Friday, December 12, 2003

Early Risers

Well I was going to post yesterday about how I was getting over my SARS(cold) quickly and feeling much better, but that would have been a premature and erroneous post as I woke this morning feeling as though I had been stepped on my an elephant in my sleeping hours. I neglected to take the prescription strength decongestant yesterday as I mistakenly thought I was improving, also I had difficulty sleeping Wednesday night and I chalked that up to the decongestant. I should have suffered the ill sleep and taken the medication. My throat feels as though I've gargled with sand and Listerine. My sinus have that all to wet feeling of being in between being totally stuffed up and having a constantly running nose. And of course the little people got up far to early this morning. *sigh* OK, enough whining - I'll survive.

yesterday was a busy day and the little people were in rare form. The tsunami of toys I had been working so hard to keep from over taking my living room finally descended with a crash. It took less than 10 minutes - just long enough for me to gather the laundry from upstairs. The little people had broken into my bedroom closet like a couple of expert burglars. They found a forgotten box of party things from Super Girl's first birthday. Between spreading forgotten party items around the room and torturing my cat, they had a full day. I'm ready for a day off...

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?

Is ANYONE surprised? Anyone? Anyone?.... And yeah this is quite accurate about my high school days.
Time Travel

The other night I was having a discussion with hubby... Let me rephrase it, I was TRYING to have a discussion with hubby, and I asked him this question "If you could go back in time for one day, go to any time and talk to someone - and only that one person, no one else could see you or hear you, who would that be?" His answer was Jesus. No discussion. Grr... Men. He was desperately trying to NOT have a discussion with me - which is odd because we usually have the best discussions about the oddest things (we read comic books and watch sci-fi, what do you expect) - once we had a very animated, indepth discussion of what animals we would be if we were to devolve (this came about from a Star Trek episode) - we even discussed what animals our friends would also become, and... Well never mind about that... But the discussion came in handy at a couples wedding shower when there was a question on one of the games about what animal your spouse would be - we were the ONLY ones to nail that one (the host of the party was very impressed by this, especially since our answers were quite specific - three toed tree sloth (him) and pack rat (me), which only made us giggle) We know so damn much about each other it's frightening (I know, I know, your thinking "if you freaking knew so much about this man, how come you DIDN'T know he was GAY when you married him?" Yeah, yeah, well fuck you, he didn't know either)... But I digress... As his answer wasn't all that interesting or original (mine was!). I continued (in vain) to engage him in thoughtful discussion by saying "Well... Don't you want to know my answer?" (In a rather irritated tone after he had turned back to the computer for a few minutes... )

My answer - myself. I would go back in time to my young High School aged self and tell myself that yes my family sucks but I'm a lot tougher than I think. I also tell myself that my suspicions that my family is almost completely full of assholes is completely true and to keep that in mind when any of them start spouting of ridiculous bullshit, also don't take them to seriously. I'd tell me that I'm a pretty amazing person and to stop discounting my talents and abilities, that the people who should be encouraging me never will but I need to believe in myself - don't quit college and follow my dreams - my real dreams of being an artist. I'd say that many people will be critical but often their criticism is based on their own unrealized hopes and dreams and is their way of dragging people down to make themselves feel better. Also stop being so hard on myself - I need to tell myself how great I really am, there are plenty of people in this world who are more than willing to point out my flaws, but not too many who will give a sincere compliment - and when they do, don't discount it just accept it gracefully. And I'd end by saying to myself that I'm a lot stronger than I think, there's a lot to come where this strength will carry me through, take time to appreciate my own talent and beauty, believe in myself and... Stop skipping school and do the work - Sheesh! You can do the damn work, just do it! You manage a 3.67 GPA in college while working full time, WTF is the problem in High School? You barely graduate! Get with the program! Then I'd give myself a big hug and leave.

Of course I didn't finish all that when I was talking to hubby - he was working very hard to not have a discussion that night and quite honestly I don't' think he was even listening to me anyway. *sheesh* men.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Update From The House Of Biohazards! (my house)
Thanks Jacob for that one!

I didn't manage to achieve any of my goals (all two of them!). I didn't get to do NOTHING or to sit and knit. My feeble attempt to play videos/DVD to lull my children into a zombie like calm state did not work. My cat is an idiot when she's in heat and didn't run to hide from the little people. They spent most of the day torturing the cat. They put her under a plastic storage box and beat on the box, they tied scarves around the middle of her like a skirt, they squished her with hugs, they shoved her in gym bags and back packs and zipped them up and they held her down and covered her with my hair conditioner. Never once did my cat meow to be let go, let out or have a small child stop squashing her. Never did she scratch either of the little people (though they both most certainly deserved it!) nor did she try to nip or bite either (again they did deserve that). The day was filled with giggles and squeals of the little people as they subjected my poor stupid cat to one test of endurance after another. And yet after all she was put through today, she shows her moronic devotion to those who victimized her all day - she is sleeping in their room snuggled up next to one of them.

As for me, I'm still coughing, have a slight fever and I managed to finish my knitting after the little people were herded off to bed. I'm off to bed now, early in hopes that a few extra hours of sleep will bring relief and healing.
It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better
My Day, That Is...

Super Girl has the runs now. Had an accident in her pants, no clean panties so laundry is in order. Uggh.

Cabbage Patch has had several pee-pee accidents in her pants - this whole trying to teach her to pull down her pants and go potty is not going so well.

The upside is that all this has at least distracted me from my SARS.
The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

This exchange just happened:
Me: Come on downstairs girls!
few minutes pass
Super Girl: (standing at bottom of stairs with gym bag on like a back pack) The cat disappeared.
Me: She's probably hiding...(*getting suspicious of back pack) Is the cat in there?
Super Girl: She won't meow.
Me: Get my cat out of there! (*removing back pack and unzipping to free aforementioned cat)
Super Girl: No! No! (*reaching for cat even though being restrained)
Me: Get in the time-out chair!
Super Girl: But she didn't meow!
Me: NOW!
Is it time for naps yet?
SARS Update

Well my objectives of doing NOTHING today are not being accomplished. I got a shower - with the kids. We are all clean and dressed. I've straightened the living room again. Not quite the Tsunami of toys, but it was puddling in here. Now the little people are busy torturing my cat under the plastic box. I'm torn as to whether I should interrupt this game as it is quite absorbing of them, but there is the question of the ethical treatment of my cat... eh, she's in heat right now and seems to be enjoying the extra attention... She'll run and hide under the recliner when she's had enough (at least that's the rational I'm sticking with for now).

Looks like SOUP is still on the menu for dinner being that my teeth are still tender AND I'm not in full blown SARS (cold).
Insanity Reigns

Well I guess I've already lost the fight to keep things calm and normal. Cabbage Patch is currently wearing a pair of striped capri pants on her head chasing the cat so she can put the cat under a large plastic box for safe keeping. Hmmm... Is it wrong to give them Benedryl and put them down for naps now?
Naughty Or Nice?

(blatantly stolen off Sasoozie's page)
Well Santa has proclaimed that I am: Nicer than nice. A real champ! I was really proud of all the hard work that went towards changing those "naughty" habits of last year. Treated friends nicely and was exceptionally honest (which happens to be one of my favorite traits!) It's amazing what a good old fashioned "I'm sorry!" can do for a rating. Keep up the good work! (I checked with Santahere)

heh... Me nice... Go figure. I guess I get the nice list because I'm a Jew! HAHAHAHAHA! Santa's putting anyone he doesn't have to bring pressies to on the NICE list. :o)

In other areas... My SARS (Cold) has moved to my chest quickly - this sucks as the only thing I like to move quickly to my chest is a date. No dates for me though, not with this nasty cough. I have a bit of nasal drainage but I've been taking the last of hubby's prescription strength decongestant so that I won't be blowing my nose all freaking day. I'm hoping this all blows over pretty quick as hubby's did. Unlike him, I don't have a fever. And also unlike him I can't take a day off to sleep on the couch oblivious to the little people as my doting spouse makes sure I don't develop a searing brain cooking fever. Instead I've been taking industrial doses of vitamin C washed down with oj (yuck) and filtching his prescription decongestant and trying to placate the little people with holiday programming on Nick and children's videos. Yes I know, that's going to throw my "Mother Of The Year" nomination in question (Damn that Kathy Lee, she'll get it again this year!), but I'm really just thinking selfishly as I really don't want the usual tsunami of toys covering my living room today. I really don't feel like picking up toys and vacuuming - I did that yesterday - that and since I'm drinking oj and I don't have any more anti-reflux pills and crunching TUMS is out of the question due to my tender teeth, I really don't want to have to bend over all that much and cause the caustic stomach acids to start their process of eating away at my esophagus. My plans today are as followed: Sit on couch and knit occasionally getting up to get more oj or pudding... No wait.. I'm out of pudding!!!! D! Emergency Pudding Run! Bring Pudding and donuts (well I do have to feed the little people ya know)! Let little people watch as many videos/DVD's as they want (as I can possibly get them to sit and watch) so as to not have to lock them in dog kennels to keep my house clean and give me some rest - just kidding on the kennel thing (hubby won't let me get the big ones that they could fit in - bastard). That's my plan, hope I get all my objectives accomplished.

Oh one last thing. The little people can be so sweet some times (especially while sleeping). This morning I got out of bed croaking. I sat on the couch and Super Girl went to the fridge and got a pudding for me - she came in and handed it to me with her special spoon saying "Here you go sweetie, I even got you my green yellow spoon." Ahhh... Melted my heart.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Still In Pain

Well the pain has increased - as it should I suppose. I'm down to eating nothing hard like - chips or nuts or pizza or bread - hell water is almost to hard right now! Tylenol helps as does eating pudding. My sister brought me some, and she brought donuts for my kids. I'm also coming down with SARS (a cold) so I'm not feeling very good. I'm not going to do much here today (although I've already cleaned the livingroom and vacuumed)... and I'm certainly not cooking today (why cook when I can't eat it!)

But aside from that things in a certain area of my life are looking up. I'm not going to go into detail because I don't want to jinx it! (I know that just sounds stupid)

Well I'm off to go wallow in my own misery (and contemplate the good things happening).

Monday, December 08, 2003

Increasing Tension

Yikes, I just got back from my orthodontist appointment... Well about an hour ago. I'm already starting to get sore - all the way up through my sinus! I got everything all tightened up and got some rubberbands to wear now! Whoo-hoo!

The dental assistant who did my wires this time took forever and was stretching the hell out of my lips - ouch. While I was there one of the nose grip pads came off my glasses. Fuck. I can still wear them until I get that fixed. Still, it's a pain in the ass.

eh... I hurt.
Dancing Queen

I went into work early Saturday so that I could finish early for Super Girl's holiday dance recital. I got home by 2:30 pm to get her dressed and her hair fixed. I knew my grandmother and aunt would be showing up and right before we left my sister called and said she was almost at the center. I knew Super Girl would be delighted to see all of them.

The whole recital was about an hour, each class had two performances. Super Girl looked adorable in her pink dance outfit and matching pink bow in her hair. Her class did the last performance (I'm not counting the Jr. Dance teacher's tap routine at the end as part of the performances). They sang Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby. Super Girl was so Loud you could hear her over the rest of the kids and to my delight and surprise she actually did most of the dance moves. On her way out she slipped and fell right on her butt - that's my kid for you. My grandmother had brought a red rose for Super Girl since this was her first recital - that thrilled her so very much. My little Super Girl is a natural performer, she really loves being the center of attention.
Mommy Time

This is going to be a sappy post about mom stuff - skip it if you don't want to hear about it.

Early in the morning on Saturday - nearly 4 AM, my oldest came into my bedroom and informed me she wanted to sleep with me. Being that I work on Saturdays and have to be up at 6:30 AM I asked her to go back upstairs and get in bed with her daddy. Her answer "No, I want you." I tried one more time to convince her to go to her father, she said "But I want you mamma." How could I argue with that? I pulled the covers back and let her crawl in.

I didn't get much sleep. Having a 4 year old in one's bed is not the way to get a restful sleep. There is always a elbow poking or a knee bumping, little cold feet wiggling or a little cover hog cocooning in the blanket (I blame her father for passing this gene to her). 6:30 AM came much to quickly for me... Or maybe not.. It wasn't as if I was sleeping much. I got out of bed right when my alarm went off (which I normally don't) so as to not wake my baby. I looked back at her when I turned on the bathroom light and looked at her all snuggled down between the pillows with the blanket pulled up over her head. I couldn't see her at all, but I knew that lump was my girl. I took my shower thinking how I didn't really mind her interrupting my sleep. When she said "But I want you mamma." all irritation from being woken at the bleak hour of 4 am evaporated, I know that I only have a short number of years where she will want me to snuggle her to sleep when she can't sleep. Just a short time until she'll be utterly embarrassed by me, not long until she'll be way too cool to get a hug or kiss from mommy in public. My days of making everything 'all better' with a kiss are numbered. I know all this and guard these things jealously. The sands of time stop for no one... Not even a mom.

She woke when I started drying my hair. She sleepily crawled out of bed and headed upstairs to wake her daddy. Ahhh how soon I'm replaced.
Pumpkin Notes

L, you most certainly can use canned pumpkin. I know getting a fresh pumpkin this time of year won't be easy, and to be honest getting the pumpkin cut up and boiled can be a bit labor intensive. (You have to clean out said pumpkin, but into pieces, put in pot with a bit of salt and water and simmer until tender, then let cool and slice the outer rind off - which is easy because the pumpkin is soft - then you can either mash the pumpkin pieces or puree them. And to get the pumpkin to the canned hard-pack consistency you must put your pumpkin puree in a paper towel lined strainer over a bowl in the fridge for a day or two. See... Not hard, just a bit labor intensive). I've made pumpkin soup with canned pumpkin and it was very good.