Saturday, September 20, 2003

Busy, Busy, Busy

So today turned out to be a fuck load busier than I anticipated. I got up early to take hubby to work so I could cash his check and deposit the cash in our checking account (I do this because our fucked up bank holds his check for 3 - 5 days otherwise - and that is baaaaaaad). Today hubby's boss didn't hand out checks at exactly 8 am as is his custom, but decided to wait 30 minutes to turn over the checks to desperate employees. And there I was... In the parking lot... In a small car... With 2 children... Who were not in the custom of WAITING.... By the time hubby got there both kids were whinny and I was searching my purse for a miracle tranquilizer or antidepressants - then I'd flip a coin to see if I took it or split it between the kids... sheesh. So we leave and head to cash the above mentioned check - at the same place as last time - the Oriental run donut shop/check cashing place. No shit from the clerk today and the kids were thrilled to get glazed donuts. I headed off to the grocery store that has a branch of my bank in it. It was about 9 am when I got there, guess what? The bank wasn't open yet. When I inquired as to the opening time I was told it was at 10 am. 10 AM!!!! A whole fucking hour! In the store! A whole fucking hour in the store with the little people!!! SHIT. We proceed to shop. We are hardly even halfway down the first aisle in produce and the little people are out of the toy car thing that is attached to the cart (why don't they have a large dog crate attached like that? One that only opens from the outside. Any store that had that would get my exclusive business) I'm already muttering threats through clenched teeth and counting to 10. Apples, bananas, oranges, cucumber, butternut squash, green beans and a tomato later we head to the next section - the beer and wine! I take an enormously long time browsing that section much to the little peoples distress, I even contemplated a bottle of cheap white zinfandel but ultimately decided to pass as I would be driving home after lunch and I really don't need another ticket . ;o) We FINALLY spend ONE hour in the store and the bank is open. I make it through the check out having only spent $30 in groceries for this week. Made the deposit and headed home. Sheesh. We get home a little after 10:30 am. Grr... Most of my morning wasted. Groceries put away, then I go searching for something for the kids to wear - this morning it was unusually cool for us and the little people were acting like the 63 degree weather was going to freeze them. Leave at 11:30 am to have lunch with hubby. We dine on delightfully greasy burgers. The little people are in awe of their $.50 jewelry purchased from the coin operated machines - you would have thought I had just given them something from Tifanys! By 12:30 or so we are headed home. A glance at the gas gage on the way home reveals that I'm in need of gas SOON. Ahhh great... And guess what, I've taken a wrong turn and am not exactly sure where I'm at. I figure since this is a major road it will hook up with something familiar soon - and for once I'm actually right. We get to the gas station a block from my town house and Super Girl informs me that she needs to go potty. Cabbage Patch is asleep. I tell her to hold it we will be home soon. I fill up. It takes maybe 5 minutes. I get in the car - she's wet her pants. *sigh* Home again. Cabbage Patch is again awakened and not happy. I put her in her bed for nap, she screams. Tell Super Girl to strip and get in the tub. I bathe with her (hey, I'm a mom... It's a common practice. I'd rarely ever get a bath if I didn't). When we get out Leila is still screaming. I go upstairs and see what the fuss is about. She stops. I head down to dry Super Girl's hair. It's quite funny to blow dry a 4 year olds hair - she was amused and intrigued yet terrified and repulsed by the experience. hehehe... When I'm done, Cabbage Patch is out of bed - no nap yet. Ok, fine, come on down. I start dinner, do laundry and suddenly it's after 3 pm! Where the hell has the time gone? I needed to get to the post office today! I get the kids dressed and we pick up hubby at 5 pm. Kids are whining. Back home for dinner. Change kids AGAIN. Head off to hockey game with brother in law, sister in law and nephew. Oh MY Gosh! That was so much fun! It was a Minor league team - the farm team for the Dallas Stars I think. The game kicked ass! 3 fights. The Texas Tornados won 10 - 2! The other team sucked ass - they must have been asleep. Many many hot men there to look at also. The kids actually enjoyed the game. A photographer took a pic of Cabbage Patch as she was trying to blow the big blimp balloon away - she was cute. When we got to the car after the game Super Girl tells me she has to potty. I consider telling her to wait until we got home - 15 minute drive, then I decided I'd rather not clean urine out of my car a second time today and asked her if she could squat down and pee in the bushes. She said yes she could - she was almost excited to do that! Hubby was MORTIFIED that she had peed in the bushes outside the mall (that's were we had to park since the parking around the arena was full) - hell it was worth haiving her pee in the bushes just for that reaction! We got home at nearly 11 pm - the kids were wiped out! And now.. So am I.


Thursday, September 18, 2003

Would You Like Fries With That?

My dearest nephew started working at McDonald's a couple of weeks ago. He's not to keen on working for the golden arches , but hey, they boy has to have a job. In an apparent attempt to show company loyalty to McD's my 'brilliant' blond haired blue eyed nephew did the ultimate. He colored his hair RED. When he left for work one day my sister said "Have a good McDay Ronald!" to which he angrily replied "I do not look like Ronald McDonald. I have a buzz cut." and left. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 'I have a buzz cut'???? As if that would make a HUGE difference in his resemblance to the famous clown. hehehe... I'm so proud of him for putting so much of himself into his new job - heck I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a tattoo on his arm of the McD's logo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Breakfast Club

hehe.. this was one of my favorite movies when I was in HS. Well all of Hughes movies, but THIS was the best.

john bender
Do I stutter?, You're John Bender, "The
Criminal", played by Judd Nelson, Rock on!

~Which Breakfast Club Member Are You~
brought to you by Quizilla

I actually thought I'd be the Alley Sheedy character, but Jud Nelson is much cooler than she was.

(yeah, yeah, I'm again at a lack of subject material for writing again... why do you ask?)

Monday, September 15, 2003

Fabulous Day

First I was whisked away in a fancy car, got to relax and sing along to the music while I was chauffeured to a wonderful dinner at a German restaurant followed by a decadent dessert. Exotic little presents just to make me smile then a luxurious massage and a stroll around the book store before heading back to my companions expensive ride and back home. Hmmm... I can't remember when I was pampered so much and wasn't expected to put out. My sister rocks! Yes it was my sister I was with and her expensive car, her kick ass sound system, she bought me dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, she bought me precious little knick-knacks, she paid for a massage for me at the book store and we did one of our favorite things of looking for books at Half Price.

I had a great day with my sister, she's very generous to me. We haven't been out shopping in a while and this was so much fun. I really needed a day out with her (and the little people) and I really really needed a massage! I had NEVER EVER gotten a massage before. Ahhhh... This was wonderful. It wasn't an entirely stress-free trip, I did have the little people with me (there was the trip to pick up D's SUV from the dealership and when I got Cabbage Patch out of her car seat I discovered that she had emptied her water in her lap, her shorts were soaked and she had a poopy diaper *sigh*, then the trying to order dinner at the restaurant and Super Girls' incessant whining - so much so that the waitress finally excused her self and promised to return in a few moments - I'm sure she was hoping that we would just leave and she wouldn't have to witness that scene again, and who could forget the screaming fits, the momma threats through clenched teeth and the sulking in the book store) - but it was a wonderful day. I wasn't at home doing laundry, cleaning the living room and I haven't even touched the vacuum all day long! :o)

Thank you D!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

More On Hope

Unintentionally I spent about an hour with Hope today - Hope that's what I'm going to call the African woman. I scheduled Hope as my last appointment of the day, I did that intentionally so that I would not be rushed with her and I could make sure that she had really good photos of her baby. I ended up spending so much time with her because the nursery nurses were being lazy asses today and would not bring Hope her baby. Hope is having some issues with her lungs and really can't walk down to the nursery to get her baby herself. When Hope's baby finally arrived an hour had passed that I had been in her room listening to her musical exotic voice as she told me about her country and herself.

Hope comes from Zimbabwe her husband was from The Ivory Coast. She has two other children - 7 and 8. Hope also has a masters degree. She hasn't been in the US for more than 3 or 4 years. She told me how lucky I was to be an American where there are so many opportunities but was baffled at the masses of lazy people who just don't want to work. Her husband works two jobs now, I think so they can save money to return to Zimbabwe and buy a house. She told me how the economy in her country is bad but that the American dollar is very powerful there, how one can go with $10,000 American dollars and buy a house there, buy a lot of things. She didn't want to return to Zimbabwe now though, she said that the current president is not good and does not think of the country enough. She said so many more things, I listened intently as she spoke, hypnotized by her accent, enchanted by her sparkling eyes.

When my time with her was finish I was sad that it was time to go. I felt as though I had spent time with a wise sage and was sad that my flawed human memory would not record every word that she had uttered. I left feeling thankful for being lucky enough to have been born in America with so many opportunities. I was thankful for my life and my health and I really really hope that Hope lives a long prosperous life.