Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Out Of The Mouths of Tiny Terrorists

Said by Cabbage Patch as she was looking at a shirt with a Star of David on it "oh pretty, a star of Craig."

Walking back from the dollar are of Target:
Me: Did you find anything?
Her: Nope, it was all crap.
Me: What?
Her: No, it was all CRAP.

Said by Super Girl:
Me: Where would you be if I wasn't your mother? Think about that.
Her: I'd be adopted.

Color Issues

Today I had an order for a cake that was to be periwinkle with periwinkle flowers on top. This I did. I got as close to periwinkle as I could. As far as the flowers, I wasn't totally sure what a periwinkle looked like so I improvised as best I could.

The colors are a tad off in the photo, but it's the closest I could get to periwinkle with the airbrush and frosting.

When the woman came in she was VERY upset because it WASN'T periwinkle and she wanted ROSES on top in the same color. No mention of this was on the order form. My supervisor spoke to her and discovered that she had wanted the cake to be a lilac color which just happens to be the color of periwinkles, and she wanted roses in the same color. She insisted this was PERIWINKLE. My supervisor told her I would make another cake to her liking. And she left in a huff.

I remade the cake.

And went to lunch.

While I was at lunch the woman called and apologized for being an asshat and for just being WRONG.

She loved the cake I remade and even offered to buy both cakes since she had been so unpleasant. We told her that she didn't have to. The blue cake sold 20 minutes after the lilac cake was picked up.

People are weird.

That is all.

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