break some rules just for the hell of it, like wearing my braclettes (forbidden) or painting my nails red (nail polish - big no, no) or come to work in my black leather dominatrix outfit with the 6 inch spiked heels. But I won't, because just as soon as I did any of that it would be the day for the health inspector to stop by and I'm not sure I want to see how bad our score would be for black leather dominatrix outfit - I'm quite certain there isn't enough tread on those shoes to pass.

Okay, I should head to bed, it's after 11 pm now. But before I go, have some CAKE! I know, I said no CAKE, but I lied.

I don't even like this cake. It's ugly. Blah.
Favorite Cake Of The Day

I had fun with this cake.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day Not Quite As Planned

One would think I've gotten used to my life going like that, but some how it still somewhat surprises me when it happens. Like today, today was the second stage in the chocolate cake contest sponsored by the place I work. Monday I had a conversation with my store director about getting a ride to the contest as it was an hour and a half from here and I didn't feel like getting lost an hour and a half from here. Yesterday he told one of my co-workers that I needed to see him as he would drive me to the contest. I didn't get a chance to see him before I left - he was in a meeting when I clocked out and was gone when I called an hour later to discuss it with him. No biggie, I figured that I'd catch him this morning and find out when we needed to meet up. 9 am I call the store and am told that he's no longer out store director. Wh-wh-what? B-b-b-but he's supposed to drive me to the contest! Okay fine, I spoke to the NEW store director and he promised to scare me up a ride. Whatever. I figured if nothing else I would be able to do some laundry and take a long nap - after all, that's what a day off is for. Shortly there after I get a call from a co-worker telling me that if I can get to (a city about 45 minutes south east of me) that I can get a ride to the contest, but I'd have to leave like RIGHT NOW. Um.. I can't leave right now. The co-worker says she'll check on something and get back to me. She calls back and says that she can pick up my cakes and stuff and get this person in the other city to take them to the contest. Fine, fine. I get things ready and she picks them up. I do this out of a sense of obligation to see this through as I've made a commitment, knowing full well that I won't win now. I highly doubt anyone setting up my cakes for judgment would take as much care to make sure they look like a winning entry - especially if it takes time away from them working on their own cakes. It's okay, I honestly can't hold that against anyone. I'm disappointed in the store director - former store director though.


Humorous Pictures

I just like that cat. Makes me want to watch 300.

Moving on..

I know you just come here for my cake so... Have your cake.

This cake, just pisses me off. A woman called in for it this past Friday, needed it for 1 pm, called in at 10 am. I did the cake and at 1 pm, no one showed up for it. The next morning the cake was still there. My boss called her and found out that the woman thought she had called the store in another city and was upset when she went to pick it up and there was no cake. Now the other store was just an asshole because they didn't call US to see if we had taken her order, they just told her they didn't have her order. Dickheads.
Was in the case.
Gone now.
My most popular cake
That takes me way to long to do - I think my boss would be happy to never see another order for this, but it's expensive ($29.99 for the smaller one and $39.99 for the larger) and I get at least one order a week for it.
This cake is Reunion Tower. I don't actually like how it came out but I was rushed on it because I kept waiting on the person to call back to answer a question. I just slapped it together. Luckily they were THRILLED with it. I think it looks shitty.

This is another cake that chaps my ass. The woman who ordered it is the sister of the woman who ordered the pretty cake with the plaid bow on it. She brought in the invitation and asked me to match it. I did... more than I probably even should have (copy right stuff) and she was unhappy because she thought it would be a lighter pink. The pink (and slightly darker pink stripes) on the base is the EXACT same color as the invitation. I didn't match the other colors EXACTLY though, too close to infringing on copy right as it was.

Okay that's all for now, I actually have more cake photos but, I'll hold off until tomorrow for them.
Funny Happiness In The Morning