Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Damn It! Damn It! Damn It!

I broke my sewing machine today. I've been trying to fix it but I think when I broke that last needle I truly fucked it up. Damn. I do have a back up but it's NOT working either. Double Damn!

I'm seriously having issues today. Today was the first day of school for Super Girl (she was happy), the bus was late picking her up, late dropping her off, brother called to let me know about what's going on with his suicidal wife (she's out of the psych ward and on drugs, he's worried and stressed)... Damn.

Lucky for me Whysper has kindly offered to bring me her old machine when she get's off work to finish up this project. Thank goodness for her.

Off to see what I can finish by hand and continue cursing this machine.
All We Are Saying, Is Give Peas A Chance!

Today when I took out a can of peas to add to Cabbage Patch's mac 'n cheese, I was informed that they could not be added to the food as they would make it "icky, slimy and a monster". Hmmm... I did not know that. Peas look so darn benign in their cute little can wrapped in silver paper, one would never suspect the 'icky, slimy monster' part. Nowhere on the lable is there a warning against adding them to cheesy pasta - that's a grevious oversight by the manufacturer. And now that I know, I thought it best to pass along this as a public service announcement. Stay safe, don't add peas to your mac 'n cheese!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Copping Out On A Post

Exotic Dancer!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And I thought it would say HO!
Disney Pipe Dreams

Because I birthed the Tiny Terrorists house cleaning is a constant chore but a temporary state of being. What I mean is that if the little blighter are awake they are making MESSES. Tiny Terrorists = mess. What also goes along with my progeny is the 300 + Disney movies in our possession. Due to the constant drone of some wretched Disney drivel, I sometimes go to bed drunk from a Disney Bender, as In I've watched 12 straight hours of Disney crap and now even with the television off and my eyes closed I can still hear theme songs and frilly Disney princesses dancing with friendly helpful talking animals. This causes me to fall under a false sense of reality and to believe that while I sleep my home will be invaded by helpfulfriendly and cuddly animals who will cheerfully clean my home just to see my absolute joy in the morning when I wake to my life of drugery and servitude. Well let me assure you that it never fucking happens. I wake to a living room as overrun with toys and crap as it was when I fell exhausted into bed. I glare at my cats and gerbils as I step over crap on my way to the kitchen to dig out the coffee maker and mumble to them if that if I hear any singing or dancing coming from them I'd drag them off to the pound that very moment. Damn those Disney Princesses and their happy helpful pets for giving me false hope.