Saturday, February 07, 2004

Growing Up

Super Girl - who turns 5 this Friday - lost her first tooth this morning. And she promptly lost it in her messy messy room. *sigh.*

I can't believe she's already 5.
A Fate Worse Than Death

As if you don't end up wasting enough time in WalMart, they had to make the Super WalMart so you can waste even MORE time. I hate shopping at the Super WalMart and for some unknown reason I was struck with insanity and offered to pick up some things on my way home. What the hell was I thinking? I mean I'm always tired after rushing around the hospital all day, why did I offer to go to WalMart and Super WalMart at that.

Well I did think that going to the Super WalMart would save me time - hahahahahahahahaha. I wandered around in circles looking for things before finally asking someone who worked there where several items were - I wrote down where each thing was so I could find it. It was sad. I just could not find shit in that store it is so fucking big. I ended up needing one other thing in the store after I had gotten the other things, another 30 minutes of looking and I had to ask someone - the SAME freaking person! I think he was the only person working in the store, either that or his twin brother works there also. I needed to get some more thigh high stockings (I've been dating a lot lately, I need some new sexy things for dates) but by this time the Super WalMart had sucked the will to live from me and I just wanted to get out of there.

Then it was time to go stand in line, yay. They have the new self check lines in this Super WalMart. This is an ok idea, except the people in front of me were to fucking stupid to be checking their own groceries. Both had to have a manager person help them - the woman right in front of me kept putting things directly in her basket instead of in the bag which is on a platform that weighs everything so it was giving her errors. Somehow I managed to get my stuff scanned and paid for with out the help of a manager. I think they should have a sign in front of the line saying You Must Be This Smart To Use This... Some people are just to stupid even for WalMart.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight is the first Daddy Daughter dance for hubby and Super Girl. She's so excited and nervous. Hubby is also. It's incredibly cute. I can't wait to get her all dressed up and ready to go.

Out And About

D and I went out with one of her friends last night. Wanna see the pics? Look below. I was having such a great cleavage night!

Yes, yes, the guy was removed from the picture, but hey, this blog is all about me isn't it? ;o) I looked good.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

New Art

I had a bit of trouble getting the details of the picture so there are two pictures of the fairy.

I'm quite proud of it, I hope my friend enjoyes the card.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Younger But Wiser

Recently I was at Broad At Bat's blog where I found the link to this person's blog. I read in amazement at how very eloquent this 15 year old writes. Yes 15, and not a hint of bad grammar, intentionally misspelled words or age appropriate (for a 15 year old) slang. Then I remembered this blog. This is utter crap. This blog is written by a 19 year old who supposedly is well educated and I know has a very good job. Well educated, good job, barely literate. All of his entries are peppered with slang, misspellings, horrid grammar and obscenities (which I can't really bitch about since I tend to us a LOT of obscenities). He frequently writes about his sexual 'exploits' as though his casual sex somehow makes him more mature and 'adult'. The only reason I check that blog is to hear of news about S, otherwise I'd never bother to click his like a second time. The 15 year old, well I think I may have to add him to my list of frequent reads. 15 *sigh* - there is hope for this world.
Ten for Ten

I don't usually do these - I usually find them rather stupid and sheepish to do, but I'm just filling some stuff in because I haven't had much time to write today.... And this kind of caught my eye.

Ten Things You Wish You Knew How to Do
1. Ride a bike
2. Speak Spanish
3. Read and speak Hebrew (I'm working on that one)
4. To paint like the masters (Angelo, Rubens, Picasso, etc.)
5. Plant a garden that will flourish and thrive
6. Country western dance
7. Read minds
8. See through things (pants would be first on my list hehehehehe...)
9. Make love for hours and hours (like Sting says he can) without getting tired, bored or sore (maybe I should try to get lessons from Sting)
10. Higher mathematics... Don't even try to explain... I've had several tutors try to get me past Trig... Just never works.
New Titles For The Little People

Last week was a trying week with the little people. All kids are evil from time to time - my kids time was last week. So from now on when they are particular EEEEEEVIL I will refer to them as The Tiny Terrorists and Chaos and Destruction instead of The Little People, Super Girl and Cabbage Patch. Today there is no terrorist activities or demands so it's a good day. ;o) The war on terrorism starts a home - my home!
Chuckie's Looking Rough

Poor Chuckie. She's looking rode hard and put up wet. For those who are not familiar with Chuckie, she is the most beloved and most creepy doll of the little people. Both love her unconditionally and without bounds. She and Jaded Jenny are most valuable dolls in their toy boxes. The only two dolls with names and the two dolls that would cause the little people to turn against me and make voodoo dolls of me. Jenny has been loved a lot and is now missing certain items of her couture - her nose ring and chain were lost long ago, her black boots with the cool flames are in the toy box somewhere and their 'leather' studded wrist bands are threatening to join the boots. Chuckie on the other hand has always been a creepy looking doll and when it worked it was just frightening (to adults who were familiar with Child's Play, that awful horror movie - hence the name of Chuckie being given to the doll by us adults), now that she is a few years old she looks down right horrible. Her hair is in a permanent blond Don King doo, she has chunks out of both of her ears (some one was going through a phase of biting things), her body is spotted and the back where her batteries go (which will NEVER happen again) is usually open like an unfinished autopsy, one of her eyes is minus all the eye lashes and is permanently half open (or closed, whatever) and now, now her face is marred with black smears from the phone book (which I have no idea how the phone book came in contact with this doll as I NEVER use the darn things and keep them in a cabinet). I've tried to clean the marks off her to no avail. I briefly considered tossing the doll in the trash, but reconsidered when I remembered the heart wrenching sobs of Super Girl when I told her that mommy had to take Chuckie for a 14 day quarantine (which just ended). So I now have a pasty concoction on Chuckies face and legs in hopes of removing the offending black stains, Chuckies body has been painted with laundry soap, hopefully after a trip through the delicate cycle of the washer, she will be at least clean (still creepy) and less unhygenic. I'll post photos of Chuckie later - hopefully a CLEAN Chuckie.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Men.... Sheesh....

For all those keeping track of my men, well time to change the score card... Cross off horse man & old flame - they are out now. Scotsman is still there, but he's in a holding pattern as is Navy man. Roller Coaster man is still in the race - leading the race actually, but he just doesn't seem to freaking care! And there are NEW men. Dr. J is in now, I've been keeping him in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks and was begging for a date this weekend - I didn't realize his schedule was so tight or I would have had him take me out Friday or Saturday, right now he's on a place to Indiana for work for the rest of the week, he'll be back on Friday, yadda, yadda, yadda, - one of his last statements to me was "Now don't go finding someone else to see while I'm gone." Eh, too late. And there's Mr. Body (and he's got a fabulous body) who wants to buy me a plane ticket to accompany him on a trip soon - he's crazy about me, crazy, crazy, totally insane - it's the hair I tell you. Can't forget Lone Wolf and Lucky (he's Irish). Still in the interview process with most of them (Mr. Body might get the fast track interview. heh.)

With all these men I still act all desperate and stupid for Roller Coaster man, who of course doesn't seem to be impressed by any of my efforts. Sheesh, love sucks.
Coon Ass

I can't believe I forgot to mention this. Last week when I got home from seeing my Sancho I saw a big fat raccoon by the dumpster. He barely gave me a look as I hurried past him. I'm fascinated with the raccoons - fascinated but still a little leery after the whole rabid-coon-dieing-on-my-porch incident, so I try to get pictures of them but try to keep a 'safe' distance. I rushed in the door and grabbed my camera then headed outside. Coon was still munching on garbage when I got back and I snapped a picture of him from about 15 or 20 feet away. He wasn't too impressed with the flash and decided to leave on the other side of the wall - which incidentally had better lighting than the side I was standing on, so brilliant me, I decided to head the coon off at the pass and I raced to the end of the wall and across to intercept the raccoon. When I got there I looked for the coon but didn't see him anywhere, I was just starting to think that he was either much faster than me or he jumped over the wall before I got there - then I looked down by the bushes right in front of me and guess who was staring up at me from under the bushes? The damn coon! He was maybe 2 feet from my feet! I let out a little surprised noise and backed up really quick, but fuck if I didn't already scare the raccoon who had now turned around and was running back the way he came. Shit. I if I had just snapped that picture when I saw him instead of worrying about my well being and getting rabies if he decided to rush me, I would have had the perfect raccoon picture. Damn. So this is all I got... coon ass.