Saturday, April 12, 2008

Catching Up On The CAKES!

Sheesh... Life has kept me busy with... well LIFE. And much of it SUCKS (financial woes and horrible car troubles and did I mention financial woes?) though some of it is WONDERFUL (my Sweetie Sarge) and then all the other stuff in between (like cleaning and kid homework and Girl Scout stuff and work). I need a vacation from being me.

Okay, enough of my whining, I know you aren't interested in that anyway - you want CAKE! So here it is.

My new Pokemon kit. I love it!
Self explanatory...
This cake made me laugh so much. I thought this was for the son of the woman who ordered it.
It wasn't. It was for a customer of the woman who ordered it, a 53 year old man!
Spring flowers... again.
from the top.
I'm so stupid, I send photos of all UT cakes I do to Sable. I know how all Aggies LOVE the Longhorns.
This looks like something is missing... and it is. The woman had the kit and just wanted me to do the background. Easy.
This is my FAVORITE cake of the day. It's actually cupcakes. I had soooo much fun decorating this.

Okay, K is home and wants his computer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cow Funny

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Makes me wonder if my cats ever want to go cow tipping with all my cow stuff...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cat Crack

Yesterday I got a sample of Greenies for cats in the mail. My cats usually don't go nuts for treats, they like them just fine, they just don't lose their minds. But... yesterday they went fucking whacko. My cat bit my finger trying to get them! I had to take the package out of my shorts pocket and put it in the fridge so they would stop trying to rip my pocket open. I plan to use my new found power for EVIL not good and make the cats do stupid tricks. I will post photos.

So... go to the site and get a free sample for your kitties. (they have greenies for dogs but whatever, dogs will eat just about anything)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm Going To Hell

Today Cabbage Patch has a field trip to a local farm (owned by a major sausage manufacturer mind you). I imparted words of wisdom to her yesterday and she's taken them to heart, quoting my words verbatim back to me. Pity that I wasn't SERIOUS when I told her:

Don't pinch the animals, they might bite you if you do.

Now it's not like she goes around pinching people's pets or people for that matter. It's just some nonsense that fell out of my mouth - kind of like when I told them that brown cows give chocolate milk, light brown cows give latte and black and white cows give chocolate or vanilla milk. I haven't bothered to clear things up with her and let her (or her sister) know that I was just kidding when I said that - it is just to funny to hear them quote that with such seriousness. I should know better, it doesn't take much to convince my offspring of things, hell they even jump to conclusions on their own - like them thinking that Aunt D is part Chinese now because she learned some Chinese phrases last year (hey, she could be part Chinese, she is short and has dark hair).

Anyway, I'm going to hell, want me to save you a seat?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Third Time Is a Charm, Eh?

Today I did YET ANOTHER wedding cake. This one is actually my favorite... or it was, until I put the stupid tacky cowboy hats and rope on it. Take a look.

Here it was pre-tacky decor.
I love how the roses came out. It's a small cake so I did small roses and rose buds.
Now WITH tacky decor!
I added extra roses to the top because there would be no cake topper at this shot gun wedding.
Well it's just my assumption that it's a shot gun wedding... after all the cake was ordered YESTERDAY.

But whatever.

Okay, that's all. Enjoy the CAKE!
Because it's HILARIOUS.

Well, that and the entire hot cast of 300 feature prominently in many of my fantasies.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Tale of Two Cakes...

Well more than just two, but only two wedding cakes. I'll get to that in a bit though.

Saturday I called K to bring the Tiny Terrorists up to my work so we could have lunch together. I decided against the McSucksALot and opted for a cheap Mexican fast food place within walking distance. Cabbage Patch was not at all happy about this as she was under the influence of mass marketing brainwashing and started bitching loudly. At one point she said "I don't want to go here! You always want to go here! You should work here and you can eat here all the time!" I just started laughing at her and her rant.

After lunch - wherein Cabbage Patch miraculously enjoyed it - the offspring went to compete in the first annual Powderpuff Pinewood Derby for the Girl Scouts. Both girls came in dead last in their races but they both had fun and honestly that's the whole point. Though I can't wait until next year, I think I'm going to get Grandpa to help with the cutting the block of wood into a car and consult more with my Sweetie Sarge who is expert on all this stuff.

And now CAKE!

This cake came out so cute!
I'm no fan of the psychotic Jay Jay the Jet plane but I do like this cake. I did a monkey cake for this kids little brother a couple of months ago.
I went a little crazy with the flowers.
This is actually the second wedding cake that I made. I think it's pretty.
This is the first. It's actually for a 60th wedding anniversary.
The woman who ordered this adored it. Which is good because the stupid pearls were a bitch to put on.

Just now... Cabbage Patch runs from the kitchen holding something. K stops her "Cabbage Patch, what's in your hand?" "Nothing." Says Cabbage Patch raising one hand. "The other hand, " says K. She raises the other hand and we hear something hit the floor as she gives me an innocent look and says "Nothing." We start laughing and I say she can have the cookie she just stole.