Sunday, February 01, 2004

Men.... Sheesh....

For all those keeping track of my men, well time to change the score card... Cross off horse man & old flame - they are out now. Scotsman is still there, but he's in a holding pattern as is Navy man. Roller Coaster man is still in the race - leading the race actually, but he just doesn't seem to freaking care! And there are NEW men. Dr. J is in now, I've been keeping him in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks and was begging for a date this weekend - I didn't realize his schedule was so tight or I would have had him take me out Friday or Saturday, right now he's on a place to Indiana for work for the rest of the week, he'll be back on Friday, yadda, yadda, yadda, - one of his last statements to me was "Now don't go finding someone else to see while I'm gone." Eh, too late. And there's Mr. Body (and he's got a fabulous body) who wants to buy me a plane ticket to accompany him on a trip soon - he's crazy about me, crazy, crazy, totally insane - it's the hair I tell you. Can't forget Lone Wolf and Lucky (he's Irish). Still in the interview process with most of them (Mr. Body might get the fast track interview. heh.)

With all these men I still act all desperate and stupid for Roller Coaster man, who of course doesn't seem to be impressed by any of my efforts. Sheesh, love sucks.

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