Saturday, February 07, 2004

A Fate Worse Than Death

As if you don't end up wasting enough time in WalMart, they had to make the Super WalMart so you can waste even MORE time. I hate shopping at the Super WalMart and for some unknown reason I was struck with insanity and offered to pick up some things on my way home. What the hell was I thinking? I mean I'm always tired after rushing around the hospital all day, why did I offer to go to WalMart and Super WalMart at that.

Well I did think that going to the Super WalMart would save me time - hahahahahahahahaha. I wandered around in circles looking for things before finally asking someone who worked there where several items were - I wrote down where each thing was so I could find it. It was sad. I just could not find shit in that store it is so fucking big. I ended up needing one other thing in the store after I had gotten the other things, another 30 minutes of looking and I had to ask someone - the SAME freaking person! I think he was the only person working in the store, either that or his twin brother works there also. I needed to get some more thigh high stockings (I've been dating a lot lately, I need some new sexy things for dates) but by this time the Super WalMart had sucked the will to live from me and I just wanted to get out of there.

Then it was time to go stand in line, yay. They have the new self check lines in this Super WalMart. This is an ok idea, except the people in front of me were to fucking stupid to be checking their own groceries. Both had to have a manager person help them - the woman right in front of me kept putting things directly in her basket instead of in the bag which is on a platform that weighs everything so it was giving her errors. Somehow I managed to get my stuff scanned and paid for with out the help of a manager. I think they should have a sign in front of the line saying You Must Be This Smart To Use This... Some people are just to stupid even for WalMart.

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