Saturday, August 06, 2005

Luau Day!

Woohoo! Today is Lerxst Luau Party! I'm so excited. Another PARTY!

I'm not sure who I'm riding with, I need to get with Whysper to borrow some CLOTHES because I'm seriously pathetic as far as having anything cool to wear. The Wife is going to come by to pick up her dress also, so I'm not sure who I'll ride with, seems pointless to take my car since there will be plenty of people going past me to get to the party.

I still haven't decided what to bring to the party, it very well may end up being a bottle of coke and a bag of cheesy puffs.

I'll be taking my camera as usual so there will be plenty of fun photos to come.

On to other things...

K has a very good lead on a job, so keep your fingers crossed/knock on wood/say a prayer/light some candles/do a voodoo chant/etc. that he get's it. It's something he would really love to do and for a company he's been doing some temp work for and absolutely loves.

Next week will be a super busy week for me as far as sewing etc. Don't be ALARMED if there aren't my usually 500 pointless posts here for your reading pleasure, I'm just busy (and no I haven't gotten that SUPER BOB, so it's just WORK).

Okay, I'm off to find some kind of food stuff for lunch!

PS... just an FYI... my birthday is NEXT WEEK! In a mere 5 days I will be 34! So mark your calendars, THURSDAY, August 11th is my BIRTHDAY. heh...

Friday, August 05, 2005

IKEA Lunch

Last night I joined the masses and went to IKEA, and like the masses I fell passionately in love with IKEA. DAMN IT! That place ROCKS!

I've even indoctrinated my offspring to LOVING IKEA. I bought a set (4) of bowls, a set of cups and a bag of utensils (4 place settings) for them and they now want EVERYTHING served in the IKEA stuff. heh.

Having been to IKEA, I now want to redo my place completely in IKEA. I'd have to rob a bank to do that, but I still want it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lurking In My Garden

These two huge dragon flies were in my garden the other day and amazingly they weren't all that freaked out by me getting so close to them. (I don't have a zoom on my camera so I had to get just inches from them) I must have taken a dozen photos of them before I got bored and went back inside.

Dragon Fly

Other Dragon Fly
Mission Acomplished

I started and finished this today. Rock on me.
Silver Lining

Yesterday the Tiny Terrorists truly lived up to their names of Chaos and Destruction. Suffice to say that EVERY FREAKING WAKING moment of theirs was sheer terror. I spent so much time telling them no, reffereeing fights and discovering and thwarting their evil plots that I didn't get JACK done. It was frustrating and I'm completly out of antipsychotics.

The final straw was the brand new 7 lb container of cat litter being dumped on their bedroom floor - I can only assume they wanted that sandy beach feel in their, no matter Chaos and Destruction finally pushed my buttons once too often. I decreed that ALL the toys would go and sent one off to get enough trash bags to hold all their toys in their room and the other to get the broom and dust pan so I could clean up all the damn cat litter. Yes I really am going to get rid of all their toys. They will only have a few selected stuffed animals, their dress up clothes and their books. More than enough.

My sister made the generous and brave offer to take the Little People (yes little people today, apparently they used up all their terrorist energies yesterday and will be normal offspring for today. Damn my luck.) for today so I can get some things done. YAY! That's better than a Grande Caramel Frappichino with whiped cream! It's probably a good thing they will be with their Aunt today, I'm sure after all their evil terrorist activities yesterday the FBI is probably on the way over to investigate the Tiny Terror Threat. The Tiny Terrorist Threat Level has been lowered from Orange to Yellow, so things are cool, I'll just make some coffee for the FBI when they get here, we'll talk about evil kids and things will be good... or they'll drag me off to Gitmo for an extended vacation... which might not be so bad. Eh, either way I get the day off! Woohoo! Bring on the booze and cheap men! hmmm.. scratch that... cheap booze and hot men!

Must go, just 30 minutes to get them ready to go, must check their terrorist manifestos for the day.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Recently I had to buy some new toothpaste. Now before I get into this toothpaste story, let me tell about how the week before I went to the store and bought this particular toothpaste and put it in my bathroom. That night when I went to brush my teeth with the toothpaste, it had vanished. No signs of the toothpaste at all. There was toothpast on the floor but it was from the remains of the Aquafresh tubes that were nearly empty - but the NEW toothpaste was GONE. I have YET to find it. The next week I went to purchase toothpaste AGAIN.

Okay... I'm really picky about toothpaste. Growing up we always used the horrible tasting Colegate. But since I wasn't the one BUYING the toothpaste, I suffered with their choice.. and yes it was suffering, at the height of my obsessiveness I would brush my teeth at least 4 times a day sometimes more and I had at least 20 toothbrushes (all yellow) - eventually I threw them all away when I read an article about how they harbor bacteria and should be replaced every month, so now... I have a new one every month. Anyway when I got older and responsible for my own purchases, I bought Aquafresh and I've used it ever since. Early on in our relationship K bought some non-Aquafresh crap and I wouldn't use it.

ANYWAY, on a whim I got this other brand of toothpaste - actually they were out of Aquafresh and this stuff was $1.48 so I figured if I HATED it (which I figured I would), the kids could use it. I tried it and LIKED it. K doesn't like it though. I highly recommend the Cinnamint and am planning to buy some Gingermint also. mmmm... Buy this toothpaste! you will lov eit!!!


My legal issues seem to be working out at the moment. All total for the ticket I got this past weekend it will cost $480!!! Mutha fuck! Lucky for me a dear friend has a boyfriend with a Fat wallet and a big dick and she's going to share some of that with me... the fat wallet that is, not the big dick, I can find my own Big Dick. I'll owe her a BIG ASS favor, but I appreciate that she loves me enough to keep my ass out of jail.

And now.. I'm off to finish my sewing.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Toy Party

(not sure why part of it's PINK in the photo, the pen was BLUE with no sparkles or anything)

After my brief consideration to stay home, sit on the couch watching movies and eating the huge 4 part cake torte thing, I did infact go. Whysper and I showed up a little after 7 pm which was infact late, but it didn't matter as the presenter was LATE. It's okay, I brought cake.

There was a BUNCH of people there, which rocked. We all stood around and talked while we waited for the presenter to get there. We did introductions which was quite entertaining and reminicent of a school function... except my school functions didn't include people talking about their drink preference... oh wait.. yes it did!

Anyway, eventually the presenter showed up, set up and started talking TOYS. This was HILARIOUS! And that might have just been all that funny to ME because Denise was sitting right next to me making comments (it was her, not me, her).

Things finally wrapped up about 11:30 pm and Whysper and I went to hang out with other people and stay up way to late. And I took the rest of my CAKE!

I made that last night and it was wonderful. Super girl ate two servings of it! Cabbage Patch made faces and played with the muscle shells. I liked it.
You Might Be A Nazi If...

I just took this test, it made me laugh.

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And this is funny to me also...

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hehehe.... me a ham... and I'm a Jew.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Starbucks & Krispe Kream Needed STAT!!

Dear GAWD I'm surprised I'm awake right now. AFTER everything SUCKED yesterday and I went home to cry some more, I considered ditching my previously scheduled parties and just staying home to sit on the couch and eat the 4 part torte cake thing I bought to bring to the party. K would have nothing of that so I left a message for Whysper to see if I could bum a ride from her to the toy party - I mean fuck I didn't want to drive again!

Well... There's more to the story... but I have to get back to WORK now - anyway, 5:30 am bed time is an ass kicker!