Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh The Madness!

Today is “drag your kid to work and screw off half the day keeping them occupied day” or something like that. Currently the offspring are at work with K and could be more amused if you came up behind me and tickled me with a feather.

Today started remarkably well and cheerful! As I got up this morning I was greeted with the happy voice of my oldest progeny wishing me a good morning. I asked her to go upstairs and wake her sister and was told that she was on the couch. I walked into the living room expecting to see Cabbage Patch in her usual state – being partial eaten by the couch, but instead found a smiling child sitting on the couch. If it wasn’t so enjoyable it would have been CREEPY. (Please, please, aliens who replaced my offspring with pod children please don’t change anything!)

Then they got dressed, they took great care to choose the perfect outfit to wear. Super Girl obsessed over finding MATCHING SHOES to go with her all black ensemble. My suggestion of just wearing her pink sandals was met with such harsh disapproval I wondered if she was channeling Mr. Blackwell.

Next we fixed hair. Cabbage Patch opted for adorable today with the Cindy Brady Curled Pigtail look, accessorized with rhinestone barrettes and matching bracelet and she was good to go. Super Girl with for a more elegant look for her all black outfit. Long straight hair with rhinestone barrettes and matching bracelet as well. We moved on to the NEXT step in this process – nails. The progeny insisted they have a fresh manicure prior to leaving. Blue nails for Cabbage Patch and black for Super Girl.

I don’t think they were this particular when they went to the Daddy Daughter Dance in February. I think due to their overwhelming enthusiasm for going to work with daddy, I may message K and tell him to get the offspring applications to work there!

Anyway, a text message from K just updated me that things are going swimmingly there and that the offspring are being angelic and super cute. We’ll see what happens after lunch when the last 4 hours of the day are “Observe parent working”. I give it until 1:15 pm when the ethereal patina wears off and the whining starts. I’m ever so thankful to be home by myself with the kitties.

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