Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Sweets

Ahhh yes, winter themed cakes. So happy to not do turkeys anymore. The photo is a little dark.
Snowman who can send you into a sugar coma.
Brown and white pup.
An igloo of buttercream icing! Woohoo!

Tired, need a nap.

How weird is this, I dream of decorating cakes. Then I HAVE to make make it real to stop dreaming of the cake. Kind of like the Field of Dreams for CAKE. If only it worked this way with my dreams about Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel.
Running Late

I made this today. It's so pretty!

I meant to post this earlier but I got busy getting ready to go see my gingerbread house at the festival of trees with Sarge. I have to say, my gingerbread house was not the worst looking on there so i feel pretty good about that - AND I stuck to the rules as far as only using edible materials to make the damn thing. It's 1 am and I'm tired, what an amazing evening though.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Hair

I just changed my hair. I like it. A lot. More interesting colors in the months to come.

If you don't like it, well don't tell me because quite frankly I don't care. There's only one person's opinion that I do care about and he has already proclaimed "purple rox" (he's so damn awesome). Don't ask me WHY I did this, the answer is obvious - I wanted to.

More Insanity

Just out of the mouth of my youngest:

Sting like a beaver, look like a Cadillac.

No I didn't bother to correct here, I did however ask her to repeat that.

Here's some CAKE GOODNESS for the day.

TURKEY CUPCAKES! Woohoo! They look silly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Out Of The Mouths of Tiny Terrorists

Said by Cabbage Patch as she was looking at a shirt with a Star of David on it "oh pretty, a star of Craig."

Walking back from the dollar are of Target:
Me: Did you find anything?
Her: Nope, it was all crap.
Me: What?
Her: No, it was all CRAP.

Said by Super Girl:
Me: Where would you be if I wasn't your mother? Think about that.
Her: I'd be adopted.

Color Issues

Today I had an order for a cake that was to be periwinkle with periwinkle flowers on top. This I did. I got as close to periwinkle as I could. As far as the flowers, I wasn't totally sure what a periwinkle looked like so I improvised as best I could.

The colors are a tad off in the photo, but it's the closest I could get to periwinkle with the airbrush and frosting.

When the woman came in she was VERY upset because it WASN'T periwinkle and she wanted ROSES on top in the same color. No mention of this was on the order form. My supervisor spoke to her and discovered that she had wanted the cake to be a lilac color which just happens to be the color of periwinkles, and she wanted roses in the same color. She insisted this was PERIWINKLE. My supervisor told her I would make another cake to her liking. And she left in a huff.

I remade the cake.

And went to lunch.

While I was at lunch the woman called and apologized for being an asshat and for just being WRONG.

She loved the cake I remade and even offered to buy both cakes since she had been so unpleasant. We told her that she didn't have to. The blue cake sold 20 minutes after the lilac cake was picked up.

People are weird.

That is all.
Oddly Accurate

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Non Cake Related Post

I know, it's amazing that I have anything to talk about that doesn't involve frosting. Today is my first day off in... for fucking ever. My sister is on her way to Casa De Karmically Challenged as I type. As a result the Tiny Terrorists have been forced into extreme slavery... or at least that's what they would tell you. I figured that my sister might find it a pleasant surprise to not see my living room floor carpeted with dolls, toys and various pieces of dress up clothing. I myself find it refreshing to actually SEE the carpet (ew... needs a good steam cleaning). Here is the most AMAZING part, as is usual for cleaning, I spent an hour nagging them to pick up that, pick up that, pick up THAT, put it away or throw it away, put it away or throw it away, put it away or I'll shovel it ALL in the TRASH and finally I picked up the time out timer and set it for 20 minutes. I told the offspring that they had 20 minutes to clean up. AMAZINGLY they actually cleaned, quickly with a MINIMAL amount of whining. AND they enjoyed it! They were all excited about the prospect of beating the clock.

Although this method only brought loud whines when I employed it for them to clean up their toy area. Hmmmm... so fickle these offspring of mine.

Just a Small Breed

I then vacuumed the floor. I know, that's thrilling. My vacuum cleaner sounded like it had asthma so I flipped it over and realized there was a huge amount of HAIR and thread wrapped around the brush. I grabbed my scissors and cut off enough of MY HAIR to build a pretty good sized Chihuahua. MY HAIR! As I kept pulling more and more of it off I wondered why I am not completely BALD? And WHY was it only MY hair and no one else. Makes me wonder if my cats are hacking up MY hair when they have hair balls and not their own. No one else seems to shed around here. Makes me want Coco to visit just so I could blame some of this on her.

I gotta go back to cleaning now.

The Most Absurd Things Said To Me Recently

On a phone call "Umm there is a hot homeless man over here." Two words that do not go together HOT and HOMELESS.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Yeah, I know, looks like a I cake I did last week. So sue me. I'm reusing my ideas. I'm stuck on making bright cheerful clownish cakes. They make me happy to see them.

Not much to say, today we did our Thanksgiving lunch at work. It was good. No turkey. The best dessert was a CHEESECAKE thing that looked sooo good I was tempted to eat a whole plate of it and be damned the suffering that would happen. But... sanity kicked in and I just ate some damn brownies.


Okay, that's all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today I bid farewell to the damned gingerbread house. I couldn't help but tear up as it was carried out and off to the charity auction. Inside I was a bundle of conflicting emotion, part of me wished them to trip and for the cursed gingerbread house to smash on the fucking floor and the other part of me wanted to take a hammer to it. I kid, I kid. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results and was irritated that I only had this past week to work on it, but I did feel a sense of pride that I had in fact finished and had managed to fix my serious mistakes along the way. It's been an enormous learning experience that was not all together unpleasant. As is par for the course for me, my displeasure and dissatisfaction has left me planning for next year. I am insane.


Ya know, if I ACTUALLY LIKED football, I'd probably think this was pretty cool. But, whatever. I did however inadvertently fuck up the surprise of the cake by trying to call the person who ordered the cake to ask a question. The person getting the cake answered and was all "Oh, she ordered a cake?" when I said I needed to ask her a question regarding the cake she ordered. Oops.

Tomorrow is MONDAY and I'm really hoping to have time to do some pretty arty cakes for the display case.