Saturday, July 09, 2005

Spectacular Saturday

Damn what a great day it is so far! Now it just may be my lack of sleep from stay up until 3:30 this morning and this day might just be sucking ass big time, but it still seems pretty great to me.

I'm running on caffine today and I'm excited about tonight's gathering at Ben's.

I'm just in such a great fucking mood! If I didn't know betted I'd think someone spiked my creamer with Prozac, but I know it has nothing to do with mood altering drugs (not that there's anything wrong with that... unless you are Tom Cruise, and quite honestly he probably SHOULD be pumped full of Zoloft) but it might have something to do with the Mansicle population in my life getting larger. Not going to say any more on that except that I'm quiet certain that at least ONE of them will turn into more than a vente Carmel Frappichino, and oh yeah I'm getting the extra whipped cream.

Well back to work so I can get on home and take a nice nap before tonight's festivities.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Here's A Quarter Call Someone Who Cares

That really donesn't mean much now that calls from a payphone are like $.50 and most people use calling cards if they use payphones. I don't think "Here's a calling card at $.05 a minute, call someone who cares" has the same impact though.

That song does bring back memories though. Frightening memories of sheer terror of being in the back seat of a pick-up truck (extended cab), grippng the seat and praying for safety as a mad man whipped in and out of traffic as fast as he could possibly go. I'm speaking of one of D's psychotic ex's (she's had a few), this one I'll call Tduh (with the emphasis on the DUH part - he wasn't the brightest bulb in the box... but that's a MUTE point heheheh... that was a little joke for D, I know it's moot). Anyway that Here's a Quarter song was his favorite song. He used to play that song in the truck ALL the fucking time (and sing at the top of his lungs) - it really should have been a clue to D that maybe he wasn't a GOOD choice (you know I love ya girl!) But I digress... I suppose I shouldn't talk smack about a man who works for the po'po.

So anyway, speaking of other things that have gone up in price, MILK. DAMN! What the fuck is up with that? $3 a gallon! Gasoline is cheaper. I'm looking into switching the kids from cows milk to petrol.
Do You Know These Boobs?
I Blame Her Father

She says "It's not in my hand! I can't find it!" I swear it's her father's DNA that is to fault in the 'it's-not-in-my-out-stretched-hand-so-I-can't-find-it'.

Now I understand why some animals eat their offspring.
Fashion Forward

I just told Cabbage Patch the she needs to get dressed. A few moments later she walks into the living room wearing nothing but her red and white panties and my black boots. I just nodded and smiled. It's a good look, I may try it myself some time.

*note: no I didn't let her stay like that, she's wearing a hot pink dress now - good choice for boots, very bold.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

WTF Is This?

Gentle Readers, today we are going to play a little game called What The Fuck Is That?? Above is a photo of something I have no idea what it is. I ask you to come up with an answer for me. I honestly have no clue what it could be, is it something to hold up a shower curtain or is it some horrific gynocological tool? I just don't know and I'm depending on you readers to educated me.

Now run along and look it up on the internet, I've got to get back to sewing.
Crazy Chatter

Just heard from the Little People playing Barbies in the corner of the room:

"No! It's SUSHI day! It's sushi day!"

I'm not even going to ask, I don't think I want to know.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Raidoactive Cat

So the Little People are watching Spiderman and Super Girl has Sunshine in her lap, I hear her saying "Bite me cat. Bite me." I ask her what the hell she's doing and to not be mean to the cat and make the cat bite her! She explains to me that if Sunshine was a 'Spider Cat' that she could bite her and get special powers. I told her that Sunshine wasn't a radioactive cat and if she bit her she wouldn't get any powers but probably would get a spanking.
Fixin' Lunch

So I'm in the kitchen making lunch after polling the progeny as to what they would prefer for lunch and Cabbage Patch comes in and says "Hey mom! I wanna knuckle samwich!" Ahhh the temptation.. not really, I prefer duct tape. ;o)

I absolutly loved this article on McDonalds.

This is my FAVORITE line:

"Our crew in many respects are ambassadors of our brand, and we want their attire to be consistent with that,"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ambassadors of GREASE! I guess the new uniforms will come pre-stained.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

My gawd, where has this freaking day gone?? I didn't get jack done today. Or anyone else for that matter. heh.. kidding. I don't know a Jack. Anyway, nothing got done except uploading photos from last night's Fireworks Extravaganza at Lady Edana's place. (I'll post photos and links in a bit)

I had planned to get some sewing done today, but I woke up and was totally off schedule from the moment I put my foot on the fucking floor. I slept in way to late, which is easy when K get's up with the kids. Then it took me for fucking EVER to get the photos uploaded - I haven't even put captions with the photos. (just an FYI, the fireworks rocked the Little People's world - they even said that Shaz is cooler than... CAPTAIN JOHN! Unbelievable.)

I needed to get with it and start sewing but it just wasn't happening as the kids were NEEDY today, as in NEEDING a snack, NEEDING a drink, NEEDING a smack on the bottom, NEEDING to stay the fuck out of my bathroom and stop putting on way to much expensive perfume. K spent the day sending in resumes and working on fixing B's computer. He also got a second interview for tomorrow. Let's all take a moment to pray/send possitive vibes to K that he get's offered this job and it's a REALLY GOOD offer.

So THEN I got a freaking sinus headache! I sat on the couch and pretended to watch bad Disney movies while i waited for the PAIN to stop.

And... awww fuck, who cares. Sufice to say I pissed away this day.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Uneventful Weekend

The weekend was actually fairly busy but somehow I managed to have a distinct and profound feeling of boredom. Not all the time, but plenty of the time. Or maybe I'm just thinking it was the whole weekend when it was just today. Today being a holiday and not much different than any other freaking day has just lent it self to boredom and long naps.

Tonight will be another story entirely - thank goodness, I'd probably have to talk K and B into commiting a crime or something as nefarious just to keep myself from falling into a horrible boredome induced coma.

Tonight we take the wee people to see Shaz blow up things. I mean fireworks. Woohoo. Gotta love people who live out where you can light fireworks in their front yard!

But I'll write about that later... as well as the weekend which i'm sure after some reflection will turn out to not have been as boreing as I feel it was now.

But on to something else since I'm feeling irritable;

Things that bug the shit out of me

The sounds of people eating or drinking. I'm not quite certain where in my damaged psychie I developed such a perverse hate for those noises but I've been known to start plotting people's deaths at dinner because I could fucking hear them chewing. Luckily I generally forget about my plot of their demise when desert comes.

People who can't maintain eye contact during a conversation. That's just irritatining and makes me figure you are either bored or lieing to me. At any rate if it happens on a first date it's a guarantee that a second date won't happen.

People who don't curb their dog. I don't own a dog because I don't like to have to pick up another animal's shit. It pisses me off to have to tell the Little People not to play on the grass because of the dog shit.

Well I'm off.