Friday, January 02, 2004


Alright I'm soliciting advice from people. OK, the guy that I met and thought he wasn't my type at ALL. Well he keeps trying to contact me - luckily I didn't give him my phone number, just an e-mail address. He REALLY liked me and wants to go out. I already said he reminded me of my brother (which is no compliment) in hopes that he would get the subtle rejection and not force me to tell him to get bent. It's not working. What should I do? I'm not yet ready to move to a new city and change my name and become part of the witness protection plan so something a bit less drastic is what I'm looking for.

What should I do? I don't want to be a total bitch, but I do want this yahoo to get the idea that I'm not interested in him.
Fabulous New Years Day Party

Yesterday was incredibly busy and incredibly fun. I got up before everyone else and checked my e-mail then got dressed and put some make-up on as I knew it would be far to busy of a day to get that done if I waited. The little people woke at 9 am! (the night before they went to bed very late after celebrating their cousins b-day at his house, Cabbage Patch got to go to Chucky Cheese with daddy but Super Girl had to stay home from that part as she was being a BRAT) I sent them up to immediately wake their daddy. Hubby stumbled down the stairs moments later still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he appreciated having the opportunity to sleep in - I said he was welcome, I had considered waking him at 7 am but had decided to let him sleep until the little people got up. By 9:30 AM I had him and Super Girl out the door with a list of things to get at the store as I headed to the kitchen to wash dishes and start the food preparations. It was nearly 11 am when he arrived home loaded down like a pack mule. Hubby headed upstairs then to start cleaning the upstairs bath as I got into full swing in the kitchen. When he finished that I told hubby to get the table cleared off and ready as I was running out of room in the kitchen for the food I had prepared. I had prepared the black eyed pea dip and baked a good luck Greek Coin cake the night before and had baked chocolate chip cookies while hubby shopped. I got the lentils and sausage started on a back burner and started warming the oil so I could fry the potstickers. The deviled eggs were quick to make as were the veggie tray and cheese and cracker tray. After I fried the potstickers I went to get the plates and plastic-ware out of the closet as hubby fried the corn chips for the queso. We had finished all the cooking and cleaning as our first guest arrived with drinks, ice, cups (something we had forgotten) and grapes. And our first guest was a tall dark haired man - I made sure of that as it's lucky to have your first visitor of the year as a tall dark haired man. I had already sent him and his girlfriend an e-mail explaining that they had better not be late and that Martin had to come inside before Angie. Well it was just part of the whole Lucky New Year Party theme.

Our next guest arrived shortly after the first two (who were right on time). We started playing board games and noshing. Our next guests arrived with their little boy about 3 pm. The girls were thrilled to have a little one to play with. They left after about an hour and a half and our final guests had still not arrived by then. They did call to say they were close and would be there soon. They had a busy day and Peter had lost his wallet so they were even later than they usually are. They finally arrive, we play another game and one of our guests says his good-byes. We play Guestures and the non-blond team beat the crap out of the three blonds. *snicker* Then it was time to put the little people to bed. We played a game that was called 'Talk Dirty To Me' or something like that. It's where you replace words in a story with suggestive words. It was amusing.

Our guests finally left at 11:45 pm! It was great! We have the most wonderful friends! I'm so tired today. *sigh* And... This is kind of funny... Wednesday hubby had rushed around to the Honeybaked store to get a ham for the party with a gift certificate he got from work (I had wanted him to get some smoked turkey breast but told him to get what he wanted) and guess what got forgotten yesterday? hehehe... Don't see any ham on my table! Oink!

Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Deck the halls with sows and jolly! La-la-la-la La La La LA!

That's what Super Girl is belting out at the top of her lungs right now. I had to stop her and ask exactly what she was decking the halls with, then after she sang it again for me I asked 'Sows?' uh-hu, 'And Jolly?' uh-huh. OK. I let her keep singing. Hubby stopped her and corrected her for some reason - I thought 'Sows and Jolly' worked just fine. Oink.
MOGU Loves You!

D - Mogu loves me more than you. :oP

My sister left her Mogu here yesterday by accident. I don't know if I'll be able to give it back to her now that I like it so much. Although after looking at the website and seeing how many different kinds of Mogu there are, I probably will. I want a Mogu. I want many Mogu.

D- I'm thinking the pink Mogu square pillow will be JUST like that pink pillow that I loved so much and lost in the fire... Now I have something new to obsess about.

Back to cleaning.
New Years Crazies

New Years is going to be crazy as well. Today is our nephew's birthday so this evening we are heading to Chucky Cheese for his birthday then to their house for the evening. Tomorrow we are hosting a New Years day party so I have to finish cleaning my house - and it looks like a freaking disaster area right now - of course, I have kids how else would it look after I spend half the day cleaning? *sigh* If my kids were super mutant super heroes (villains maybe?) their super powers would be chaos and disaster. I'm so lucky. Despite the fact that I'll be cleaning and cooking until the moment we leave for nephew's birthday and cooking and cleaning until people show up (1:10 or 1:30 pm - Hubby sent out the invite with a little typo hehehe), I'm looking forward to people being over tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

One More Thing That Pisses Me Off

People who make the comment that they wish they could claim their dog/cat/bird/pet as a tax deduction. And people who say that their 'PET' is 'just like a child to me'. I worked with a psychotic cat woman (she was my age, not some 60+ year old mostly recluse which was kind of odd). I love my pets but they are NOT like children, never have been and never will be. Only people who have never had children could say such absurd bullshit. I'm sorry that single childless people feel they get screwed over on taxes. Have these people ever stopped to consider all that goes into raising a child? Not just the money but the hours of effort. The reason that people with children get tax breaks is because WE NEED them, maybe not every single person NEEDS the breaks as much as some do, but the fact is that it takes money to raise children.

Pets are not children, so just deal with it. I swear I will bitch slap anyone who has the balls to tell me to my face how Fluffy is 'just like a child' to them. Fuck, get some therapy. Until I meet the person who had to endure 36 painful, grueling and exhausting hours to get said pet then have their pet taken to ICU for a week while you wait and watch hoping that every day is the lucky day you get to take your new bundle of joy home, have sleepless nights as you worry that they will die from SIDS the first few months, then have to get up with your new one every night for the first year, pay several hundred a month to have someone watch your little one while you are at work, have to take time off when your little one gets sick and have to take them to the Dr to spend even more money, get up several times at night just to make sure they are 'still breathing' because they have a cold, spend more money on clothes for them than you ever imagined spending on yourself... (OK Judy... Take a deep breath... ) Anyway... When I meet the pet owner who has done all that - I'll say "Yes, your pet is like your child." And even at that, they still won't be JUST like a child. I mean if my child gets sick, I sure as hell won't EVER consider putting them to sleep. If I get tired of my child I won't EVER consider taking them to the pound. And BEST of all, my KIDS love me much more than my cats will EVER have the capacity to. Kids are better than pets anyday. Not like Fluffy and Rover are going to take care of you when you get old.

OK, enough... I'm just ranting...

Monday, December 29, 2003


Hot Damn! That was so much fun! The game ended in a tie, but watching from a suite ROCKS! Hubby's company had catering in the suite, food, drinks, cookies and BEER. Fuckers who take tickets to events like this and don't show up suck. Several people took tickets and didn't show up to the game. Assholes. My sister could have gone with us. My brother in law would have sold his left nut to go with us.

Anyway - I HAD FUN!
Sick Again

WTF? I'm sick again. I've been having this stomach thing on and off since Friday night. I ended up not getting much sleep that night and thought it was just my reflux. I went to work on Saturday but felt not so great by the end of my work day. Hubby ordered us the BEST Chinese food on Saturday night because I didn't want to cook - he got me EXTRA spicy garlic chicken. Not the smartest thing for me to order, but I LOVE spicy Chinese food, I mean LOVE IT. This was so spicy hubby just tasted some of the sauce and absolutely refused to even touch the chicken. I was sweating just three bites into the dish, but it was soooo good. I had a glass of milk with me so I could cool down my mouth every so often then eat some more. I know it's crazy but it's like an addiction once I get this stuff. I ate all I wanted that night then had some for breakfast - it's even good cold! I had the rest for lunch yesterday. Ahhh it was good. I felt icky yesterday morning after I headed to work, but it passed and I worked the whole day. Later yesterday evening I started feeling tired then not feeling well so I didn't finish my dinner (chicken and shrimp gumbo for hubby). Now I'm tired again and didn't get a good nights sleep. My sister is an angel of mercy today, she happends to be in the area for work and came by with donuts for my kids for breakfast and has them with her for about an hour right now. Ahhh... Blessed peace. So I'm going to go nap so I feel good for tonight's hockey game.
Guess who's going to a hockey game tonight? I'm so excited! I LOVE hockey! I even canceled a date to go to this game.

The funny part of this is that when hubby told me that he had hockey tickets I didn't think they were for the Dallas Stars, I thought they were for the Frisco Tornados since one of his boss's has season tickets to the Frisco minor league baseball and hockey teams and we occasionally would get tickets to the games. I didn't even ask who the tickets were for, I didn't care, I enjoyed the last Tornados game. So I go ahead and cancel my date and we schedule for a babysitter. Then yesterday while hubby was talking to his sister-in-law about his nephew's upcoming birthday I hear him say we are going to the Stars game tonight. After he got off the phone I said to him that I didn't realize the tickets were for the Stars and not the Tornados. Then he tells me that not only are they Stars tickets, but that we will be in a suite watching the game! Woohoooo! Hell I would have taken tickets in the nose bleed section but this ROCKS! I'm so excited!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2003


Read This story on Denmark the worlds largest sperm bank! Ya know what that tells me? There are a LOT of lonely Danes just whacking off! What struck me as funny is that the donors "are paid $40.50 for each donation." $40.50 to whack off! Yikes! Here in Dallas a guy has to pay for his own trip to the porn shop 'viewing room' and get's no compensation for his *ahem* donation.

Actually it's a pretty cool article once you get past the snickering and giggling of picturing Danish college boys going into booths with naughty magazines to make 'donations'. Sadly lack of anonymity in many countries is killing this fertility solution for many people.
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
So Let Someone Else Do It For You!

Go HERE to check out this hilarious e-bay listing (it has bids too!)! D I thought of you when I read this - I could have charged you when I told your ex-hubby you wanted a divorce! ;o)
My Garden

My retarded tomato plant has finally bore me fruit!

Tiny but tasty fruit.