Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ass Kicking Saturday

In hindsight working the day that Passover starts is a BAD BAD idea. I didn't finish work until nearly 6 pm.

Blah, I'm tired. I'll whine about that later... or not. How about some CAKE?

These are the cupcakes that go with the pretty pink and white cake from yesterday. All very pretty.
Something lovely for the case. I became enamored with the daisies so I had to figure what I could put them on.
Front view.

Okay I'm off to bed to dream of my Sweetie Sarge.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Computer Online!

My computer is ONLINE again! Woohoo! K fixed my computer in a matter of moments after eMachines kindly did NOT fix my machine after having it for 2 long weeks. FUCKERS. I've learned my lesson, better to trust the gay computer geek rather than the company who is supposed to support it. See, K has more incentive to actually have my computer up and running. I don't monopolize his computer if mine is working, I don't upload hundreds of cake photos to his computer and I don't make his life a living HELL. Not that I WOULD do that, but I'm just saying...

Moving on... Blah, I can't think of anything else to write, so look at CAKE!

The roses are actually pink and orange - customer request.

Speaking of CAKE, yesterday an unsatisfied customer called about a cake she got last Sunday. Apparently she was unhappy with the amount of roses I put on her cake, not many according to her. Now mind you, she didn't say anything when she picked it up and she didn't pay extra for more decoration. She didn't leave her phone number either so I'm wondering if she even got her cake from my store as there was no record of her order in our files.

Well I lied, I do have things to say - crazy customer just brought to mind how it was Customer Waste Judy's Time day. I had a few customers today who seemed to intentionally be trying to waste my time. First was a woman who came in for a cake, admitted she forgot to order one and that this was last minute and said she knew I was busy. She got a cake from the freezer then wanted extra decoration. My boss was prepared to do the cake writing and all then the woman was standing by the sign that says 'Cakes by Judy' and she looked at it then looked at me and said 'Your Judy!'. Okay fine, I knew I had to do her cake at that point. I did what she asked while she shopped and when she came back she wanted MORE. I WANTED to tell her to fuck herself, but I just put more polka dots her cake and went back to work. The next customer was a man who wanted to explain what he wanted. Which is fine, I like explanation and not guess work. Except he kept explaining and explaining and explaining after I had already said that I understood what he needed. My boss finally walked up and said she would finish the order so I could go back to my cake. Even after that, he still wasn't done - He had to have ONE LAST comment. I wanted to kick him in the nuts for that. And finally, 15 minutes before I HAD to leave a woman came in to discuss an anniversary cake for her parents. Again with the over explanation. And she couldn't decide if she wanted the top tier round or square. I tried to put her off and get her to come back tomorrow which she was agreeable to but damn she wouldn't shut the hell up. I ended up leaving late and getting home right AFTER the offspring who had already gone to the apartment office and got the key, but before they actually got to Casa de Karmically Challenged.
And this is a cake for a wedding shower for tomorrow. It'll go on the top of a cupcake tree and tomorrow I'll finish the 24 cupcakes that go with it, I'll photo them tomorrow.

Okay, I'm off to bed now, I'll post more before Passover tomorrow night.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life Sucking Experience

Yeah, that's right. I went to WallyWorld today. I felt the life force of mine ebbing as I entered the store, yet I still continued on. I told myself that I was being overly dramatic and that it would be a waste of precious resources (gas) to not just go to WallyWorld since I was right across the street anyway.

My first clue to leave the store screaming and never returned happened rather quickly and oddly enough did not involve screaming (mine or other people's). I went to the deli counter to get deli meat for lunches. I stood there discussing what meat to get with my oldest Tiny Terrorist for a minute or two when another woman walked up to the counter and the *helpful and attentive WalMartian working the deli asked her if she needed help. I just shrugged it off. How long does it take to slice deli meat anyway? 5 minutes later the meat was STILL being cut and I was still standing there waiting for someone to help me, I looked around and saw another WalMartian in the deli area just puttering around but not waiting on customers. I said 'fuck this.' to myself and walked off to where the sad looking cakes were that my progeny were trying to convince me to buy for them. As I walked away I heard "Ma'am, do you need some help?" from behind me, I stopped and turned, the puttering WalMartian was suddenly attentive, she repeated herself and I said "Well not anymore" and walked away. I had this overwhelming urge to just LEAVE, and I should have but that whole saving gas money kept me there.

My darling offspring were under the mind control rays that are emitted through out WallyWorld and only affect children, I spent the remainder of the trip telling them to be quiet, don't touch that, no you CAN'T have that and fer Christ sake will you please keep up. Somehow I did manage to gather the things needed for our Passover Seder dinner - not all of them mind you, but most of them.

By the time got to the dairy section I was irritable and ready to be gone from there. It was easy for the Tiny Terrorist to talk me into a tasty looking cake from the reduced for quick sale cart. It helped that it was also marked $2.39. Then it was time to head to the check out stand.

Since I had a bottle of cheap Kosher wine I decided to just have a cashier check me out instead of my usual self check out. For once the checker was NICE and seemed happy. When he got to the total it was $126.01. I almost peed my pants. I barely had half a cart of food and the most expensive thing I had put in the cart was a staggering $3.34, so WTF???? I looked in my wallet as I pondered this and told the checker he'd have to take some things of because I just didn't have that much cash in my wallet. So he did, I put all the Passover stuff up there for him to void off and reassured Super Girl that I'd just get it tomorrow. When he was done and a mere 3 sad looking bags were left in my basket, he told me my total was $106.18. What?!? you have got to be kidding was my response. He too was surprised and checked the ticket and found a charge for $82.39. A bakery item for $82.39. He called a manager who took off the charge and then put it back on and took it off and trotted off to the bakery to check on something and tried to figure out why it was ringing up at $82.39 instead of $2.39 (hmmmm maybe it was MISS ENTERED?). And then it was put back on... and removed. And YET another manager was summoned meaning that the collective IQ of the group had dropped dramaticlly at this point. More talking, more doubting the checker by the manager who kept reentering the same number and getting the SAME result. In the end the cake was entered 5 times at $82.39 and once at $2.39.

This is when I turned into a bitch. The first manager told me my total was $48.25. I then said to her "Shouldn't I get that cake for free since it rang up wrong? I work at a grocery store and if anything we sell rings up wrong the customer gets it free." That manager gave me a dirty look and called yet another manager and told her "She works at a grocery store and said she should get this for free since it rang up wrong." If they had given me any shit at that point I would have told them to have fun putting my shit back on the shelves and walked out of the store - I had been standing at this damn counter for 20 minutes while the idiot managers ignored the only intelligent person involved - the checker. This new manager never even made eye contact, just frowned a lot and took off the charge.

So that was it, I left the store with but a shred of my will to live intact. All that WallyWorld BS on top of dealing with my rather expensive ticket and K getting a horrible migraine at lunch with me - eh, go figure, I give my ex migraines... wonder if I should stop smacking around that voodoo doll of him. Not the best day if I do say so myself.

Now I'm off to bed having accomplished very little of what I'd planned for my day off.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wild Wednesday

WOW! I was so crazy busy today. And it was all my doing. This morning the manager got the message that the CEO of the company would be in the store so we had to make sure that the bakery was looking sharp. No problem. Recently we got a memo showing the new schematics for our floor freezer. We have until May 9th to get it switched over. Last week we started making small changes and my manager said that we would gradually make the changes (which were pretty much the whole damn freezer and will now add a lot more work for me on a regular basis). Well I got the crazy idea to go ahead and finish the changes TODAY before the CEO got there. My manager was fine with this idea. So I started removing all the things from the freezer that were no longer part of the schematics. About the time that I completely filled a cart I realized this was going to be a BIG JOB. Not so much moving things around but filling it back up because MORE things in the freezer are now things that I MAKE. Oh... hmmm... How could I have missed that. SO, I had to get cracking and make about 30 things to go in the freezer. Plus my orders for today and tomorrow. Wow, that was a lot of work.

Now, I'm waiting for K to get home so I can can see my Sweetie Sarge, play some Magic and drop off the garb I'm loaning out. I hope garb enjoys faire this weekend.

Okay I'm off, enjoy the CAKE!

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Me signing a couple of forms for the Tiny Terrorists to take back to school.

Cabbage Patch (who is finally READING): Does that say Judy?
Me: No, it's my full name.
Cabbage Patch:*pause* Judy... Pooh?

I'd like to blame that on Koolagh who was over recently and who always starts our phone conversations with "Is this Judy, Judypooh?" I'd like to, but I can't. ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Yeah I know, the title is stupid and cliche'. It fits though. It's a crazy day to follow a crazy weekend of work. I worked all weekend. K has worked every day lately, he just comes home to sleep between 1 am and 7:35 am. I see him for those 5 or so minutes before he takes the progeny to the bus stop and maybe a few after they get on the bus and before I head out to work. It's not horrible really, except when I actually do need to discuss things with him like finances and the like. Eh, what ever. Tax deadline is tomorrow and consequently his working until midnight ends Tuesday. Damn... then I may actually have to start COOKING again. Though it sucks to not get a break from The Tiny Terrorists, it is nice to say "What do you want for dinner? Sandwiches?" and have them give me a excited approval for such culinary delights. Well that and it probably has something to do with me bringing them home small cakes every 3 or 4 days. Cake makes everything better. But beyond not having to cook... I'd really like some time sans my progeny... just an evening or so. I'm getting tempted to start giving them Benedryl at 6 pm so they'll be sound asleep by 7 pm. TEMPTED I said, I did not say I WOULD do that so stop giving me that "Britney really is a better mom than you" look.

Moving on... It's quite likely that my hours will get cut next week which is DELIGHTFUL (*sarcasm*). I already make barely above minimum wage, cutting a day is NOT HELPING. My manager told me today that I'd probably just get 4 days to work next week and every time I think of that I get an involuntary twitch that looks something like me clutching my wallet to my chest... either that or me trying to keep an Alien from emerging from my body. It doesn't help that money just keeps hemmoraging from my wallet thanks to TX DPS and my piece of shit car that is neigh impossible to get legal. I have to take care of my latest and (not) greatest ticket this Thursday (what fun for a day off!) and just this afternoon found out that I won't be able to get one ticket dismissed because though I have the $$$ to pay the fees involved, it won't get processed before 7-10 days which is well AFTER this Thursday, so I just have to suck it and pay the ticket, add in the extra FEES from TX and consider having my check directly deposited to TX DPS from now on. Oh no I'm not being overly dramatic, it really is that bad. Blah, depressing.

But let's think of something HAPPY! Like FAIRE! YAY! And how I haven't been able to make it this year and probably won't except maybe once or twice... *sniffle, sniffle* My second year of missing faire. *sigh* It's killing me. SUCK! Whatever, I have to deal. Though I won't make it to faire this weekend, there is a damn good chance that some of my garb will be there minus me. I'll be loaning out some of my favorite pieces... well my only DECENT garb and it makes me happy to know that even though I'll be toiling away elbow deep in buttercream icing, my garb will be having fun at faire without me. My only worry is that she will be TALLER than me and that my skirts, which are a tad long on me will be SHORT for her because as it's been pointed out to me by SEVERAL people, I am not NEARLY as tall as I seem to think (sorry about the bloomers Cyn!). Wave at my garb if you see it!

Okay, I'm getting tired so I'll wrap this up. I'll write more tomorrow... it may or may not be coherent content.

My NEW Sponge Bob kit! I LOVE IT! (yes it is big, but it's on a really tiny cake so it looks bigger than it really is.)
A cool looking moth the girls tracked down today while pretending to be Bug Rangers. It was extremely cute, I let them take my camera out to take a photo of a butterfly and they made a 2 minute video which ended with them finding this moth. I'd post the video but ya know how adverse I am to posting photos of my progeny on the internet for the world to see. Sorry!

Okay now I'm off to bed.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Cake

Is not a cake actually. It's a big ass cookie covered in frosting. Oh the sugar rush that comes with that.