Tuesday, December 30, 2003

One More Thing That Pisses Me Off

People who make the comment that they wish they could claim their dog/cat/bird/pet as a tax deduction. And people who say that their 'PET' is 'just like a child to me'. I worked with a psychotic cat woman (she was my age, not some 60+ year old mostly recluse which was kind of odd). I love my pets but they are NOT like children, never have been and never will be. Only people who have never had children could say such absurd bullshit. I'm sorry that single childless people feel they get screwed over on taxes. Have these people ever stopped to consider all that goes into raising a child? Not just the money but the hours of effort. The reason that people with children get tax breaks is because WE NEED them, maybe not every single person NEEDS the breaks as much as some do, but the fact is that it takes money to raise children.

Pets are not children, so just deal with it. I swear I will bitch slap anyone who has the balls to tell me to my face how Fluffy is 'just like a child' to them. Fuck, get some therapy. Until I meet the person who had to endure 36 painful, grueling and exhausting hours to get said pet then have their pet taken to ICU for a week while you wait and watch hoping that every day is the lucky day you get to take your new bundle of joy home, have sleepless nights as you worry that they will die from SIDS the first few months, then have to get up with your new one every night for the first year, pay several hundred a month to have someone watch your little one while you are at work, have to take time off when your little one gets sick and have to take them to the Dr to spend even more money, get up several times at night just to make sure they are 'still breathing' because they have a cold, spend more money on clothes for them than you ever imagined spending on yourself... (OK Judy... Take a deep breath... ) Anyway... When I meet the pet owner who has done all that - I'll say "Yes, your pet is like your child." And even at that, they still won't be JUST like a child. I mean if my child gets sick, I sure as hell won't EVER consider putting them to sleep. If I get tired of my child I won't EVER consider taking them to the pound. And BEST of all, my KIDS love me much more than my cats will EVER have the capacity to. Kids are better than pets anyday. Not like Fluffy and Rover are going to take care of you when you get old.

OK, enough... I'm just ranting...

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