Saturday, May 28, 2005

How To Charm Me

Despite dealing with SEVERAL snotty parents today (and I had at least one of the nurses agree with me on that), I'm on top of the world. Here is part of the e-mail I got from Lady Mara regarding the dress:

...You did a fantastic job on the dress in short notice. I just can't express the gratitude I have towards you because you made my dream dress come true. Thanks a million!

That makes me feel good knowing she loves the dress.

How To Get On My Very Last Nerves

Keep singing 'Baby, Baby, One More Time' even after being told to STOP no less than 30 times. Why can't they go back to singing Evanesense again???

Friday, May 27, 2005

Sex, Lies & Video Tapes

I never saw that movie, so obviously that's not what this post is about. First let me say that - THE DRESS IS DONE!!! DONE!!! DONE!!! (and paid for) Lady Mara is quite pleased with the dress and I have to say I'm quite pleased with how things worked out considering that I was short on time, the dress was double the work I expected to have to do, I hurt my back and had a day of doing NOTHING and I have two children that take up most of my time. All said and done, I did the dress in 3 days - I didn't sew continuously as the wee people need something about every 20-45 minutes so I have to stop and tend to them. Doesn't matter now. It's done, just at the point that I was about to surrender my sanity to the black pit of frustration, I finished. It was 10:30 pm tonight. Lady Mara was a good sport about waiting for the final alterations to get done... And... It's DONE!

Other random crap in my brain that needs to escape as it's been trapped in there for all this time that I've been sewing and not blogging...

I need a freaking manicure and a pedicure. I love manicures and my hands look like shit. I've never had a pedicure and my feet look like shit. Anybody love me enough to give me a manicure/pedicure certificate? Anybody? Anybody?

I was just reading someone's blog about how they were taping a segment for a television show and how much trouble it was and how exhausting it was and it reminded me of the time my sister and I flew out to LA to be on a TV show. It was a fucking blast! Probably the most fun I've ever had. No... No... That's wrong.. That would have to be the first time I had an orgasm. My gawd, I probably masturbated 10 times that day just to make that happen again and again... and again... and... you get the idea. Second to that would probably be the first time I had oral sex and got a big O. Sheesh, I wasn't sure what the hell he did, but I wanted him to do it AGAIN! I was about ready to pin a medal on that man. Damn that was great, makes me want to call him up and have him over for some more. But I digress (as usual), LA was a fabulous trip that D and I had, I still have the tape of the show. We should do that again. The trip to LA, not necessarily the TV show... Although that would be fun too.

Well that's all... I think my brain is empty or I'm just tired.

Nothing is harder or more rewarding than being a parent. As a parent I look forward to all the 'milestone' moments she reaches and then end up in tears at the actual moment. It's wonderful and amazing that she's acomplishing so much - hell she can READ now! - but it's so hard to let go of the baby. Them growing up is scary... but also pretty amazing.

My sweet Super Girl is now a 1st grader. I started to cry the moment we got her to school. Then I cried throught he frist 10 minutes of the program - and the really sappy part is that I didn't even realize I was crying. Damn what am I going to be like when she graduates high school - I may spend the week before just stocking up on boxes of kleenex!

I'm so proud of her.
Dress Neckline

It's sooooo close to being done I'm frustrated I'm not already finished! I wanted to lighten up this photo but for some reason my photo editing software isn't working.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Things You Can Find At WalMart

So there are drawbacks to going on a date with someone who lives in the same general area that you do. I turn around from doing my banking and who should walk by? Asshat!He apparently had just finished shopping with his kids. Luckily he didn't notice me - not sure he would have recognized me looking all ghetto mamma and all. Hey, back off, I been working all day so I got my 'working' shirt on and who puts on makeup to head to Wally-World??

ANYWAY... it was humorous to me.
Some Pics

Here is the dress, I haven't put the sleeves on yet - that will happen in just a moment. I figured I'd let everyone see the dress now as it's nearly done. Excuse the fit of the bust area as my dress form doesn't adjust any larger - but I know for a fact that part fits fine. The sleeves are my favorite part.

The Dress


Caffine Is My BEST Friend!

Don't be disapointed at the lack of updates, i'll be horribly busy sewing today.

Maybe I'll post photos later if I have time. It's quite pretty.

The kilt was delivered last night and by all accounts it looks fabulous.

I just purchased a new memory card for my camera at an absolute steal - I love E-bay. Do you know the way to E-bay?

Well I'm off to drink way too much coffee and finish sewing!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stomach, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me??

Damnit, I thought we were friends! Last night due to my back being sore I had to take some pain pills. Now I'm sure you are wondering right now why my back was sore (or not, but I'm going to tell that little story now anyway). From televison. My back is sore from television. No not from watching it, from lifting it. And not just lifting it, but from carrying it. And the television was heavy, heavier than both my kids combined, but I still picked it up and carried it inside. Now stop that looking all confused shit. I was engaged in the time honored apartment dwelling tradition of Dumpster Diving. It's genetic I suppose, my father was a maintenance man for 25 years and he has outfitted his entire kitchen with fabulous appliances by dumpster diving, not only that but he also brought home a brand new entertainment center and washer/dryer. So don't knock it.

But I digress, I could go on about the joys of Dumpster Diving and the fond memories of my sister and I doing it, but this post is about me, pain pills and my stomach. Back to me. Monday as I walk back from getting Super Girl on the bus I spied a big 'ol television with a sign on it that said FREE. Being as my little television is well little and the speakers are going and I'm super cheap and super broke, I figured this was a gift from the Gods (of Television of course). Luckily for me this was only two doors from me because as I've mentioned before, it was fucking heavy. I got it as far as the neighbor's door when I had to set it down. Then I had to set it down every two steps, but I achieved my objective and there now sits a big heavy televison in my living room for the express purpose of mesmerizing my children (hey school is out on Friday - I have to have something to do with them!!). And Tuesday when I woke, I had not only a new televison but a sore back (and arms). Ahhhhh muscle strain!

It was time to hit K's medicine cabinet. K has a several bottles of narcotic type stuff for his migraines (which, thankfully he hasn't gotten in quite a while). The last time I had back pain I took some Naproxen which worked well, but made me sleepy. So I put off taking anything until bedtime last night. When I go to look for the Naproxen, I can not find it, meaning K 'cleaned up' and I will probably never find it because he didn't put in back in the right place. *sigh* So I start checking lables, Hydrocodone... no, I decided to pass on the hillbilly herione as I might need it if Courtney Love ever visits or if I need to make a quick buck on the street. The next up was Vicoprofen, no I'd never heard of this before, but it said it was for pain and I was in pain, so I took it. Then went to get ready for bed. About half an hour later I realized as I stared in the mirror aimlessly that "hey... I think these pills are kicking in" and stumbled off to bed. By the time I lay down my stomach is hurting and I have to get up and go throw up and repeat that for the next two hours every thirty minutes. No fun.

So now... I'm tired today and my back is still a little sore. So I took something - Tylenol - and I'm going to go lay on the couch while my child is memsmerized by the BIG TV.

Later... I'll have photos of the dress. Lady Mara's handfasting dress. But now, rest, then more sewing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Smurfy Message Of The Day

Or you can just Smurf off if you don't like it!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Important Decisions

It sucks when one is looking for batteries for the remote and the only ones that are working for certain are the ones in BOB. One should never have to make the choice between changeing the channel from the comfort of the sofa and the life force of BOB.

ps... BOB won out, I can get up to change channels.
Waiting For Pick up

Kilt Front

kilt back

Repleating Things
This bad boy should have been delilvered weeks ago, just haven't made the connection yet - not just my fault on this one. I was going to take photos of the PROCESS of KILT MAKING, but I didn't which is probably okay since I had such a BITCH of a time getting the pleats done. I ultimately re-did the pleats three times before they were okay.