Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Tale of Two Cakes...

Well more than just two, but only two wedding cakes. I'll get to that in a bit though.

Saturday I called K to bring the Tiny Terrorists up to my work so we could have lunch together. I decided against the McSucksALot and opted for a cheap Mexican fast food place within walking distance. Cabbage Patch was not at all happy about this as she was under the influence of mass marketing brainwashing and started bitching loudly. At one point she said "I don't want to go here! You always want to go here! You should work here and you can eat here all the time!" I just started laughing at her and her rant.

After lunch - wherein Cabbage Patch miraculously enjoyed it - the offspring went to compete in the first annual Powderpuff Pinewood Derby for the Girl Scouts. Both girls came in dead last in their races but they both had fun and honestly that's the whole point. Though I can't wait until next year, I think I'm going to get Grandpa to help with the cutting the block of wood into a car and consult more with my Sweetie Sarge who is expert on all this stuff.

And now CAKE!

This cake came out so cute!
I'm no fan of the psychotic Jay Jay the Jet plane but I do like this cake. I did a monkey cake for this kids little brother a couple of months ago.
I went a little crazy with the flowers.
This is actually the second wedding cake that I made. I think it's pretty.
This is the first. It's actually for a 60th wedding anniversary.
The woman who ordered this adored it. Which is good because the stupid pearls were a bitch to put on.

Just now... Cabbage Patch runs from the kitchen holding something. K stops her "Cabbage Patch, what's in your hand?" "Nothing." Says Cabbage Patch raising one hand. "The other hand, " says K. She raises the other hand and we hear something hit the floor as she gives me an innocent look and says "Nothing." We start laughing and I say she can have the cookie she just stole.

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