Friday, January 09, 2004

Young And Stupid

Why is it that the statement 'young and stupid' is usually the case? I suppose that is better than just being 'stupid'. Unfortunate for my young-male-relative-who-I-won't-name he completely fits the Young and Stupid category. I love him to death, really I do, but I can't believe exactly HOW stupid he can be... I'm not sure being YOUNG explains it all. He and his friends have various blogs and web pages that they leave updates on. I find them from time to time and read up on what the Young and The Stupid are doing. And I am rarely disappointed in the stupid antics of he and his imbecile friends. Recently they threw lit firecrackers on the balcony of someone who had thrown a coke can at them for talking (loudly) while sitting at the pool of an apartment complex - this was 3 AM when dumb and dumber did this. Recently someone showed me a web page that my not so bright relative had. He had a profile on Yahoo, and his profile picture is.. uh... Well... His um... You know... His ... ya know... His member... Yeah really. He has a profile that is "(insert name)'spenis" and it's his a picture of his penis. Brilliant. This boy is a fucking genius. I laughed so hard when this was shown to me. One would think that he would know better than to do something like that... Especially attaching his own NAME to the page. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

A Moment Of Silence Please

We watched 'The Last Days Of Elvis' on E! Tonight. It was very sad... No really it was... And that's not just my redneck-trailer-trash-velveeta-eating-polyester-wearing-big-haired-Elvis-worshiping-southern genes speaking, it really was a tragic story. I remember when Elvis died, I was just a little kid - my birthday had passed just 5 days previously (but I think my parents were telling me it was the coming weekend so we could celebrate later and since I was little I had no freaking idea they were conning me) - I was outside thinking about my birthday when my uncle (the one that turned out to be the particularly stupid-self destructive jack-ass of the family... hmmm... Coincidence?) came outside and said that Elvis was dead. My thought was "Huh? So? My birthday is coming up!" Then I went back to playing and wondering if daddy would take us to a theme park and if I was suddenly big enough to ride the "You Must Be THIS Tall To Ride This Ride" rides. But I do remember it and I always remember that moment around my birthday. *sigh* anyway, it was sad that a man who was so influential in music history died such a sad, pathetic, lonely and embarrassing death.

I'm am shocked! Shocked I tell you! Just appalled! I am NOT believing that there is only ONE Elvis movie on tonight! And it's one I've already suffered through... I mean already viewed. Sheesh! Where are these people's priorities???? We will have to settle for an Elvis documentary instead. What is the world coming to?

Shit I'm still here, I've just been to busy to write. I can't believe it's already Thursday (The birthday of The King - Elvis). I usually plan my Elvis celebration but I have not done that! YIKES! What am I going to do? Who's going to bring the KFC and mash potatoes! I can not allow my children to loose their heritage by NOT celebrating (trailer trash-Elvis worshiping-Velveeta eating heritage, I'm pure pedigreed redneck)! I need to find an Elvis movie for viewing tonight! Must download the entire collection of Elvis' Greatest hits and a nice selection of tributes to Elvis! Must find polyester sequined and rhinestone pant suit to wear! So little time! Good Gravy - What will I do in such short time??? I'm not even sure I have stuff to make fried peanut butter and 'nanna sandwiches!!!

OK, yeah that's a little crazy... We really do 'Elvis Day' and usually do get KFC to eat while suffer through watching an Elvis movie.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Jack Frost

Can kiss my ass! It's freezing here! Oh... Well maybe he already has kissed my ass... Hence the icicles hanging from the cheeks! It's 26 degrees here. Ick. Brrrrrrr.... My toes are cold again. My cat is sleeping on a heating pad (no it's not all that cold in the house, my cat is sensitive to the cold that's all - read spoiled). OK, I'm off to go bundle myself in my quilt and drink hot chocolate.
Really Super Girl

Today was spent in utter chaos - well actually just the afternoon - and really only from 1:30 - 3:30 pm. I had wait that long in a room full of wild children to get Super Girl her shots. Short staff was the reason I believe for the torureous wait. The worst part is that some people of a certain ethnic group tend to NOT discipline their children. When we got there the group of wild animals... I mean children was bout 6 or 8 including the little people, they were in the area that had a large wooden box thing with pegs and beads and a chalk board thing the kids could play with. There were also two kid side tables and chairs back there also. The natives... I mean kids... Played relatively quietly for about 20 minutes then various helions... Kids... Started to run around the room - this included the little people. I grabbed the little people and told them in no uncertain terms what I would do to them if they did not quiet down and stop running. One other mother tried to deal with her monster (kid) but he really wasn't paying any attention to her and she wasn't being very consistent, so he kept running and screaming through the room. Fabulous. Eventually MORE people came and a few left, meaning MORE kids. Ugh. Two little boys were even more undisciplined than the other child (who by now had left). The parent of these boys did absolutely NOTHING - not even when they were standing on the table and at one time stomping on the table. I was getting pissed about this and was very near to grabbing both brats and giving them a much deserved ass-whipping. The little people by this time had been made to sit with me and taken out of the chaos and destruction - much to their disappointment. We finally got called back. Super Girl was up for shots - 3 shots. I had already prepared her for this by letting her know she was getting shots and yes they would hurt, but it would only feel like a pinch - a hard pinch and it would be quick. She was ready for her shots. She got the first in her thigh, no tears or anything. The second was in her left arm, again no tears - not even a flinch. The third one the nurse told me that it would hurt and to make sure and hold her arm still. Nothing, she didn't cry or whine or even say 'ow!' Not even tears in her eyes. The nurse was so stunned that she didn't cry, she said that she's never had another 4 year old get the shots and NOT cry. I was so proud of her. We went by the dollar store right after to reward her - she got a $1 pack of Barbie accessories (the ultimate gift for a 4 year old girl).

That really ended up taking a huge chunk from my day. I did get the dishes done and the living room straightened but I didn't get much else done. *sigh* I guess that's what tomorrow is for. Ugh.

Tired now, heading for bed early. Night all.
Brrrr..... Winter Weather...

WTF? Why is it cold now? Don't give me that "are you an idiot?" look, I'm asking a reasonable question. Saturday the temperatures got to 80 degrees and we turned on the air conditioner in the town house. Sunday it was about 60 degrees when I left for work, it was down to 50 degrees by the time I got to my second hospital an hour later and it was dipping below that when I got home at 1:30 pm! Today it was a frosty 23 degrees this morning and it's risen to a mere 35 degrees here at 11:30 am. The weather service predicts that the high today will be around 38 or 40 degrees. This is a trend that will continue with the highs in the 50's and the lows in the high 30's by the end of the week. Brrr. This is Texas! I don't like when the weather drops down this cold. I like my winters to be in the 60's with lows in the 50's - 20's and 30's is just to freaking cold!

Awww.. I'm just being a baby because my toes are cold.
Moo Moo Moo

I have the car today, so I had to drop hubby off at work. On the way back home Super Girl started singing to the cows in the fields (as I've mentioned a while ago, hubby works out in the middle of no where) - "Good morning to you, cows! Good morning to you cows! Moo, moo, moo, moo-moo!" So damn cute!
Man Trouble - Solved

I took everyone's advice and told this boy that I am not interested in him. I did it very nicely and he said there were no hard feelings.

Thanks for all the advice.