Friday, September 02, 2005

Much Grief and Relief

I watch the images of New Orleans with much distress and also relief. I'm relieved that my brother is not in New Orleans, but my heart is still very heavy seeing the destruction of the city I spent my early childhood in. The city both of my siblings were born in, the city my sister and I share fond memories of holding hands and singing as we walked to the store. The city my sister can still remember every address of every place we ever lived there. The one and only city that all of my family lived in at one time. I'm so sad to see it like this. My heart aches for all of the displaced residents.

If you can do something for the victims, please do.

The Red Cross
The Salvation Army

Volunteer your time if you can't give money, donate things if you can't do that.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Things I Just Don't Understand

Getting into my car and hearing talk radio blaring on the radio as loud as I listen to my Janis Joplin CD (which is pretty fucking loud). Talk radio for the love of dog! I HATE talk radio. K on the other hand LOVES talk radio. What-the-fuck??? Maybe it's because I'm a victim of ADD and I get bored eaisly (hell I almost burned a bag of microwave popcorn tonight because I fucking FORGOT about it cooking before the 3 and half minutes it took to cook!), but I don't GET talk radio. How the hell can people actually get PAID to just ramble on about pointless (to me) shit? And how the hell can I get a job like that? I mean I CAN RAMBLE, oh yes I can. (K is torturing me right now by listening to this jacked up shit at the moment)

I don't get this either, why would you call me to fuck with me about how nice the weather is where you are when you fucking KNOW it sucks here? Our conversation:

BitchCallingFromTemperateArea: Guess what the temperature was here today?
ME: uh, I dunno, tell me (ie. go ahead make me want to kill you)
BitchCallingFromTemperateArea: 70, we walked on the beach today.
ME: Fuck you. It was 90-something here. I sweat.
BitchCallingFromTemperateArea: 'Schnookums' sweat walking up a hill today.
ME: (starting on her voodoo doll) I sweat when I stepped out the door today. Thinking made me sweat. Fuck you and 'Schnookums' and your 70 degree weather.

Sheesh... 70... Why you gotta be doin' me like dat?

Another thing... I'm wondering if ADD is contagious. Today while I was helping Super Girl with her homework (I'll get to that in a moment), K dished up some ice cream for all of us. As I was busy with Super Girl in a choke hold trying to get her to DO her homework, I motioned to him that it was an inappropriate time for us to eat ice cream. He and Cabbage Patch enjoyed theirs as Super Girl and I did 'homework'. After the afore mentioned 'homework' session, I went into the kitchen to get some ice cream and found two bowls of brown liquid sitting on the counter. ON THE COUNTER. WTF? Grrr...

And finally... Since WHEN should it take 2 hours to do 1st grade home work and how the hell come it's so damn much work for ME???

'...Christ killing Christians...' I just heard that phrase on the damn talk radio that K is torturing me with and damn I think THAT just made the torture WORTH it!

Okay, I'm off to drink NyQuil and hallucinate.

I finally got word that my brother and his wife are SAFE in Baton Rouge, La. I'm so relieved.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That!

The Little People are the most precious people in the world to me and I'd do just about anything for them, hell I'd even give them most of my internal organs just for the asking, but I have to draw the line somewhere. And that place has to be my BED! There is nothing I hate more than when one (or both) of the Little People decide that they need to sleep in my bed. I know, I know, I sound like a horrible mother and my nominations for "Mother of The Year" are being torn to shreds as I type this, but fuck I hate it. LUCKILY it seems to be a rare thing again, but for a few weeks there, it was EVERY DAMN NIGHT!

Let me explain why this drives me insane so very much. First, they usually decide to invade my personal space between 2 am and 4 am, when I'm quite asleep and not all that likely to haul my sleepy ass out of bed and drag them back upstairs to their room. Second, despite the fact that I have a king size bed, they insist on sleeping rightnexttome, and every inch I move away from them, they scoot next to me until I'm sleeping on 6 inches of mattress edge. Third, their freaking FATHER is UPSTAIRS!!! Why can they not knock on HIS door and wake HIM? Fourth, elbows and knees and little feet. Specifically the ones that are whacking me in the face, kicking me in the back, making it impossible for me to get a decent night's sleep!

So offspring of mine, NO MORE! Do not ask to sleep in my bed anymore. I will gladly give you a kidney that I cut from my own body using my own sewing scissors and I'd even forgive you if you said you were just kidding as I stitched up my own incision, but I refuse to give up my freaking pillow! Next time you are tired of sleeping in your own bed, you had best head into your daddy's room or make yourself comfee on the sofa. Mamma needs her sleep, sometimes coffee just isn't enough to keep me going.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stress Builds Character, Right?

I'm quite stressed right now, but what's new really. Among all the other things I have going on, I've been worried about my brother who lives in New Orleans. I really didn't know if he got out before Katrina hit. He and his wife had plans to leave NO the beginning of September to move closer to his wifes family, but I was holding out hope that when they saw that Katrina was going to hit, that they would have left early.

I just got word that my brother left a message for my sister early this morning that just got passed along to her - it was just wto words "I'm okay" then the line went dead. She said there was a lot of noise of people yelling and screaming for their turn on the phone behind him. I'm guessing that he's at the Superdome and that in and of itself makes me worry more. I'm glad he's alive, but I really was hopeing he was out of NO. All I can do now is pray and wait for another phone call.

Other Stuff

I feel as though I'm getting over my nasty cold and that's almost disapointing as that means I'll have to give up my beloved NyQuil. I'm almost actually FEELING better, but not quite as every time I get up to do something (like laundry) I suddenly get all sweaty and a little light headed. It might have something to do with the DayQuil I'm taking (which has ceased keeping me from being very very sleepy, but seems to keep me from having to blow my damned nose every 3 minutes).

Man Can Not Live On Macaroni and Cheese Alone

But a toddler can. Cabbage Patch has got to be the pickiest child. She refuses to eat anything other than Mac n' Cheese, slices of cheese, pickles and the occasional piece of chocolate.... unless she's really hungry, then I might be able to get her to eat a whole half of a pb&j sandwich. Mind you if I were to make a box of KMac, she'd eat nearly the whole damn thing. *sigh* So yeah.. I tell my kid that she needs to eat her sandwich or the monster that lives under my bed will come out and chew her toes off and she gets all wide eyed, but doesn't believe me. Then I look toward my door and say that the moster is going going to get her, and she laughs at me and says "mom, it was just a snake!" Kids.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

This Post Brought To You By The 'Night time, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever...' Medicine, My Favorite Shot, NyQuil

Friday SUCKED. I'm not getting into it, but take my WORD for it that it SUCKED ASS.

Friday night I went out with Whysper and friends even though I was coming down with a fucking cold and was feeling AWFUL. After a dose of DayQuil (which I love nearly as much as NyQuil), I went to the club. I threw caution to the wind (as well as the health of my precious liver) and drank. Luckily due to my consumption of DayQuil prior to my arrival at the club it did not take much to get me drunk and I was wide awake. I can totally vouch that DayQuil before clubbing will make it more interesting and cheaper to get drunk. Highlights of the club: They wouldn't let me wear my super cute hat in (bastards!), I wore my light up ho shoes and they ROCKED!, small amount of booze and I was drunk, Dukes of Hazard was very cute and fun to flirt with but ultimately WAY to young, Fat Chickie plotting to kill a stupid man at the club, then Fat Chickie making peace with said man, THEN Fat Chickie almost getting into a BAR FIGHT! What fun! Well it was fun. Until my DayQuil wore off... Then it sucked. It wore off about 1 am a long with my DRUNK and we left the bar at 2 am and went to Taco Cabana for cheap Mexican food. Whysper and I left there at 3 am amid my anguished pleas to leave so I could blow my nose in private and medicate myself heavily before I had to go back to WORK.

Saturday came to damn quickly but thanks to the miracle of medical science I did manage to make it to work and was awake. I finished up work, took a nap and headed to spend the evening with Bubbles. We had a most interesting dinner of sushi, latkes and Ben & Jerry's. And drinks, of course drinks, I hadn't done enough damage to my liver so I had to have a couple of drinks. Late that evening we went to the store to get me some more cold medicine as I hadn't brought mine with me and I NEEDED it. As we checked out Bubbles grabbed my NiQuil and handed it to me saying I needed to take some now and the checker said "Oh no girl. She'll be asleep in the car if you do that." Then she proceeded to tell us how she had taken a bunch of NiQuil while she was pregnant. hehehe. Before heading back to Bubbles' place we made a detour to a sex shop and had the MOST fun walking around and discussing what is good and what isn't. I made a major purchase of a top of the line vibrating egg - 16 vibrations and 5 speeds... Oh yeah, if you don't hear from me in a few days, send someone to get me... Preferably a hot mansicle with a supply of batteries! (I bought several samples of different top of the line lubes so I'm good to go there, just send the man and the power!) No I haven't actually field tested it yet, but I'm about to head to bed and *ahem* do some research. (I'm not sure if this little beauty counts toward the MAXIMUM of 6 BOB's I'm allowed to own legally in the state of TEXAS... But if it does... Then I may be breaking the law now! Cool!)

Sunday came along too soon again. Still tired and sick. Work was short, thankfully, nap was nice when I got home. THEN it happened. K got home with the Little People. And when I saw them and that their HAIR WAS CUT I felt the veins start to bulge in my head, my eye balls were replaced with white hot flames and the skin on my head peeled back to reveal my ghasltly skull complete with horns. I was super pissed. Especially after seeing that my adorable blond curly haired baby with a fucking mullet!!! I did manage to make it look less repugnant, but I'm still super pissed that she has bangs and her hair is chin length now. Super Girl didn't fare much better as she has some shitty looking bangs and her hair tapered around her face and a shoulder length layered bob. No I'm not a happy camper about that. It's really a shame I don't take antidepressants anymore. But I'm trying to get to a HAPPY place on that, I mean after threatening many people's lives for this act of malice, I NEED a happy place. I don't have a gun after all, and I doubt Bubbles would talk Toast into bringing me a gun under the circumstances. Damn it.

OKAY, enough of my bitching, I'm off to bed for some 'research'.