Friday, April 01, 2005

Is It Too Early..

To start drinking yet? Really... I need a drink. Something strong. *sigh*
Cat Humiliation

Because it's been far to long since I posted a picture of my patient cat with one of the Tiny Terrorist.

Cats hate to dance. I think it's just because they don't do it well.
That's Not Funny!!!

I KNOW it's April Fool's day, but an icky spider in the tub when I go to take a shower is NOT funny!
Blogger Bitch

Blogger is being a bitch, I can't edit the last post I did. It won't fucking publish with the corrections. Is this some kind of stupid April Fool's joke??? Hell is my life just some kind of fucked up April Fool's joke?? Enough already, get to the damn punch line and it better be funny.
Bad Music

It sucks when your life starts to resemble a bad country western song and you don't even own a dog, a gun, a truck or hang at the bar drinking tequila and picking fights (everyone knows I prefer white russians and dancing, but most also know to stop me fairly early on with the white russians to prevent more puking incidents - for that I thank my dear friends).

Gotta go, must keep looking for that silver lining people keep mentioning.
Spring Day

Wow, what a surprise this morning was with all the wind and coldness. It's kind of cloudy, suggesting that it MAY rain, but hell I'd like that so I wouldn't have to water my plants (ahhh the awful truth of why my garden always fails becomes clear) so I'm doubting it will actually RAIN. It's almost depressing, it suggests a BEAUTIFUL spring day when peeking out the window, but upon stepping out one is asailed by the strong winds and it's just a bit to cold, the clouds overhead tease and it's hard to enjoy the bright yellow dandilions dotting the lawn or the eruption of green that lightly covers the trees and bushes along the creek.

*fuck* I totally fucking spaced out and lost my train of thought.

On to other things... I love this cat.

Ah well, it's windy and cold outside - at least I got to wear my fleece pullover one more time this year (which actually means something since I found it just last month in my closet - so now I've worn it a total of 2 times this season! Woohoo!), my coffe is hot and ... well.. I guess that's it. Back to sewing.

LATER: Oh.. look a theme... It's making me want to get a Ouija Board. I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something?

LATER THAN THAT: Damn! It is a message! Just LOOK! I think I need to stay away from people with Ouija Boards. That's the message I'm getting. Dead people are pissy sometimes.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

No More Salt Please

Damn it, every time I think I'm done hurting over my break up with Michael, something happens to pour more salt in my wounds and I end up in tears again. I've been crying on and off since about 4:30 pm or 5 pm. It's nothing in particular, just a phone call and old hurts back at the surface. And what sucks, I don't really feel like going into it, way to painful... yet I do. I must be crazy. So I'll be ever so vague and not explain myself, don't bother asking for clarification, I won't do it.

Here goes:
Just because no one sees my tears doesn't mean they don't fall. Just because you can't feel my pain doesn't mean it not real. Even though I may appear strong doesn't mean I'm not weak. I just cover well.

My feelings are valid, don't discount them.

No more head games, please, please, please. Not from you and not from her, not from anyone please. I do not like them Sam I Am!

I can't blame, it's not me, yet I wish I could and I wonder if it would make things eaiser.

That's it for now. It exhausts me. I don't want to think of this anymore but my brain won't stop. Damn it!

Other Things

I changed the blog template. Isn't it lovely? Michael kindly put it together for me. I appreciate it, I promise not to start my 'Gas Money For Bonfire' fund just yet.

Despite my serious HTML ignorance I did manage to fix a fairly irritating javascript error I was getting earlier. Yay for Judy!! Huzzah!

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Friends, don't worry about me, there is nothing you can do (except get me drunk), I must travel this road alone and alone I am. Tomorrow is a new day.
Petey's Shirt

I'm nearly done with Petey's shirt. It looks lovely. I know the photo is a tad bit dark but I know you can see how it looks. I just need to put on the cuffs and do the hem. I could have it all done within an hour but I'm tired and I just finished doing the yoke and I feel as though I'm going to go crosseyed now - I really need better lighting.

Anyway, I think I shall take advantage of the quite while Cabbage Patch naps and get a short one myself.
Stupid Criminal

I like that they actually use the phrase 'turd burglar' in the article.
Happy Hippy Hippo

Because someone loves me, I now have a Hippy Hippo. Thanks Jodie. And she had no idea how much I absolutly love the dancing hippo from Fantasia! I am that Dancing Hippo!

My Knees Still Hurt

From the Blow Job at the bar. It's well worth it though when the other girls started laughing and had to use their hands too because I couldn't get the damn glass in my mouth and said "I've got to use my hands. They have bigger mouths than me!"

Best Thing Said To Me Last Night

Here is part of conversation I had with Bethany:

Me: yeah, I went to school in Garland.
Her: My mom taught in Garland.
Me: Oh really? What school?
Her: At some middle school. Well that was before we left though.
Me: When was that?
Her: That was ... um.. 20 years ago! You would have been too young.
Me: Um... no... I was in middle school then.
Her: *blink* *blink* I thought you were my age.
Me: Awwww thanks!!!! I'm 33.
Her: Really you only look like you are in your twenties.

I'm writing her into my will!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Can We Talk?

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that my lovely blog that you are now reading has this fun feature called 'Comments' as well as another fun feature called a 'Tag Board'. Both of these great features are a convenient way for YOU the reader to communicate with me and make witty comments. All are welcome and encouraged to use these features frequently!

Alright, go ahead and say something already!

I almost forgot to write about this. Last night K gave me $40 to go toward my ticket today. Right before Petey got here I balanced my check book and stuck the two twenties with my lonely $1 in my check book. When I went to pay for my ticket I pulled out the cash and found THREE twenties. I just handed them over and wrote a $40 check for the rest. I called K when I got home just to be certain that he only gave me $40 and he confirmed that. I'm not sure where the extra $20 came from, but I'm thankful.
Necessary Treatment

So Petey is being a doll today and ran me around for all my errands and now has one half of the Tiny Terrorists for the rest of the day. Woohoo!

For some reason the cosmic balance is aligned just right today and things are going much smoother than I had anticipated. It took 15 minutes in the orthodontis office and maybe 5 in the court house. I'm home and it's not even noon.

The most ironic and funny part of the trip was in the parking lot of the court house. I got out of the car and saw something on the ground. A silver package. I closed the car door and curiosity got the best of me, I had to see what it was so I bent down and flipped the package over - it was two Preparation H Suppositories! I'm guessing someone wanted to be prepared for their dealings with the Plano police department. ;o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First Sprouts!


I'm thrilled, my garden is sprouting!! Let's hope it actually keeps growing this year!!
So Cute You'll Want To Hurl!

The Little People drew bunnies tonight. Cabbage Patch's is on the left, she was so cute she said 'I drawed a bunny!' and I'll be damned if it doesn't actually resemble a bunny (more like a cat really but she INSISTED it was a bunny when I said cat). Usually her drawings are more linear as in a bunch of scribble lines. I'm impressed. Not to be outdone, Super Girl quickly drew her bunnies. The conversation went like this: her: Look at my bunnies!, me: very nice honey *opening the paper to see what was inside* What's that., her:*laughing* oh that's a guy shooting the bunnies!! (and it did look like a guy with a gun) Cute, eh? hmmm not so much.
Changes On The Way

The new template is in the works, someone is helping me with this... helping.. who am I lieing to??? Someone is generously doing the work to make a bad-ass template for me. I've seen part of it and let me tell you it's pretty damn exciting... So much so that I may need to change my undies here in a moment.

Getting Over The Hump

That's going to be my objective tomorrow. It's going to be so fucking busy. Way too much driving and places to go and it just makes me tired to think of it, so I'm not going to even type it. *sigh* Somedays I wish there were two of me... Then I could make the other me do all the work while I sleep in!

Talk Therapy

So I talked to my best friend today, a couple of times at that. It's nice to be able to bitch and moan to someone who won't judge you or talk smack about you behind your back - that and we laugh so damn much. Call again A!

Just The Right Thing To Say

Yesterday a man from my past contacted me, the School Teacher. I haven't heard from him in a very long time. It was quite a surprise. He wants to see me, not sure it will happen, but it is nice to be wanted. Today another past man said the nicest thing, I will quote him 'You are a godess'. Not sure I agree with him, but damn that WAS the perfect thing to say. Spring is in the air and apparently I'm giving off pheremones again. ;o)

Why Does Anyone Even Like ME?

I wonder that sometimes. I have a habit of being honest. Not just honest but BRUTALLY HONEST. I'm a very bad liar and will tell people what I'm thinking if they ask. Not everyone appreciates my honesty and many have been offended by it (ask about how I managed to piss off K's oldest brother and his entire family). Recently I told a friend that he needed counseling, not once but many times. That was like a week ago and just NOW I realize that comment might have been just down right offensive. I'm such a bitch sometimes. By a show of hands, how many of you think I'm a bitch?

Well I've got an awful headache, I should go for now.
Life Lesson For Today

One should not keep boiled eggs in the same carton as the uncooked eggs, lest you end up with an omlet when you only intended a boiled egg for breakfast.

No I don't usually store my boiled eggs with my uncooked ones, the Tiny Terroist decided that they should all reside in the same carton.
Spring Break Is Over! Woohoo!

With much joy and rapture, I sent Super Girl off to school. Spring Break lasted a week and a day, a week too long if you ask me. Luckily today was my day, just as my sanity was at its breaking point and my liquor supply at its end.

So now I sit here sipping the last of my coffee enjoying the much quieter level of noise in my house, knowing that at least until 3:45 pm I won’t have to ask ‘What are you girls doing??’ after hearing a loud crash from upstairs, feeling confident that the mess I clean up this morning will stay cleaned up (for the most part) and knowing that I won’t hear ‘MOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!! She hit me/touched me/pushed me/took my doll!!!!’ 500 times in the next 10 minutes. I honestly don’t know how some people homeschool their children, I admire them, but don’t understand them. 24/7 with your kid gets to be nerve wracking. At least for me that is.

Virus GONE! Trail Mix Still Here.

Of course now that Super Girl is back in school, that means the clean up will now start. I’ve managed to vanquish the virus from my computer (at least I believe I have) – a little thank you to everyone who helped in that grueling process. The trail mix seems to still have a hold on my domicile. I continue to find nuts and raisins. My living room floor is still littered with plastic Easter eggs as well. Trail mix and aforementioned eggs will soon vacate my living area and reside in the garbage – and luckily since Super Girl is at school, she won’t be able to rescue the damn plastic eggs. I’ll be parking Cabbage Patch in front of some animated movie (or CSI) so I can achieve a clean house.

Bad Mother Or Not?

Is letting my offspring watch CSI a bad thing? My kids LOVE CSI. Last night they chose CSI over cartoons. I reason that it is at least somewhat educational as they show a lot of forensic science. K sometimes gives me the raised eyebrow look when I say that. I know I’m right though. ;o)

Other Things

I’m getting ready to start on some projects that I need to get finished before Scarby. Luckily since Spring Break is now over, I can get things done with minimal interruption.

On other fronts, well I’m still very emotional about the whole relationship thing, but I think I’m moving to a point of just being sad and heart broke. I haven’t cried about it in a while. Still hurts to see pictures of Michael and Loa. Still got that feeling that I lost at something and I really hate that and wish I could just shake it, but it is true, I did lose. Don’t even tell me it wasn’t a competition, because it was, I mean hell, most things in life are, why wouldn’t this be. I know I need to change my outlook on this and I am trying. It will happen, it is happening, just not fast enough for me. But I guess that it takes time, we were seeing each other for just over a year.

I may have a bunch more garb orders – paid orders! Woohoo! Still discussing exactly what is wanted, but it doesn’t sound impossible (actually pretty easy). Just waiting to finalize this.

Must go for now, got to change the bag in the vacuum and get all this trail mix up!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Computer Virus And Trail Mix
Curently The Bane Of My Existance!!

Got a fucking virus on my computer, more accurately a damned trojan horse. Trying to fix these issues. Going crazy in the process.

The Little People's grandparents sent them Easter Baskets which I distributed to them last night. Knowing my distain for my offspring having copious amounts of sugar, the baskets were filled with boxes of raisins and trail mix filled plastic eggs (each basket did have one nice sized chocolate bunny - so no one was deprived or suffered). By some huge error in thinking, I handed the Tiny Terrorists their baskets while they were sitting on the sofa. As I was somewhat distracted by efforts to clean things off my computer I didn't fully think through the implications of them sitting on the sofa going through their Easter Baskets. I was soon to discover that they were compled to open each and every plastic egg and dump them into their baskets which happend to be about half full of plastic grass (which I'm sure the cats will be eating and vomiting back up on my floor for the next week or so), as there was still things in the basket they felt it necessary to grab the hunk of plastic grass several times and remove it from their baskets, thus depositing trail mix on my sofa. At the point that I discovered this error in my judgement I started yelling for them to get a (insert explative) bowl and clean up the (insert two explatives) trail mix off the (insert explative) sofa. Eventually it was done but not before a copious amount was deposited (forever) between the sofa cushions.

This morning though the EVIL fake plastic grass has been deposited in the garbage and much of the trail mix is now in a bowl, my living room floor is litterd with raisins, nuts and fake grass. No I have not vaccuumed yet today, I'm seriously wondering if it's worth it or if I should go ask the Mansicle across from me if I can borrow his dogs for a bit and just let them eat all the crap on the floor. I have in fact started some laundry, bathed both children and we are all dressed and ready to go. Today is my day to make my monthly pilgramage to the City of Plano to give them some of my hard earned money in exchange for me staying out of jail. Seems like a generous offer from them, I must say. Next month should be my last offering of this sort. I'm also headed off to the clinic to pick up a new pack of pills, not that I really need them since it would be highly unlikely that I'd end up pregnant from BOB, talk about an immaculate conception. I mean if that sort of thing was gonna happen (which I don't even believe it happened the first time) I'm sure HE wouldn't be choosing this Jew for that task.

Anyway, I digress... I need to get back to cleaning up my Virtual STD on my computer - damn all the internet porn!!!!