Friday, November 26, 2004

Illustration Friday: Cling

This is how I seem to find most of my socks these days.

This is my very late submission for last weeks Illustration Friday: Regal

I was on my way to spend the weekend with XXX. XXX had a suggestion for Regal, which would have fit well, but might be a tad bit of too much information to be sharing. ;o)
Blogger Trouble

I'm not sure what is going on with blogger, I haven't been able to get to my actually blog page (and that of many other people as well). Very frustrating, I have photos of my delicious Thanksgiving dinner and a cute photo of Bea eating a pumpkin cookie piece.

Being Thankful

Last night before we ate (gorged on) Thanksgiving dinner Super Girl made everyone go through a list of what we are thankful for. She was funny, she would continue to prompt us "What else?" untill we finally told her we were done.

Here is my list:

I am thankful for my dear family, they support me when I need it and love me. What more could I ask for from them.

I am thankful for XXX being in my life, I never imagined love could feel like this. Thank you XXX for putting up with my crap.

I'm thankful for my dear friends and for the encouragement and support they extend to me. I am often humbled by the emotional generosity they have.

I am thankful for the opportunities before me and hope that I have the courage to take advantage of them and succeed.

Thats it for now, I need to get on to work.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Golden Nugget Squash

Recently I purchased the above mentioned squashed. It was something new to try and it was fairly cheap.

Last night I decided it would make a lovely addition to our steak dinners. Boy was I misinformed. It's not that it tasted bad or anything like that. To be honest I have no idea what it taste like at all. I could NOT cut it open. It is hard as a ROCK! At one point I asked K to come in and hold the squash so I woudln't end up cutting my fingers if it slipped. (HE DID!) After several minutes of trying to saw open the damn thing with a big serated knife, I finally set it aside for another day (when I could find my chain saw or at the very least a hacksaw).


I take back all the bad things I said about the hard as nails gold nugget squash. After cooking it's quite delightful. And how did I manage to cook it... well let me give directions on how to cook a Golden Nugget Squash.

First purchase one very hard golden nugget squash. Throw it at someone's head if you are you are uncertain of it's hardness. It should have about the same effect as throwing a coconut at someone's head. If not, look for harder squash.

Next head home with the intentions of makeing the squash for a quick addition to dinner.

Try to cut squash open with every cutting utensile in the knife drawer, briefly consider smacking it with hammer. Give up after a half an hour and only putting a small gash in the side. Put in fridge while muttering swear words under breath.

Day two, search the internet for how to prepare golden nugget squash and make sarcastic comments every time a recipe starts with "cut up squash". Find one vague reference to cooking the squash whole.

Place whole squash (with gash in side) in pan and bake in 350 degree oven until the small pumpkin next to it is fork tender (Hey, I needed to cook my pumpkin) which would be about an hour or two.

After pumpkin is cooked, remove pan and allow both pumpkin and squash to cool. Later, take large knife and start to cut open whole squash with gash in side. Be surprised at how easy it is to cut squash now. Remove seeds and add butter and salt to pulp, mix well and enjoy.

It's easy! :o)
Doing Like The Pilgrams

Except I have electricty, and running watter and I didn't have to kill my own turkey and I have a Thank-the-gods-for-this-invention microwave oven and instant potatoes (yeah, yeah, I know, burn me at the steak, I like instant taters). I do make my own pumpkin pie, right down to the crust.

This morning Super Girl and I have been cleaning the kitchen and making pumpkin pie. This is a landmark day for me. Today was the FIRST time that Super Girl was ACTUALLY helpful. Generally when the Little People 'help' it means that I have to watch and moniter everything they do and fix what doesn't get done. This morning was different, she actually did what was asked and did it right. We made pumpkin pie tarts together and she was a great help.

Cabbage Patch however was her usual 3 year old self, that is to say EVIL in a cute covering. I'm glad it's nap time for her as I'm tired of dealing with her constant argueing, hitting, biting and just being mean.

Back to baking.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I sometimes wonder if I only portray my love for XXX as purely sexual. If so I must appologize, it's simply not so. The sex IS fucking fantastic, but I was mad about him long before I drug him off for carnal pleasures. XXX is incredibly sexy, and he's intelligent - I go weak in the knees for a smart man, and if he's hot and sexy too, well I'm just a puddle. He's funny, so funny in fact he can make me laugh hard enough to make milk come out of my nose - even when I'm not drinking milk! A man with a good sense of humor is terribly important as I'm an incredible dork and say stuid things before my brain kicks in to stop the mouth. Laughter is almost as much fun as multiple orgasms. He's humble, arrogant men are as much of a turn off as stupid men. He's interesting, I love talking to him - and a man who is a good conversationalist is better than calorie/fat free Godiva chocolates (which don't exist, but they would be great). And most of all, XXX is just a great guy. I could go on for a while about what I like about him, but I know most of you are starting to feel light headed and nauseated already from the sickley sweetness of it all so I'll stop for now.

Anyway, it's not ALWAYS about sex with me. ;o)
The WHOLE Fucking Week!

That's how long Super Girl is off from school. It's day two of her break and I'm seriously considering suing the county for wasting my tax dollars that are supposed to be going to paying teacher salaries. I have never been more supportive of year round school than at this very moment.

Why does my kid get a whole fucking week off for Thanksgiving? I mean really. I don't recall ever getting a week off for Thanksgiving. Why do they need the WHOLE WEEK off? I'm looking forward to going to work on Thursday and Friday (and the weekend as usual).

Don't get me wrong I love my progeny dearly. I just don't see why one needs a week off right now. See screwing with the offsprings schedule is a disasterous proposition. As in my home becomes a disaster in a matter of seconds.

This is how my morning went. 7:20 AM I am awakened by the sound of Super Girl wanting breakfast. 15 minutes later Cabbage Patch joins us downstairs. I go to kitchen to make her breakfast. When both are eating I leave room (my first mistake) for a moment, when I return the tsunami of toys has over taken my living room floor. As I wade through the flood of toys and crap littering the floor I discover soggy Cherrios (with my bare foot no less) on the floor. 8 AM, breakfast is finish the requests for the clean up crew begins. 9 AM the requests continue. 9:30 AM the requests get more urgent. 10 AM the requests get more desperate (and angry). 10:15 AM my head spins around 7 times then pops off my neck and flies around the room like someone let go of an inflated balloon. When my head reattaches itself to my neck it's just an angry looking skull with flames shooting out of the eye sockets. The unearthly voice coming from the mouth is mine but sounds as though it's come from the very bowles of hell as I bark out orders and threats to the Tiny Terrorists. 'PICK UP YOUR DAMN SHOES!' is repeated more times than I can count but eventually the army of toys is beaten back and forced to retreat to their holding areas and every last scrap of damn paper is picked up off the floor. I was able to vaccuum and am pleased that all the sofa cushions are ON the couch. About the time I went to make lunch my skin returned to my skull and I extinguished my flaming eyes. Yes it really did happen that way, you're invited to the next incident, no flash photography please.

Things are back to normal for the moment but I'm still wishing they made Valium in a childrens chewable tablet.

On days like these occasionally I'm reminded that when Super Girl was an infant I had this insane thought of home schooling her. Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay now it's time for my first cup of coffe for the day.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Bragging Because I Can

Have any of you ever had such a fabulous and amazing experience that you just HAD to tell other people about it no matter how dorky it may make you sound? Have any of you ever found something you thought you lost and were so freaking excited that you just had to tell all your friends? That's what I'm doing. I had both happen to me simultaniously this weekend. I'm sure you are wondering what I'm talking about, sex, that's what I'm talking about, sex. If you don't want to hear about my sex life (even vaguely) then now's your time to turn back.

Not only is XXX so damn sexy I have to make a concerted effort to keep my hands off him in public, he's also funny, intelligent and incredibly talented. Luckily for me he's talented in bed. *sigh* Yesterday morning we had the most amazing and incredible sex, and in the process of that the G-Spot was found! See, didn't I tell you he was talented?!?!?! I'm not sure if I should have a bronze plaque made for him or just send him a thank you note. Now don't get me wrong, we always always have really really wonderful sex, but Sunday morning was so good almost a religious experience... actually maybe it was, I do recall calling out to a higher power several times... *sigh*

He makes a damn good breakfast too! Am I not the luckiest woman in the world.
Weekend Update

I can sum it up in one word - spectacular. *sigh* What a nearly perfect weekend. Wish it could have lasted a bit longer. It was great though, I'm sure I'll be smiling about it for quite a while I'm sure. I hope XXX's neighbors didn't mind the noise too much.

More details on it later... maybe. ;o)

Yes Man, I'm Going To Tell Him, He Can Use A Laugh

Oh but the bus ride home. That was something else. As fate would have it, I did not get my usual sleep time on the bus on the way home. Some guy smelling of cheap booze started hitting on me. He asked what I had been doing in the city and I told him I had been visiting my boyfriend a bit later in the conversation he asked if I was going to tell my boyfriend that I had talked to him and I laughed saying that I was going to tell my boyfriend that some drunk guy was hitting on me on the bus. He said "No man, don't tell your boyfriend I was hitting on you!" This of course did not stop him from hitting on me and asking for my phone number no less than 10 times (said like this "You're gonna give me your number right?"). He was harmless and relatively nice when he wasn't trying to make moves on me. Here are some comical bits and pieces of the conversation that took place on the long ride home.

Him: That's too bad.
Me: What?
Him: That's too bad you got a boyfriend and you're faithful to him.
Me: Yeah that's too bad for you! HAHAHAHAHA!
Him: Awww man, did you just say that's too bad for me?

Him: *putting arm around me*
Me: *removing arm from around me* I don't think so.
Him: My arm is just tired. *putting arm around me again*
Me: *removing arm from around me again* Your arm can be tired right next to you.

(after brief discussion on breast implants and how one can tell fake from the real)
Him: Are those real? *pointing at my chest*
Me: Hmm??? Yes.
Him: Can I touch them?
Me: What? No!
Him: Oh come on, just let me feel them so I know the difference.
Me: NO! You got 4 kids, I'm sure you've felt enough real titties in your life. These one's aren't for you. *pointing to chest* Property of XXX.
Him: That's not even funny. I gave you that line. (the property of line in an earlier conversation)

Me: *removing his hand from my leg*
Him: Oh sorry, I thought that was my leg *putting hand back on my leg*
Me: *removing his hand from my leg again* Uh no.
Him: But... *moving hand back towards my leg*
Me: *blocking his hand* Hands off.
Him: awww...

Heh. He wasn't a total pig the whole ride to Dallas, early on since he was drunk he kind of rambled on and mumbled a lot. I did a lot of laughing at him, which he didn't seem to appreciate but it didn't disuade him in the least from hitting on me nor did it make him want to move. Ah well, I guess I need to try harder next time.