Thursday, November 27, 2003

This was quite funny... and rather nasty!

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive 39.5%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 92.9%
Repressed, are we?
Fucking Sick77.9%
Refreshingly normal
You are 51.41% pure
Average Score: 72.6%

Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2

Today was just a small dinner with hubby's dad and his wife. So I didn't have to cook much. Dinner (actually lunch) was lovely

We had mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, freshly baked rolls, peas, cranberry sauce (ick) and of course turkey (and veggie trays)

Everything was wonderful and we topped it all off with pumpkin pie and marbled pumpkin cheesecake (which was to DIE for!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful (and tasty) Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Almost Turkey Day

Sheesh... this is the first day before Thanksgiving I've had in a while where I haven't been consumed with cooking things. Everything is done on will do best being cooked tomorrow morning. Damn... I don't know what to do! I feel like I need to be cooking!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Movie Review
Life Is A Cabaret - but this movie sucks!

This is a Bob Fosse movie staring Liza Minnelli which pretty much means you will spend plenty of time saying "what the fuck?" through out this movie and while the credits are rolling. I have no idea WHY we sat and watch this movie except that it came on after something and we were just to damn lazy to find the remote to change the channel. Well that was my reason - hubby had seen this movie on television when he was a child and every so often he will make the mistake of having to rewatch something he found profoundly entertaining when he was just a wee lad. One of the first times he drug me down one of these deluded trips down his memory lane it was some dog of a movie staring Barbara Striesand that we both promptly fell asleep watching! The part that sucks is that he RENTED the movie - so he PAID for us to be profoundly bored. Anyway back to Life Is A Cabaret... I won't get into the plot of this movie as it seems to have only the faintest hint of a plot and was mostly about seeing how much camera time Liza could get while sober. She plays this drunken over sexed cabaret girl who meets and falls into ... um.. bed with a straight laced English guy (Michael York) and things that happen around them. YAWN. Sorry, but I find Liza playing a drunken whore (ohhh what a stretch for her) to be painful to watch and not really entertaining. The most entertainment I had was making sarcastic comments about the movie and being frightened by the enormous spider legs that were masquerading as her eyelashes. I went to bed part way through the movie as I was obviously not drunk enough to make much sense of this movie. Hubby stayed up and watched the rest of the movie and said not much else changed. Liza's character was a drunken slut and the Nazi's were coming into power - end of movie.

Don't watch this movie - it sucks.
Movie Review

I actually have several movies to review so that's pretty much what today will have.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky

This is another Hayao Miyazaki film. As with all of his movies I have seen this one doesn't disappoint visually. The story is kind of an odd one that flows along pretty easily with the beautiful animation. Sadly the ending is kind of bizarre and left me feeling like part of the movie was missing. The official synopsis of the movie says "Pazu rescues an unconscious girl descending from the night sky with a glowing pendant around her neck. He helps the girl, Sheeta, to escape from the air pirates and the military who are obsessed with Laputa, a legendary kingdom on a floating island in the sky with which Sheeta is suspected of being connected. - that pretty much sums it up.

I don't like this movie nearly as well as his other works. This would have to be my least favorite of Miyazaki's films. Although the little people have asked to watch this movie several times, they tend to not watch it all the way through as they do with Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. The upside is that this movie has absolutly no swear words or capitations. Not that the other movies did but Princess Mononoke did have the memorable phrase "Smells like super donkey piss" which is not something you really want a 4 year old repeating.

It's a good movie, just not as good as his others.

Monday, November 24, 2003

I Blame Mr. Rogers!!!

hehe... Nipples... Super Girl keeps talking about them. Mr. Rogers was talking about how baby animals drink milk from their mothers and she says "Like how Cabbage Patch sucked your boobies when she was a baby?" Yeah... Then she wanted to know about cats... So I use a visual and humiliate my cat by showing them to her... But I didn't say nipples. Now she wants Sunshine to have kittens and is asking about nipples on everything. Sheesh... I know it's NOT a bad word but it just seems inappropriate coming from a 4 year old, it's like finding your 70 year old grandma's porn stash on her computer - not really bad but just not appropriate!!!
Early Thanksgiving Day

Our turkey dinner was delightful. My turkey was just perfect (as always). Sister-in-law made everything else - and it wasn't so good. She made stuffing (not a favorite of mine), a corn casserole (again, not a favorite), greenbean casserole (bleck), sweet potatoes (didn't like them the way she did them) and a potato casserole (yuck). I brought over the turkey and gravy and pumpkin bars. I completely forgot the pumpkin cheesecake in the chaos that ensued before we left.

Let me tell about that. We were scheduled to be at brother-in-laws house between 6 and 6:30 pm. I worked until 3 pm then came home and napped. I got up about 5:00 pm, told hubby to bathe the little people then stuck the pan of turkey in the oven on low to warm and made the gravy. I discussed with hubby if we should frost the pumpkin bars or not. He said only if we had cream cheese to make cream cheese frosting, we did because I always plan ahead for holiday dinners. So he made that and I cut them up and put them on the try. The little people wanted to try them and I let them. It was nearly 6 pm as we started getting everything covered and ready to go. I dressed the little people and fixed their hair. Hubby took a lightening fast shower and got dressed. As we gathered the diaper bag the kids milled around either playing or whining. I had to reprimand Super Girl several times. About 6:20 pm I see that Cabbage Patch has been helping herself to the pumpkin bars and is now covered from her eyebrows to her knees with frosting. *sigh* I go find another sun dress for her to slip on as hubby wiped her down. Super Girl refused to put on her shoes until I told her that daddy and Cabbage Patch would go on to dinner and we would just stay home. We finally get into the car at 6:50 pm and arrive at 7 pm. I told hubby I wasn't to worried about being late since we were bringing the turkey - it's not like they could start dinner without us.

The kids didn't eat much of dinner - I really couldn't make much of a fuss about that since I only at the turkey and the rolls. After dinner all 5 kids went outside to play with the dog. When the conversation turned to politics I retreated to outside with the kids with sister-in-law. I was lucky enough to be there when Super Girl fell off the top of the slide (small slide) and ended up scraping up her face. She was a real trooper though. She cried for a couple of minutes then just sniffled as I cleaned her up and put ointment on her. She INSISTED on having bandaids though and ended up looking like she had just been in a boxing match what with her big bandaid on her forehead and one under her nose. She's fine now, just scraped on her face (uggh... I just realized she has dance tomorrow... Hate having to take her out looking like that) and a bruise on her hand.

All in all it was a good dinner. We will do it again with just father-in-law and his wife this Thursday - I'll make mashed potatoes and some veggies to go with my dinner as well as dinner rolls or crossants (made by me). Anybody want to join us? All you have to do is wash dishes after. :o)