Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Copping Out Yet Again!

The Marry-able Muse

You scored 57 Wildocity, 63 Goddessilicious, and 53 Mynxmastery!

You have a wide range of muse qualities my dear.. You are free
spirited, comfortable with yourself, a touch naughty when the mood
strikes, and an all around well suited dream girl.

Sadly however, you are too balanced too really drive an artist to
frantic heights of creation and inspiration. You most likely need to
either feel a 'connection' with your artist, or be otherwise in control
of him, such as through marriage..

You likely feel just a little weird doing anything risque, and constantly ask silly questions.

I really honestly wish I could break it to you more gently, but
alas, tis not to be so. Here's my phone number though, in case you want
to give it a try anyways..

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 0% on Wildocity
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You scored higher than 99% on Goddessilicious
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You scored higher than 0% on Mynxmastery

Link: The Ultimate Muse Test written by greenpaintbomb on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

SO yeah, sorry, it's just a stupid quiz, but I'm fucking sick and I have a ton of things to get finishes. In fact I shouldn't even be at the computer right now, but I feel like crap and I'm hoping the medication I took recently will kick in and take me to blissed oblivion (sleep). Heres hoping that I'll be feeling better by Friday. TRF while feeling like this will SUCK!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Long And Winding Post

So here I sit sipping a cup of green tea and willing myself to NOT get sick. I’ve already got a fever and a scratchy throat, but I’m kind of chalking that up to maybe staying up to late last night and allergies. I can’t get sick, no time. Cabbage Patch is still coughing and intermittently has a fever so maybe me being her maternal being; I’m getting sympathetic symptoms due to my not being able to adequately express my guilt over my inability to keep her well. It could happen!

I’ve made macaroni and cheese from scratch, that’s what’s for dinner tonight. Well not JUST macaroni and cheese, but that AND a whole slew of veggies, hell I’m not going to let my kids skip the veggies and come down with rickets or something. Okay, whatever, stop looking at me like that, you know I have a fever.

Cabbage Patch has two new favorite movies now. She has to watch them both EVERY day. I only once though. Princess Bride (which I love) and Mars Attacks! (which I love also). Mars Attacks! Is the absolute favorite of those two. This brings a tear to my eye as my favorite movie at her age was Godzilla (any title), so it’s nice to see my corrupted genetic contribution to her make up has made her fond of cheesy monster movies (she loves Godzilla too). “We come in peace. Do not run.”

Cultural Diversity

The end of this week Super Girl’s class is doing a holiday food sampling where in they sample traditional foods that are made in the families of her class mates. Obviously I’ll be packing some Chanukah foods for the class to sample. My real issue now is what to pack for her? Chanukah being the Festival of the Oil dictates that we make food prepared in oil, as in fried… deep fat fried. *sigh* Traditional food for Chanukah is latke’s (potato pancakes), but honestly they taste like ass if they get cold (the zucchini ones taste good cold though), and well… Super Girl doesn’t like them (picky, picky child). I’m overly sensitive when it comes to my cooking so the thought of 30 or so 6 year olds turning their noses up at my carefully prepared latke’s makes me cringe. So donuts it is. I made donuts last year for Chanukah (a couple of days at least) and though I vowed last year that it would be the ABSOLUTE LAST time I deep fat fry anything instead opting for a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and a bag of potato chips, I will in fact break that vow and fry up a batch of donut holes in the name of cultural diversity. And so help me if even one of those little brats complain about my donuts, I’ll… just cry like the baby I am. Of course now I have to wonder if we need to include something representative of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ members of our household? Maybe fluffy rainbow cupcakes? Fairy cakes? Cream puffs? I’m at a loss here.

6 Chips

Last night I dropped off some fabric to Lerxst and consulted with him about a project he’s working on. When we left (I took Super Girl with me), Sable gave Super Girl two fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies – one for her and one for Cabbage Patch. Super Girl dropped one as she got in the car but quickly recovered it (3 second rule). Upon arriving home, I discovered that the one that was dropped was broken and was missing a piece and attempted to explain to Super Girl that she would have to share part of the unbroken one with her sister. You would have thought I told her I was going to poke her with a red hot iron. She started screaming about how she could not share the unbroken one as it had 6 chips. WTF? 6 chips? Negotiations broke down and she was sent to bed sans cookie. Then I ate the cookie. Just kidding, but I WAS tempted to eat it instead of pack the damn thing in her lunch to surprise her. See, I am a good mother!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Take the quiz: "What Historic Woman Are You?"

Deborah Sampson
This woman is amazing. During the American Revolution, she disguised herself as a male soldier and ran off to fight against the British. After she was found out by the great General Henry Knox, she was given an honorable discharge and a pension from the military for her brave work. You are strong, loyal, and always fight for what you believe in. Go you. Learn more about Deborah!
Random Thoughts Between Appointments

Letters In My Head

Dear Mr. Security Guard;

It is well known that most women love a man in uniform, but let me clarify - the whole uniform thing works for military men, police officers and firefighters (HOT!), NOT rent-a-cops, grocery store workers, mail delivery persons (USPS, UPS - ick!, FedX, etc.) or food service workers.

Despite the fact that you are fairly handsome, you are unappealing to me due to the fact that you think you are HOT - there by making me fight the urge to kick you in the nuts every time I see you.

Just because you carry a flashlight and a walkie-talkie it does not make you cool or prestigious - hell I have a flashlight in my purse and a cell phone in my pocket!

In conclusion, I would appreciate you not trying to make passes at me any more, I'm quite certain your valuable time could be used to a more productive purpose such as making sure all the doors are locked/unlocked and telling people they can't park in the loading zone.

The Bitchy Chic With A Camera

Dear Mom With Not So Pretty Child;
Your baby is ugly. I'm sorry, but it's true. Your husband is ugly and stupid. You should not have spawned using his DNA contribution. The picture was good, very good even, but I can not work miracles and make your little missing link look cute. Don't worry though, most kids grow out of that and look human soon. As far as your husband, that's nothing a divorce or cyanide can't fix.

Good luck!
Speaking The Truth

Dear Obnoxious Mom With Equally Obnoxious Kids;
You really should keep those kids on leashes when you are in public. The waiting room of a hospital maternity ward is no place to let your kids scream and run and jump off the furniture. I could hear your little monsters screaming all the way in the OTHER wing. You should know better, you work in THIS hospital... Shame on you. Though I was DEEPLY impressed at how you started actually WATCHING your children and telling them to not climb up so high AFTER I had been there for 5 minutes - though not telling them to quiet down. (eyes rolling up in head) They really are cute kids, it's just sad you are letting them develop such bad manners.

I suggest to muzzle them.

Duct Tape works well too!

Dear Mother Nature;

Why did you go through all the trouble of making it all cloudy and dark most of the day yesterday, thereby giving everyone false hope of rain? *sigh* We'd ALL like some rain, please send some.

I Wanna Wear My Rain Boots

Dear Juan Valdez;

I think I love you, no I just love your COFFEE! I've had WAY too much coffee today and I'm BUZZING! Woohoo! It's fun. I could have fun just sitting here looking at my finger nails right now. :o)

I'd like to marry you Juan, just kidding, I'd like to marry your coffee plants though.

Sweet and Light, with an Extra Shot!