Friday, November 19, 2004

C-Section Comments

I read this article about how more and more women are delivering via c-sections. I read the line where it said that c-sections are still uncommon and almost choked on my coffee. That is so not true I thought. C-sections are VERY common. I work in a hospital taking photos of newborn babies, I know who has had a vaginal delivery and who has had a c-section. C-sectons are NOT uncomon. Then I thought of something else, c-sections are almost the norm in one of my hospitals, about even split in another hospital and not done often at the other hospital. What is the difference? I'll tell you. Economics. The hospital that has the MOST c-section is in a more afluent area and a majority of thoes who deliver at that hospital are at least firmly in the middle class earning bracket, many are in the upper class earning bracket (professional sport personalities wives, CEO's wives, doctors, etc.). Rarely do I see women who are Medicade patiences. At the hospital with the even split I see mostly middle income families and lower income families with a few Medicade patients. At the hospital with the lowest c-section rate I see mostly low income families, imigrants, people from rural communities further out and a lot of Medicade patients.

I agree with the statements of the article that people seek control over their lives, but I also see how economics makes doctors more willing to offer c-sections for convenience. Kind of sad really. I'll keep the rest of my comments and opinions regarding c-sections and child birth to myself as I KNOW I would offend some who read this site. ;o)

I do love flowers. I try to grow some every year (usually unsuccessfully). I love being given flowers for any reason. Cabbage Patch gave me the bunch you see above.

This morning as I walked Super Girl to the bus stop one of her class mates called out her name and met her with a flower in his hand. She turned to me and beamed, he gave her the best kind of flower for a 5 year old - a perfect, fluffy wish flower (the dandilon seed thingies that blow away). I wish I had of had my camera at that very moment.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm Getting My Geek Card Revoked For Missing This

I totally missed that on the 15th D&D turned 30. As I've been telling all of my gaming friends for years and years, I am NOT a gaming geek, I just play the game and have since I was 9, but that does NOT make me a gaming geek, nor does the fact that I regularly attend AD&D games or that I have more than 10 characters on file or that I have a few characters that I have developed and played for a minimum of 5 years... that does NOT make me a gaming geek. I'm a part time gamer. I enjoy the company of my friends that's all.
Tonight's Message Brought To You By The Letter P...

As in P for PANIC. I'm leaving in less than 24 hours to spend the weekend with my sweetie (XXX) and I have nearly nothing done. It's time to panic. I haven't packed any clothes (probably won't need much though). Panic. I haven't packed the lingerie I plan to wear but won't even manage to put on. Panic. I haven't packed up my sex toys (don't worry, they WILL be going, even if nothing else get's packed BOB and Friends will be on this trip). PANIC! I haven't shaved my legs and they are really really frightening. Panic. I haven't done my illustration for Illustration Friday (although I do have a concept for something cool). Panic. I haven't EVEN started on the writing project that is now my hands as it's MY turn. PANIC!

*sigh* I let this stuff get to me, I swear I do, then I feel all stress and do things I don't mean to, like eat my Sacred Elvis Samich. Damn.

Well I have many many things to do, so I better get started.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wax On, Wax Off

I've been waxing recently, not poeticly or philosophically, but the depilatory type of waxing. It was that time of year once again, when it is necessary to eradicate my undesirable hair growth. Over the years I have discovered that waxing is the ideal way to rid myself of the thick black mustache and gotee combo I possess. (I'd opt for a more permament solution such as laser hair removal but I'm counting on the impressive beard to keep me employed in my silver years, carnival life sounds delightful and prefferable to a nursing home). I don't worry about the back hair as I have long hair that can cover it and in a pinch I can just braid it into my hair... heh... kidding... stop grimacing, I don't have back hair... yet... Anyway since I have a booty call, er, visit with XXX this coming weekend I felt it was an ideal time to get out the scalding wax, pour it on my skin and violently rip the whiskers out of my body. It's very relaxing. Cabbage Patch was quite interested in what I was doing and as she is just 3 she wasn't even remotely repulsed (like you probably are). After I had finished my mild torture session of which I have gotten quite used to, I had this brilliant (read INSANE) thought that maybe I'd just go ahead and wax my legs since I needed to mow them and the wax was still hot. Yeah, that's where my troubles began. YEARS and YEARS ago I used to wax my legs and at one time I had THE primo-bad-ass Israelie Torture Device - an Epilady (they were made in Israel - eh at least it was Kosher). I can't remember much of my Epilady sessions other than they hurt, I'd black out and somehow I'd end up with the smoothest legs ever. I lost that frightening device when I could not find some kind of battery adapter so I could carry it in my purse as a safety device - (I guarantee that any man would scream like a little girl, drop to their knees and cry if one were to slap an Epilady on any part of their hairy anatomy). But I digress, I've since had gall bladder pain bad enough to send me to the emergency room and I've birthed two children, one completly without medication in the back livingroom of my then home with her coming out feet first. I know pain. I wax other parts of my body, I figured this would probably hurt less than waxing my 'stache. Oh my arrogants would be my down fall. I painted my leg from my knee all the way down to my foot with a three inch wide strip of warm wax. My fingers ripped up the first piece of wax at the bottom and I swear I started to cry. My three year old was deeply concerned, patted my foot and said "It okay mamma. You be alright." I was up shit creek at this point, I had removed about an inch and a half of wax from the bottom and still had to get the rest off. I HAD to. I briefly considered leaving it and maybe my hair would grow fast enough for me to trim under the wax but then realzied that would not work as my sister was already on her way over. I steadied myself with several shots of tequila - kidding, kidding, I'm totally out of tequila and the beer in the fridge is what I imagine cat piss tastes like - and I ripped again. The next strip hurt so bad I felt as though I would pass out but I had to continue. More reassurance from my offspring as I tore off the rest, I felt dizzy and a out of breath, I was sweating and crying like a big baby. I swear I must have burned off quite a bit of bad karma just on that single strip of wax. I did not however continue my endevors to wax. By the time D arrived the swelling had gone down, I was breathing normally and I could walk straight again. I had survived the Deadly WAX unscathed - except mentally, I could swear I was having disturbing dreams last night of having my legs waxed by demented midgets.
Random Stuff (stolen from A)

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal......along with these instructions.

'The Stranger Beside Me' By Ann Rule

Ted Bundy became a paid work-study student at about the time I became a volunteer.

heh... I suppose I need to keep some porn near the computer, would sound much more interesting. ;o)
Pretty Damn Good Day So Far!

Today is turning out to be fucking fabulous! After an exciting day yesterday of runing errands with D and having her buy stuff for me and the little people (early Channukah)I was getting all in gear to visit XXX this weekend. That means cleaning and doing laundry and obsessivly going over my list of things (sex toys) to pack for the visit and rummaging through my lingerie drawer for the PERFECT thing to not wear. All was going as planned. Then D makes a few calls and move some things on her schedule so that she can take me to the bus early in the day and can watch the Little People. YAY! Right after we get off the phone I get a call from Albertsons. They have found my drivers license! After all that searching and calling it's been there the whole damn time. Fuckers. I called twice to ask if they had it and NOOOOOOOOO. Ahh well... No matter, at least it has been found now. The ironic thing... yesterday one of the places D toom me was to the DMV to get a new TX ID (my liscense is suspended for reasons that I won't go into on here as they totally piss me off and make my head spin... I'll save that angry rant for some other time). Heh. It's a good day so far.
Holy Samich

So here I was making an early lunch for me and Cabbage Patch and lo and behold what do I see on my freshly made cheese samich? A picture of some chick in a head scarf. I'm not really sure who it is, but the samich was damn tasty. ;o)

On the samich I was making for Cabbage Patch I could not believe the Holy image that showed up. ELVIS! She had taken a bite out of it before I could snatch it away and tuck it in a Tupperware container (packed with cotton balls). It's now sitting on my night stand. Hope I don't get hungry in the middle of the night.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

eBay Pulls Listing

For Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich! I can not believe them! I would LOVE to see that. I know that if I had a food item that looked like a saint I'd sell it! Unfair of eBay to not let her sell her holy sandwich. I'd like to know who bid $22,000 on this 10 year old sandwich.


Well it appears that eBay has decided that her listing is not a hoax and her samich is relisted. Place a bid on the samich!