Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm Going To Hell

Today Cabbage Patch has a field trip to a local farm (owned by a major sausage manufacturer mind you). I imparted words of wisdom to her yesterday and she's taken them to heart, quoting my words verbatim back to me. Pity that I wasn't SERIOUS when I told her:

Don't pinch the animals, they might bite you if you do.

Now it's not like she goes around pinching people's pets or people for that matter. It's just some nonsense that fell out of my mouth - kind of like when I told them that brown cows give chocolate milk, light brown cows give latte and black and white cows give chocolate or vanilla milk. I haven't bothered to clear things up with her and let her (or her sister) know that I was just kidding when I said that - it is just to funny to hear them quote that with such seriousness. I should know better, it doesn't take much to convince my offspring of things, hell they even jump to conclusions on their own - like them thinking that Aunt D is part Chinese now because she learned some Chinese phrases last year (hey, she could be part Chinese, she is short and has dark hair).

Anyway, I'm going to hell, want me to save you a seat?

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