Saturday, April 24, 2004

4 AM Sucks!

Thanks to taking some sinus medicine for a horrible sinus headache I have been up since 4 am. It doesn't help that my cats have taken to sleeping under my bed and one of them snores. Yes my cat snores. It normally doesn't bother me as I can generally sleep through the night, but not tonight. Damn snoring cat. Damn sinus pill. Damn 4 AM! Damn it!!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Marinating In Beer

A friend and I are considering doing just that with our worries. Drowning them in beer (with hot wings). Sounds like a damn good idea, not going to solve a damn thing but WTF it might be fun.

I'm so stressed right now it's not even funny - so I haven't posted lately - I'm not funny. I've been writing in my blog that I keep private as my thoughts right now are private and kind of dark and maudlin.

Maybe it's the weather. Tut-tut, looks like rain. (little people have been watching way too much Pooh lately)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Scarby Costumes

Here is a pic of me with the little people. Super Girl was thrilled to be dressed similar to me. Unfortunately you can not see the detail work on the sleeves of the dress Cabbage Patch is wearing. Don't the little people resemble me?
Formal Dress

Super Girl has started addressing me in a more formal fashion the past week. Instead of Mommy, Mom or Mamma she now calls me Mother (which comes out as Mudder from her little 5 year old mouth) and I have to say - I hate it. I keep telling her I would rather he call me mommy, mom or mamma to no avail.
Word For The Day


Main Entry: pine
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): pined; pin·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English pInian to suffer, from (assumed) Old English pIn punishment, from Latin poena -- more at PAIN
1 : to lose vigor, health, or flesh (as through grief) : LANGUISH
2 : to yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable (they still pined for their lost wealth)

ahhh... well that would explain that wintergreen smell... and I thought it was just from that car air freshener I just bought.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Capital Punishment For A Murderous Fish?

I have a murder in my tank. Bubbles was murdered last night. I know who did it. Heimdall. He's now going to be called Loki because he's an evil, evil, murderous fish (and he killed Balder already - check out Norse mythology for that connection). Loki also happens to be the smallest fish in the tank. He's managed to kill two fish. Bubbles was the third largest fish in the tank easily 4 times the size of Loki, yet Loki, the little bastard, managed to kill bubbles. Now I have to consider my next course of action. Do I take Loki out of the tank before I'm down to just him? Do I just leave him and hope his appetite for murder has been quenched (which it probably hasn't - serial killers rarely ever stop on their own)? Or do I make him stand trial for his actions and let a jury of his peers sentence him to pay for his crimes? Is Capital Punishment far to cruel for a serial killer goldfish? We have proof of two fish murders that have happened in my tank, I have no idea how many other tank mates he may have killed in his previous tank. Does this fish deserve the death penalty (a flushing)?

I've been doing costume research online for the past couple of hours. I'm not finding exactly what I want, which is frustrating. I think the little people and I will have to venture out to the library soon to do research. The thought me and the little people in the library makes me shudder. They have never been accused of being calm. I have visions of them screaming and running between shelves of books leaving a wake of chaos and destruction behind them. We are asked... no, no, TOLD to leave the library and NEVER return under threat of legal action being taken against us... me. I have to do this research though. I guess I'll need to give them some Benedryl before we go and hope they get sleepy right as we arrive.
Weekend Recap

Saturday I probably had the most unproductive day at work that I've had in a very long time. I arrived at my first hospital at 8 am only to discover that the Dr. had just called saying he would arrive in 5 minutes so please have all the babies waiting in the nursery. That means that I had to wait for the Dr. to finish so I could take photos. I had 4 people who wanted photos. The Dr. did not in fact arrive in 5 minutes as promised. He arrived in 30 minutes! And it took 30 more minutes before he finished with the babies. I stood around for an hour. I was out of there by 10:30 am (with only one sale)which is my deadline for being at my second hospital. I arrived at the second hospital by 11 am and was met with a note for me to call my director who was 'concerned' as to where I was (I have no idea why she didn't check with the home office to see if I had called in my arrival time at my first hospital), she had already called home and K didn't really know what to tell her as far as when I left because I had spent the night with XXXX who was in town. After calling my director and having a pointless conversation, I went to work. I was quite busy but my sales were painfully bad. Back home.

I arrived home by 5:30 pm. I was tired and cranky because I didn't make nearly enough for the time I put in. I still had some work to do on the costumes for Sunday and I needed a nap (didn't get much sleep the night before for some reason). After a nap I got up and finished Super Girl's costume, my costume and Amy's costume instead of gamed. Super Girl and Cabbage Patch took great pleasure in modeling their costumes for the gaming group. (I'll post pictures soon - need to black out the little people's faces first).

Sunday I got up early and went to work. I was determined to be home by noon come hell or high water. I somehow managed to do just that and I didn't shirk any of my work to do it either. Amy and her brood made it to our place by a little after 1 pm and we were off to Scarby by 1:30 pm. We met up with her friend at the front gate, K took the little people off to find food and me, Amy and her friend set off to find XXXX (because I'm obsessive) I saw him briefly and even got a few moments to talk to him alone before being interrupted by someone who didn't have manners enough to recognize a private conversation. We said good-bye as he was leaving to head back home. I left Amy on a bench feeding her baby and I headed off to find K and the little people. That was the last I saw of Amy for the day. I met up with K, took the little people off his hands and went to find Amy to see if she wanted to go to the butterfly exhibit. I could not find her. I looked most of the afternoon with no luck. I did managed to find K a few times and we swapped kid duty each time. By 5:30 pm I was kid-less, husband-less and best friend-less. Hmmm.. Sounds like a bad country and western song doesn't it? I gave up looking for any of them at 6 pm and headed toward the front to chat with a friend until 7 pm. I did find K and the little people at the front gate shortly after 7 pm (when faire ends) but not Amy. All in all it was a lot of fun. Amy said she had fun yesterday and was at fair until 6 pm or 6:30 pm. So she said.... ;o)

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Just moments ago I was singing the Brady BunchBrady Bunch theme song to Super Girl. I got as far as 'Here's a story of a guy named Brady...' I stopped thinking that she was no longer listening to me. After a few seconds she looks at me wide eyed and says "Covered in gravy???" heh.