Friday, April 27, 2007

Ahhhh The First Sign Of Spring! Poison Ivy!

As many of you know (and most of you don’t care) the town house I currently reside in is situated right next to a creek and it’s absolutely beautiful when things start to bloom. As the years have pass that I have lived here I’ve realized that the beauty is but a veneer to it’s true nature, the beautiful leaves and flowers hide the hideously large amounts of poison ivy twining up the trees and creeping along the ground (in a few weeks I’ll take a photo of the absolutely stunning patch of poison ivy that completely chokes out everything and carpets the floor in this one are of the ‘woods’). My progeny are forbidden from going into the wooded area for many reasons but for this really BIG one as Super Girl is SUPER sensitive to poison ivy (last spring she missed 3 days of school for a particularly nasty poison ivy rash that caused her to do a spot on impression of The Elephant Man).

This spring the allure of the woods calls all the children to creep through them down to the creek to get filthy. I am a mother, I am devoid of all fun (according to those I gave birth to) and my sole purpose is to crush all fun to be had by anyone under the age of 10 (again this is according to the two I have birthed). For the past couple of months my offspring have been playing Russian Roulette with the wooded area, they continue to venture into it with their friends and I continue to catch them and ground them – but my wrath isn’t what they are playing with, it’s the poison ivy. Up until now it hadn’t taken it’s usual strangle hold on the wooded area and wasn’t covering nearly every inch of ground so they’ve managed to come out of the woods with only the wrath of their angry and humorless mother. Earlier this week I noticed three relatively small rashes on Super Girl. AND much to my surprise, Cabbage Patch has a rash on her wrist! This was the child I thought WASN’T reactive! So… it’s spring and it’s itchy. Time to stock up on Calamine lotion and Aveno Bath’s.
Oh The Madness!

Today is “drag your kid to work and screw off half the day keeping them occupied day” or something like that. Currently the offspring are at work with K and could be more amused if you came up behind me and tickled me with a feather.

Today started remarkably well and cheerful! As I got up this morning I was greeted with the happy voice of my oldest progeny wishing me a good morning. I asked her to go upstairs and wake her sister and was told that she was on the couch. I walked into the living room expecting to see Cabbage Patch in her usual state – being partial eaten by the couch, but instead found a smiling child sitting on the couch. If it wasn’t so enjoyable it would have been CREEPY. (Please, please, aliens who replaced my offspring with pod children please don’t change anything!)

Then they got dressed, they took great care to choose the perfect outfit to wear. Super Girl obsessed over finding MATCHING SHOES to go with her all black ensemble. My suggestion of just wearing her pink sandals was met with such harsh disapproval I wondered if she was channeling Mr. Blackwell.

Next we fixed hair. Cabbage Patch opted for adorable today with the Cindy Brady Curled Pigtail look, accessorized with rhinestone barrettes and matching bracelet and she was good to go. Super Girl with for a more elegant look for her all black outfit. Long straight hair with rhinestone barrettes and matching bracelet as well. We moved on to the NEXT step in this process – nails. The progeny insisted they have a fresh manicure prior to leaving. Blue nails for Cabbage Patch and black for Super Girl.

I don’t think they were this particular when they went to the Daddy Daughter Dance in February. I think due to their overwhelming enthusiasm for going to work with daddy, I may message K and tell him to get the offspring applications to work there!

Anyway, a text message from K just updated me that things are going swimmingly there and that the offspring are being angelic and super cute. We’ll see what happens after lunch when the last 4 hours of the day are “Observe parent working”. I give it until 1:15 pm when the ethereal patina wears off and the whining starts. I’m ever so thankful to be home by myself with the kitties.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Is Purples All Over

Ash is so funny! She put this on the comments of my MySpace page.

She's so crazy, it's fabulous! For more Lolcat fun, go check out I Can Has Cheeseburger? I'm completly addicted to that site! It's even better than Stuff On My Cat or Stuff On My Mutt and definitly funnier than Cute Overload (which is motly just terribly cute and not really HAHAHA.

Currently it's POURING outside. Which is wonderful. I don't have to watter my plants! The wee people woke up happy for the SECOND day in a row - is Armagedon right around the corner? - I wonder if it's from their sparkling clean room* or from the knowledge that their father is taking them to work with them on Friday for "Take your kid to work day". That man is BRAVE to take BOTH of them to work with him. His workplace has half a day of activites planned for them and then the kids get to OBSERVER as their parent WORKS from 1-5 pm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Whatever! That will be the most unproductive day EVER. I remember when I worked as a secretary and my bosses would bring their kids to work for that day - I would always have the kids parked with ME for several hours of me entertaining them and playing games on the computer with them before their parents called it a day shortly after lunch because they couldn't get shit done because their kid kept going into their office ever 15 minutes to ask a question or get something or look pitiful and ask to go to McDonalds. I can't wait to hear of the joy of this day for K.

On to other things...

Still searching for a job, still broke and still missing faire and sad about it. I haven't been at faire at all this year and it's just tragic. I want to go soooooo much but I just CAN'T. I've had several offers from darling friends for them to give me rides or pay my way in, but I've refused them all - I would still be a broke dick and I'm just not going to be a leach to my friends. I love you, I miss you all, I'm going to come out at the very least Memorial Day Weekend to have much merriment. Everyone, have a drink at faire for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Shitty Sunday

Well first off, I didn’t get the job. *sigh* That kind of soured the day for a while. D came over to fetch Coco and we decided that her most recent dye job of Cotton Candy Pink was far to light so we set off to buy dog dye of a different color. Shopping, talking, having a bit of time away from the offspring and buying dog dye – things were going pretty well.

THEN when I get home there’s a message from the guy I was to have a date with tonight – he bailed on me for the second time. The first time was Friday when he had a terrible migraine. Tonight it was because he said he had dinner with his ex last night and that they decided to ‘give it another try’. Hmmmm… and last night he was telling me that he was going to bed early because he still had that migraine. *eyes rolling up in head* So let’s see… Since January I’ve been rejected because I have kids, because I have cats and now for the ex. I’m on a roll. Eh whatever, there’s always someone waiting to take their place.

D and I proceeded to do a little art work on the pooch. And the results are magnificent if I do say so myself. Well, just look. No these are NOT PhotoShopped, the dog really looks like that. *sigh* This is what keeps me from having to take copious amounts of happy drugs.

Later I spent the rest of this evening riding herd on my offspring so they would clean that health hazard of a pig sty that they call their room. After all the clothing, books, toys and papers were picked up there was an unimaginable amount of glitter and confetti on the floor. No really, there was, I wasn’t smoking crack while they cleaned. It looked like herd of drunk fairies had puked in their room. But it’s clean now. That makes me happy. That and Coco’s new colors!!! Ya want a dog dyed? Talk to me.