Saturday, June 07, 2008

Perfection Achieved

Not me, just today. Ya know the saying, "Hard work is its own reward", that is so true. I honestly expected today to suck monumentally, but I was happily surprised by it's brilliance. Let me drone on far to long and in far too much detail about it now. (Feel free to grab an alcoholic beverage or three to enhance this experience, go on, I'll wait.)

First it started far to early for it to be respectable and involved waking my offspring so I could drop them off at a neighbors house at an unholy hour so I could walk to work early. At end of work yesterday I had 21 cakes waiting for me, 25 when I arrived and probably 28 - 30 were actually done today. (That works out to be about $615 in cakes if all were cheap cakes but more like $985 - $1100 in reality.)

My initial plan was to photograph all cakes that I decorated today, but that quickly became a ridiculous idea as I focused on getting the cakes done quickly and working on the two wedding cakes (one was actually a QuinceaƱera cake, but I'll continue to refer to it as a wedding cake just to save myself from having to type that again) between orders.

Luckily I had help. Sarge's mini Jack decided to tag along today. Here he is inspecting the icing of a top layer for a wedding cake.
And later here he is being far to critical of my decoration. I had about all I could take of him as he wasn't being all that helpful, just critical and kept eating the icing. I told him I had some $$ in camera bag as well as an airline bottle of rum, then didn't see him the rest of the day. I didn't really have $$ or booze, I think he was just pissed at me after that.
The rest of the day went by in an amazing sugary blur. The store director provided lunch for everyone, he grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. When I had a moment I took 20 to go swallow one whole then got back to the business of CAKE.
I loved this cake. A movie themed party for graduation. My second to last cake, it's a wonder I was able to even write my shoulders and arms ache so much.
The last cake. Just turned out great.
This has to be my favorite wedding cake I've done lately. I love the simplicity of it.
I absolutely love how this turned out. I fretted quite a bit over this wedding cake. It turned out to be so easy. I enjoy the simplicity of the design and the rich color.

Upon dragging myself home 11 hours later, I went to fetch the offspring from the neighbor. She is far to kind, despite having been saddled with The Tiny Terrorists for 11 freaking hours she declined payment - luckily I brought her brownies which I knew she would not refuse if for no other reason than for the sake of her 4 wee progeny. She is also probably insane as she took my progeny and her progeny swimming. 6 kids ages 9 years - 4 months, she took them ALL to the pool by herself.

I brought The Tiny Terrorists home and they promptly ate the hot dogs and hamburgers I brought home for them. The television was on, tuned to something on TLC, Super Girl watching in the living room with me and Cabbage Patch in my room as I read the news online. About 7:30 pm I noticed it was rather quite around here except for the television and realized that both of the Tiny Terrorists were fast asleep.
My head almost exploded from the sheer adorableness of them. Super Girl sprawled across the sofa with the cat and Cabbage Patch snuggled under my covers still clutching her favorite Pokemon, Piplup. Sleeping children are intoxicating. I wanted to breath in their fumes and press them both in a book like flowers. I know tomorrow they'll be back to their normal selves, rolling their eyes when I tell them to stop something, picking on each other and just in general being KIDS, but tonight they were angelic. They finally roused a bit when it was nearly 9 pm. I sent them to bed a quarter after 9 pm as they were still drowsy.

And now, I think I'll follow suite. Good night good reader.

Friday, June 06, 2008

And Friday Felt Like Saturday With A Kick In The Nuts!

Oh Damn I'm tired! I worked until nearly 6 pm today. A whole lot of cakes. Tomorrow is going to be brutal. 21 cakes as of when I left. 2 of them wedding cakes, one of those is 4 freaking tiers. What is this stupid trend of people to get married in June?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Feels Like A Friday, Sucks Like A Monday

All day I kept thinking it was Friday and would have to remind myself that it was only Thursday. Where to start... Let's see.... Graduations in my neck of the woods are tomorrow so I've got a LOT of orders for Friday and Saturday. I went in early to get a very early order for 4 cakes done, and I got it done, then DROPPED one of the cakes... right in front of my manager. Such a great moment. This is the second cake I've dropped in about a month. Luckily my manager doesn't know about the first one. Oh yeah and the floor freezer fucking broke. So I had to spend some time helping the manager take things out of there instead of decorating the millions of graduation cakes I have to do. I didn't even get to the wedding cake I have to do tomorrow. Oh yes, and K leaves in the wee hours of Friday morning to head to Austin for some political shit. I'm disgruntled about this. And only because this is the second weekend in a row he'll be gone and quite frankly I'm pissed and jealous. I was hoping to maybe go see a movie on Friday night... a movie that the target audience ISN'T 13 and under. I'm irritated my whole schedule has been thrown off for the past couple of weeks and well that makes me pissy. In fact I'm so unhappy at this moment that I'm shocked some random stranger hasn't had the overwhelming urge to hand me some Prozac just because. I kid, I kid, I am not happy, situations are making me frustrated but I'll get happy again. Doubtful it'll actually take psychoactive pharmaceuticals to help either. Okay, okay, must move along now, must not dwell and get sucked into a pit of despair because quite frankly I could go on and on but it's not going to change anything or do me any good and no one (including me) wants to hear me whining. How about some CAKE?!?!?!??!!! A graduation cake. I think it's lovely. This is actually a wedding cake. Ya know, the kind of wedding where they get married in a hurry and then plan to have a BIG WEDDING in a year. They used to be called 'shotgun weddings' and the BIG WEDDING rarely ever happens. No matter, the cake came out really beautiful, so much so that my boss wants me to print this photo and put it in the cake book for customers to choose from.


Moving on, I'm a member of NaBloPoMo. This month the theme is HOME. A subject that's been on my mind quite a bit lately as my HOME status is subject to change soon - and for the good for the most part. But what to write about HOME. I don't really want to write about the HOME I have now as it's in a state of flux and to be brutally honest it's not at all what I WANT for HOME. I'm going to write a little each day (at least I'll try) about what I want HOME to be.

I want a little garden. I truly, truly suck at gardening as I tend to forget what I plant where and some how always get some alien plants that infiltrate my plants. No matter, I love, love, love having flowers. The photo is from 2004, I don't know what it is but it was really stunning. This is the second year in a row that the girls and I haven't planted flowers in our pots. Sadly I just didn't want to. As much as I love seeing my pots full of flowers and plants I had a bad case of "Who gives a shit" in the early spring so no planting. I regret that now and I miss the perennials that I had planted in front of the house we used to live in. Nothing brought me more joy than to see my irises and gladiolas blooming in pink and purple. I loved all the wild flowers that attracted butterflies and the tiny white flowers that valiantly tried to grow across my walk way. I also loved using the weed whacker! I never wanted to MOW but wow, using the weed whacker was a total rush for me. I know the next place I'll move won't allow me the luxury of weed whacking or planting a lush flowerbed full of bright wild flowers but some pots of full of lovely plants will make me happy.

And that's all for now, must sleep.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I changed my hair. Now before you go crazy and make comments let me just say - if you don't like it, don't tell me because I really don't give a crap. I like it.

Here it is curly.
And here it is straight. 4 inches shorter also.

Why? Because I wanted a change. I've had the SAME hair color for the past 20 years. One of the first times I colored my hair I colored it red, my mother hated it so I colored it black, which she was ambivalent to so I colored it something different every 3-4 weeks until I came to the red you are all so familiar to.

Not sure if I'll keep it or go back to the red, so far I like it... it's not permanent though so I still have some room to CHANGE.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Have Some Cake!

Did I say I would have time to post? HAH! I am such the comedian some days.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Zombie Offspring

That is one of my FAVORITE photos of Cabbage Patch. I took that photo when she was 3, right after she finished eating a bunch of fresh cherries. I thought it was just precious that she looked like a vicious brain eating zombie. So it should come as no shock when I admit that I let my progeny watch Shaun Of The Dead with me today. That has GOT to be the BEST romantic comedy EVAH! What? You don't think it's romantic? Oh but it is, the central story is about Shaun and his girlfriend Liz... and zombies... lots of zombies... mobs of zombies in fact. And because it was on TV it was cut to shit so I only had to tell Super Girl to cover her eyes once near the end. The censoring does make me wonder WHY 'wanker' was silenced though. I can understand Fuck and Shit and all that but 'wanker'? (incidentally, K was none to thrilled that I let the progeny watch Shaun of the Dead. Eh, whatever!)

Anyway... I'll post more later - WITH CAKE! - I know I've been a bit of a wanker about posting lately, but... fuck it's my blog and I've not had the time or inclination to post the inane ramblings in my head. But SOON! I will SOON! All the crazy is building up in my head and must come out! Coming soon! CAKE! Work Rant! Ex-Rant! and CAKE!!!

Okay, move along now... nothing to see here.