Saturday, April 23, 2005

Friday, April 22, 2005

Have You Hugged A Tree Today?

Today is earth day. I'm not really sure what that means other than it prompted an arguement with my oldest this morning over what she was going to wear. Seems it's Spirit Day at school also and they were supposed to wear jeans and a red, green or blue shirt. This was something that was told to me just moments before we were to walk to the bus stop. Super Girl wore her blue shirt Thursday and doesn't even own a green one. As far as a red one... well we did manage to find the only RED shirt she owns. Super Girl is of the age of BARBIE and much of her clothing is in varing shades of PINK or PURPLE. Honestly I have no clue what Red, Green or Blue shirts have to do with Earth Day.

I did my part to conserve today. I conserved my energy by taking two naps. Yeah. I'm recovering from my illness though. I think I'll go finish my conservation efforts now.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Not The Way I Had Imagined!

I've been sick most of this day. K stayed home because he was sick, I started feeling sick shortly after Super Girl headed off to school. Thank goodness Cabbage Patch is basically a good little one because I spent the day on the couch or in the bathroom.

Somehow I've managed to have my home become Biohazard Central again. Cabbage Patch pukey on Monday, Super Girl being sent home for her rash on Tuesday and a trip to the clinic, then her home Wednesday just as a precaution and now both K and I are just really sick today.

I'm desperately behind now, I haven't managed to get anything done this week. I'm hope to wake feeling right as rain tomorrow and full of energy and motivation. Hopeing, hopeing, hopeing. Now I need to head back to bed to get a bit of sleep before I have to visit the bathroom again. Night all.
All Men ARE Created Equal!

At least according to this penis study they do.

My favorite part of the article... the last paragraph where it says " the penile size is not static." and "...this could spur yet another study." I wonder how I could get on that research team! ;o) kidding! Kidding! I'd spend all my time snickering and giggling. But I do wonder if I could submit my *ahem* independent study results to help prove the statement in the next to last paragraph... oh yeah baby... that's true!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stick Art

Yesterday while being tortured... er.. I mean waiting to see the doctor, I was stuck with an amazing and startling moment of creativity. I felt as though I had been revived more than if I had just chugged two Grande double shot espressos from Starbucks (with extra cream and sugar for good measure). What many people don't realize is that years ago (back in high school) I was a master of STICK ART. Yes, yes that was me, I know you are all amazed. You've had a master in your presence and you didn't even know it. It's okay, I prefer to be treated like one of you, just as a normal person. ;o)

Below are some of the master pieces I produced last night.

CSI Scene

A masterfully detailed crime scene complete with stick CSI.

Stick Jesus

At the request of the Little People. Stick Jesus, complete with sandals.

Stick Pope

And at the request of K, Stick Pope.

Enjoy. Feel free to suggest more Stick Art subjects, I plan to create many more Stick Art pieces. I know you are excited. ;o)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tell Me Something I Don't Know!

So we go to the clinic with Super Girl and she's diagnosed with... contact dermatitis from poison ivy (just what I said) and I was told to give her Benedryl (like I have been) and put hyrocortozone cream on her rash (like I have been also). So basically we wasted 4 fucking hours (clinic time then going to get some food because it was so late and we were fucking starving) to hear from the doctor that she has what I said she does and I'm doing what I should be. Fucking school. Now it still remains to be decided if she will go back to school tomorrow. I WANT her back in school tomorrow, oh do I want her back in school, but I just might get a high powered rifle and look for a bell tower to take aim from if I get another call from the school nurse about that damn rash. *sigh* deep cleansing breaths...

Odd Sightings

So last weekend at Scarby I was at the Iris and Rose show and I saw this guy who looked familiar and then he made eye contact with me and gave me a sly smile and then I recognized him as someone I had gone out with! Damn! I didn't say anything because I didn't really know what to say to my friend "say, look at the dude in the kilt. No not that one, the other one, no the other one.. yeah him, yeah I fucked him.. I mean we went out." Seemed slightly inappropriate for some reason.

Anyway... fast forward to tonight. We go to a local Italian place for dinner, right after we order Cabbage Patch has to go potty. So lucky momma get's the job. When I return to the table K is standing by the table talking to someone who has their back to me. I get to the table and see that it's R! We haven't seen him in months! And then I remember seeing the guy from Scarby and I think "This is totally fucked up, am I going to keep running into men I've slept with?" I think that for a while after R goes back to his table with his family and other friends then I look at the table and recognize a former nurse and a doctor (married couple) that I know from work! I go talk to them, they live across the street from R's parents and have know them for years. It was weird and then I figured my theory of continuing to run into men I've had biblical relations with was just a fluke and that I'm thankfull for that because that would just get weird. But R is so funny, he was like "you look great!" lyeing mutha fucka! I looked like shit! My hair is just BARELY clean, I had no make up on and I was tired. He's just saying that to see if he can get in my panties! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! He's going to have to work harder than that!

And now I'm tired. I believe I'll turn in early and worry about catching up on shit tomorrow.
Something To Make Me Smile!

Last night I submitted a sketch for some work I've been asked to do. It's something that the requestor wanted me to use my artistic vision for how it will look. The response to day was overwhelmingly possitive! I'm excited and now a little full of myself. ;o)
Death To Those With The Power Hose!

Gawd-damn! What the fuck??? The maintenance people (or whoever the imigrant looking people outside were) were washing the outside of the building with some kind of power water spitting thing. Part of the washing included the windows... including my window that is OPEN! They squirted water right in my fucking window! I'm fairly certain they realized what they did as they quickly shut off the equipment and moved to a different building. Mutha Fuckas! Making me wanna call imigration or something! DAMN it!
The Excitement Never Ends!

I sit here waiting for K to come home from work so I can run to school and pick up Super Girl. Seems the rash on her face is freaking out the teacher and the school nurse. I'll take her to the clinic later just to be safe, but a call to my aunt (a doctor) and my grandmother (a retired nurse) left me feeling pretty confident that it's not to serious. Although I may end up keeping Super Girl home tomorrow if she's still swollen, just so I don't get a call from the nurse.

*sigh* So now I'm off schedule by half a day. Luckily K is staying home as it would be pointless for him to go back then have to leave early again (we are going to take Super Girl to the clinic later just as a precaution and to make the school happy). K has promised to watch the kids so I can get some sewing done. YAY! One good thing, I did get to run down to my clinic and get my pills, which I might have had to wait to get as K was going to go to the ballet with B tonight. Sorry guys for ruining your date.

Must go, those kilts aren't making themselves! (which is actually good since I'm getting paid to make them!) I'll be posting photos later of the amazing process.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A Life So Glamorous That Robin Leach Calls At Least Once A Week!

This is how my day has been....

Alarm goes off at 6:30 am, get out of bed, K herds the Little People down the stairs to get ready. One look at Super Girl, my thoughts "Holy Shit! Her head is the size of a watermelon!" Damned poison ivy! (yes my darling child has gotten into poison ivy yet AGAIN!) After a brief consultation with K as to whether to keep her home or let her go to school, it was decided that I would give her the allergy medicine to bring down the swelling, put on the anti-ich cream and the stuff to keep it from getting all icky and we'd just send her on to school. Today was the class field trip to the zoo and she's been looking forward to this for weeks. So off she went. I wrote a note to the teacher that Super Girl's rash was from poison ivy, but she was medicated and would be fine. I still got a call from the school nurse asking if she would be okay to go to the zoo, I assured her that Super Girl would be fine. Then I finally get my coffee - sheesh!

Lunch time... mmmmm tuna melt... made lunch for Cabbage Patch, took phone call from someone from Friday party. Cabbage Patch fell asleep on the sofa. When she woke from her nap she said that her stomach hurt. Then she threw up on the couch. *sigh* Luckily it was on a blanket on the couch. Cats and toddlers... can't seem to vomit in a toilet. It was time to get Super Girl from the bus then. I got the following note in her folder:

Dear Super Mom,

Did you give Super Girl some medicine that may have affected her bahavior today? She threw a rock at the bald eagles! She also ran around and wouldn't stay with the parents and the class!

The Teacher

Yay. My kid throwing a rock at the bald eagle. Good one. I'm so proud. *eyes rolling up in head*

Back home, we are watching The Muppets Take Manhattan for the 20th time today when Cabbage Patch stands up and says that her stomach hurts. I ask if she needs to throw up to which she replies 'yes'. I tell her to go into the bathroom and throw up in the toilet. She goes, then comes back in the living room. I ask if she threw up 'no', ask if she still has to throw up 'yes' and then tell her adamantly to GO BACK TO THE BATHROOM! So she stands there and throws up... on the sofa... and the blanket... and the floor... and on ME! SHIT! She finishes her Exorcist impression and I cart another bundle of clothes to the washer. And curse K for being the one with a full time job, I would so rather have been the one to HEAR this story rather than tell it.

The rest of the evening was a blur of making dinner, bathing kids, sending one off to bed early and contemplating why I would get thrown up on twice and still get $10 in the mail for testing crappy shampoo. Karmic balancing of the stranges sort.

I suppose my Saturday night Chinese food fortune sumed it up perfectly though:

You are an adventurer - traveling on the highway of life.

Let's just hope tomorrow's travel doesn't involve vomit or evil children.
Scarby Photos Weekend 2

The Captain And Me

The Captain And The Ladies

Me blinding everyone with the glare of the sun off my super white boobs.

Most of The Crew

I think we took this photo 3 times.

Checking Out What's On The Horizon

Hmmm... No wonder the captain is always got a smile on his face!

It Finally Happened!

Everyone told her she'd put someone's eye out with one of those!

It was a quiet weekend but much fun! Go see the other photos in my album!

Other things...

What a weekend! Damn it was fabulous! The party was too much fun! I didn't get home until 5:30 am. Then I got an hour and a half of sleep and headed to work and of course I had to work a LONG day - I didn't pull back in to home until 5:30 pm. So I was TIRED. Thank heavens for Chinese take out!

Sunday I got off work at 12:30 pm and headed to faire! Woohoo! (see pictures above) I eventually bumped into my friends. We took crew pictures and chatted for a bit. I'm not sure why everyone was sooooo interested in my necklace. People kept pointing to my neck and saying "What's that?", my goodness people, you've all seen my charms before! ;o)

I was going to go to dinner with the crew BUT they left me! Whaaaa! No biggie, it's not like my hips needed another couple of enchaladas to make the wider.

Whew... what a weekend!