Friday, December 09, 2005

Shining so Brightly, Yet So Dull

Last night just prior to K’s arrival home I pulled out my holiday decorations of garland and lights and plugged them in to check the aforementioned lights for workability. Now I love these lights and garland. When we resided in the house I decorated my front living room windows with the lights and I was VERY particular about the lights. Every year because I was FAR to short to hang the lights, etc. K would have to endure my kvetching until they were ‘perfect’ or until his arms would just give out from moving the garlands and lights so many times. Whatever. Anyway, this year I plugged in the blue and gold garland (it’s a green fake pine garland with blue and gold lights strung on it) and all sparkly lights lit up – YAY! I hung them where they go then plugged in the purple and white garland only to frown deeply as I peered at my garland lit only with purple lights, and intermittent purple lights at that. I adjusted a plug or two and tried again with the same result. Damn it, now I’d have to remove the strands of lights and find the gimp bulb. K arrived home as I started de-lighting my garland. He quipped about it being time to hang the lights as I scowled and explained that the lights were being removed to be inspected and fixed. K just looked on knowing that challenging my idiotic ideas can be dangerous at times especially when I’m completely fixated on something such as my garlands. I had already gathered an impressive array of replacement bulbs from the junk drawer that holds things like that and now had them spread in front of me as I painstakingly removed the lights and found the one light that was missing from the purple lights – a replacement and all lights shone brightly. As I explained to K that the white lights were somehow defective and pondered how very long we’ve had the lights and garland, etc. I realized that it would probably be much cheaper to spend another $2.50 on a new garland and $5 on new lights rather than continue to fuck with this 10 + year old garland, but fuck that, I was already half way through. At that point K interrupted my insane diatribe and reminded me that if we were to go hang with the politically active fags and dykes, we needed to leave NOW. And we did.

Upon returning I sat on the sofa looking at the remaining lights on the garland (the white ones) and then plugged them in. They worked. All of them. They ALL FREAKING LIT UP! I spent 25 minutes sitting on the floor removing the purple lights when I just didn’t have the fucking white ones plugged in! Fuck.

Also… I was going to show the pictures of the stick art, but K has stolen my STICK ART! Damn that man! Sorry, I’ll either have to recreate the beauty that it was or you’ll just have to wait for him to get home so I can get my picture.
Long Awaited Update...
(whatever, I can pretend it is if I want)

Soooooo… I’ve been remiss with my posts and I have no good explanation so I’m just going to lie. I was abducted by aliens and they only had wireless internet that cost $9.99 per 10 minutes and since I only had $5 with me, they wouldn’t let me use the internet. Sorry. I suck.

Dangerous Food

Friday (of last week) was Whysper’s birthday. I was about an hour late due to K and having to drop him and the Tiny Terrorist off at the train station and then me having to go back home to pick up Whysper’s birthday present that I had spent all day painstakingly finishing but absentmindedly forgot. The Wife had threatened me that if I was even one minute late I would not get any of the fabulous sugary goodness that is the BIRTHDAY CAKE. Oh no… I would not be denied my SUGAR BUZZ. 10 minutes prior to the time I was supposed to arrive I called The Wife and told her that I would be late and if I didn’t get a piece of cake there would be blood shed (not mine of course) and she taunted me saying that MAYBE they would save me a tiny little sliver. I immediately started working on the design for her voodoo doll.

After dropping of the family group at the train station I raced to the pub where the party was taking place. When I arrive Lerxst informed me that all the cake was gone since I was late (mentally I added his name to the voodoo doll list). Ha, ha, ha. What funny people they aren’t. I wished Whysper a happy day and gave her the lovely treasure box. Then ordered because I was STARVING. I ordered the HOT chicken curry.

The waiter warned people inquiring about the chicken curry that the hot is VERY VERY HOT. Hearing those words convinced me of what I would order. I grabbed a couple of acid blocker tablets and waited for my food. The first bite was absolute heaven. The heat wasn’t immediate, it built from a definite spiciness to an all out bonfire in my mouth. It was FABULOUS. As I continued eating, I could feel sweat on my brow and feel my face turning red. I didn’t care, it was amazing. I only ate have and packed up the rest for Saturday’s lunch. Later that night despite the extra acid reducer tablet just prior to the meal and the 2 after, I still had atomic heartburn that woke me at 3 am. Damn it was worth it.

ANYWAY – back to the important thing… the CAKE! La Seg had a most delightful cake on her birthday, it was chocolate with a fabulous cream cheese frosting that gave me a most intense sugar buzz. It was fun. The cake for Whysper was not to be the fabulous chocolate with amazingly sweet cream cheese frosting, but a decadent chocolate moose cake. Which did not provide me with the much wanted sugar buzz. Damn. I did however drink copious amounts of coffee which enabled me to maintain a lovely caffeine buzz. The party broke up when they kicked us out of the pub at midnight. Unbeknownst to ME, Whysper had provisions (as in BOOZE) for an after party in her hotel suite. This was not communicated to me and I did not learn of the BOOZE until the next day at the GAME. Damn her! I didn’t get a sugar buzz and I didn’t get any BOOZE – but I did get some super hot chicken curry! And despite the atomic heartburn (damn myself for the reflux!), I did have it for lunch the next day. Mmmmm.


Yesterday Super Girl was home from school with me due to a much anticipated snow/ice/sleet storm the day before. Super Girl was delightfully anticipating white fluffy snow covering the ground of which she could build big fluffy snow people. K and I both explained to her that here in North Central Texas we don’t get white fluffy snow, we just get ICE and bad drivers. By Wednesday evening we (around here) had a lovely sheet of ice covering the roads. Thursday morning though the roads were sanded and all and K went off to work on time, the school district decided to start the schools 2 hours late. That was fine and good and all, but they neglected to post as to WHEN the buses would be running. I drug Super Girl out to catch the bus in -3 temperatures and we waited with one of her school mates. We waited and got cold despite the multi layers of fleece – Super Girl was a virtual fleece burrito. At the point that we had been out there for 20 minutes and my fingers had lose feeling, I decided that a day spent sipping cocoa and watching movies was the plan and we abandoned our wait for the bus. It was a super trying day for me as both offspring decided that yesterday was the day to be WILD. Though I had planned to get the holiday decorations in place, I did not managed to do much more than clean and re-clean the living room and unsuccessfully negotiate with my progeny about cleaning the living room. By the time K got home and invited me to join him for the gay political meeting I was more than ready to get the hell out of the house and hang with a bunch of politically active fags and dykes.

Getting’ Gayly Political

We show up and one thing is immediately apparent, I am the only STRAIGHT (mostly) female in the room. If for no other reason that I happen to be the only female with long hair – I have never ever seen a group of people more adherent to a sterotype. I swear there were more pairs of ‘comfortable shoes’ in that place than the PayLess down the street. At one point one of the speakers said how he had 'given up on women' (trying to be funny) and I whispered to K ‘Yeah, just like all the rest of the men in this room’. I swear there were a couple of flamer guys there that I was sure it was a danger for them to pump their own gas. Other than that it was a very informative meeting and I drew a stick drawing of the group which I may go ahead and post as it’s completely offensive.

I must go for now, I have to finish decorating and all.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 7/8 correct!

Ah-ha! A subject I had no trouble passing! Thank heavens for that hippy science teacher.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sixteen Candles

Your life most resembles Sixteen Candles. You sometimes feel unappreciated, but you know that you really are. Your life is one crazy adventure and you have a soft spot for that geeky freshman.

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funny... that's one of my FAVORITE movies.