Friday, September 05, 2003

And The Word For The Day... Unmotivated

That's me today. That's me for the past while. Well maybe not all THAT long, but for about a week or so... maybe a month. I don't know. I'm not really up for figuring out exactly HOW long I've been unmotivate. I'm also starting to slack off on thing. That really sucks. I prefer to be unmotivated but not slack. It's not major things - I still get up every morning and shower, I still cook dinner every night, I still clean my house, still changing my underware daily, it's just the little things. I haven't made my bed in ... eh... it's been a while... my bathroom counters are all cluttered because I don't put things away... And the laundry, I'm doing it, I'm folding it, but unless I walk right into my bedroom and put it in my dresser, it's just going to sit on the end of my bed until I wear it. The worst part is that I absoutly loath that I'm slacking, but I'm completly unmotivated to actually DO anything to change that. I mean I THINK about how I need to change it, but putting the plan into action just doesn't happen. And I...

Eh... ya know what... I'm not even motivated enough to finish this...

I'm going to go to bed now, who knows I might make it to the bedroom door, become so unmotivated I decide to sleep right there, and hate it but be too much of a slacker to move. eh... I'll let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Missed Class Due to Bridge Being Out

Has that ever happened to you? No? hmmm… well it happened earlier this week when I went to take Super Girl to her dance class – her first dance class of the semester. Ya see, we walk from our town house through the park to the community center where the dance classes are held. We have to pass over a bridge that crosses the creek that feeds into the lake, and that bridge is low – very low. So Tuesday I think nothing of the fact that it had rained here most of the weekend and most of Monday. We walk through the park and get as far as the bridge where I see water rushing over it. Hmmm…. Not having the ability to walk on water or jump from one side of the creek to the other I decide we would forget about the dance class and just feed the two rather large ducks that approached us as we walked through the park. These ducks are massive – I would safely guess they weigh 20 or 25 lbs. We fed them LOTS of bread and half a bag of stale microwave popcorn – we fed them so much that I was in fact worried that either or both of the ducks would pop at any given moment. After the duck gorging we headed home. Wednesday was the wedding. Today the dance instructor called and told me that we could come today and Super Girl could make up her class. YAY! It hasn’t rained her since Monday so I figure that bridge won’t be under water today. Off we go, leaving a bit early just incase my calculations of water height is wrong and we have to trek out to find an alternate route to the community center. Lucky for me I was correct, the water had receded and we could pass over the bridge. What I didn’t figure on was that on the other side of the bridge the sidewalk would be covered in mud. Deep, thick, stinking, sucking mud. The kind that you step in and it makes that sickly sucking noise when you pull your foot out – if it doesn’t completely pull you shoe off! I sent Super Girl over the mud first, I figured she was small and she could scamper across the mud relatively unscathed – I was right, she didn’t sink in that much. Myself on the other hand. As soon as I stepped in the mud my foot sunk down. *Sigh* And here I was pulling the stroller with Cabbage Patch in it. What fun. I think it took me 5 minutes to get up the hill with Cabbage Patch. We stopped for a moment so I could scrape the inches of mud off the stroller wheels and off my shoes. Umbrella strollers are NOT made for OFF ROADING!!! The good part, we made it in time for Super Girl’s dance class, the bad part – we had to go home that route. On the way back I managed to avoid the mud for the most part (it was possible going that direction but not the other way). Then we fed two different fat ducks a bag of corn chips – are they bad for ducks? I hope I don’t read about dead ducks at the lake tomorrow…
The Secret Of Parenthood – Don’t Laugh!

Last week I went to Wally-World with my sister. A trip to Wally-World is almost always traumatic just by virtue of it being a freaking Wal-Mart. Anyway, we were on a mission to find shoes for the little people to wear to the wedding (yesterday). In the kids department Super Girl was walking around and the effects of Wally-World had already sunk into her – in short she was being a little brat and not listening. She was hiding in the clothes and popping out. At one point she hits my sister. My sister tells her to stop and I tell Super Girl to come to me right now (in my best Wal-Mart mom voice). I tell her that she needs to apologize to her Aunt for hitting her. She starts arguing with me saying she DIDN’T HIT HER! I finally say she needs to apologize and that’s the end of it and she says “I’m sorry Aunt D for not hitting you.” I had to look away so I wouldn’t laugh.
Knocking On My Door

It's turning into bug central around here. This is the latest visitor to be hanging out on my door. I find it creepy, Super Girl was fascinated.

Tidy Bowl, It Works On Toilets & Toddlers

No no, I haven’t taken to bathing my children in the toilet… although… they probably would enjoy that… just not gonna do that. Last night after our return from the wedding and reception we were counting down the minutes until bed time for the little people. Hubby was on the couch watching a Veggie Tales DVD for the 100th time with Super Girl. Cabbage Patch was wandering around the living room watching the show as she pulled toys out, I was uploading the photos from the wedding and reception. At one point I looked over and realized that hubby was asleep so I look around to see what Cabbage Patch is doing. I see her in the kitchen standing on a stool messing with something on the counter, I ask what she’s doing, as she turns side ways I see that she has blue on her hands and think she has gotten into some paint. “Oh no! Don’t move!” I say as I head to the kitchen to clean her up. Upon reaching the little one I see that she has blue all over her mouth and on her hands and she does NOT have paint at all. What she has is one of those toilet tablets that turn the water blue. EWWWWWWWW!!!!! I’m dumbfounded that she would put that in her mouth – it has a rather pungent smell to it. Her little fingers are stained blue – luckily I could get it off her mouth. At least her breath is fresh now. ;o) (I’m kidding of course)

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Wedding Day

Well today is the day we are off to our friends wedding. I'm excited for them, they have been engaged for 2 years. I hope it's a nice wedding.... yet part of me hopes there's at least part of it that is horribly tacky and memorable. (I know, I'm a bitch) As I've said before, people really only remember the really tacky and appaling weddings. My own wedding is pretty much a blur... except... when my hubby dropped the wedding ring and we both said 'Shit!' lound enough that the people in the first two pews at the church could hear us... (Karma made it's way back to us years later when our oldest was learning to talk and learned to say 'Shit!'... and loved to say it at church) Friends of ours who have gotten married and had lovely weddings, well there's really not much to talk about. Mike's wedding - got nothing, it was lovely, D's wedding was lovely... but an uninvited guest made it quite memorable, a friend from church who had an enormous wedding... forgetable... I honestly can NOT remember much about that wedding, it was lovely, but nothing memorable, an old college friend of hubby's - oh yeah that was memorable - he married one of Satans daughters, she was a total bitch, one of the candles that the mothers were trying to light would not stay lit, people went up 5 times to relight that, then Daughter of Satan was a ice cold bitch at the reception, all of the grooms college mates got their revenge by throwing the groom in the air several times and catching him (I think it would have been better if they hadn't caught him the last time) pissing off Daughter of Satan to no end.

well I really should go, I need to gather clothing for the little people... and find something for hubby... he left today wearing to work what he planned to wear to the wedding. *tisk* *tisk* That man will NEVER get his gay card doing things like that. What would he do without me?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


My Cabbage Patch is a riot. She's got a glove on her foot walking around saying "Quack! Quack!" when I try to take it off her she pulls her foot away from me and says "Mine! My toes!" hehehehehe...
Divine Secrets

Last night we watched The Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I was surprised, I actually liked it. It reminded me of my family and of growing up with my mother... not the happy funny parts of the movie, the painful, angry, abusive parts. I almost turned off the movie at one point, the scene was just far to close to my own upbringing for me. I don't know if my sister has seen the movie, I am curious to know what she would think of the movie.

I liked the movie, but it left me feeling sad and angry. Sad because my mother had a lot of problems that made her act very badly and because of that she wasn't the kind of mother she should have been... she could have been. Angry because I was some what jealous that the ficticious family in the move had a happy ending, something that will never happen in my family. Don't tell me I'm being negative - I'm being realistic, or that I need therapy - been there done that, the reality of what is and is not possible in my family is all to clear to me.

Anyway - if you have a nice healthy family, watch the movie it will entertain you. If you have a dysfunctional, abusive family - watch only if you have been in therapy for a while or are starting therapy - otherwise watch at your own risk. Men - don't bother watching, it's a chick flick.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Kitty Dreams

One of my friends (L) posted that she dreamed about getting two kittens - a brown one and a black one. she speculated that the dream meant that she wants a cat, a dog and a husband (there was more to it, I'm just cutting to the end). eh, maybe. I dreamed about getting a brazillian wax last night. I remember there was someone there with me as I was getting it done, can't remember who - I think it was a man. So... what does that all mean? Does it mean I need to wax? Not really, I keep a razor in the shower for this. Do I secretly desire a brazillian wax? Maybe... There is a certain alure of not having to shave for about a month. I'm not really sure why I dreamed of waxing at all - I was watching Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla before bed - not sure how that translates into brazillian waxing. I really don't think there is much more meaning to it than some random thought going through my dreams, but hey if you think it means something - feel free to let me know.

To L: About seeking a dog and husband..... I got a dog a few years ago. I had wanted a dog for a while - so I thought. When we had a house after much talking I convinced hubby to let me have a dog. She was a 35 lb Sheltie German Shepherd mix. Nice dog. I soon realized that owning a dog was not much like I had imagined. I really didn't like owning a dog. I didn't even like my dog all that much. It was one of thoes situations where it looks really good on paper but doesn't exactly work that way in real life. And that's it. End of my little story. Just remember that when you consider getting a dog.... or a husband for that matter. Maybe you could borrow someones for a bit to get a feel of what it's like.... I'm talking about the dog L, the dog (althought getting a loaner husband can be worked out also). Good luck in your quest!

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Fish Speak

Super Girl just told me that Cabbage Patch knows how to speak Catfish. hehehehe... I have no idea where the hell she came up with that one.
Grave Digger

The last couple of days a new Dave Matthews song has been playing - 'Grave Digger'. It gives me chills to listen to it - today it came on as it started to rain. Great song - it's really really good like the stuff that he first came out with, ya know before he kind of sold out. I will have to check out the CD this is off.