Thursday, June 23, 2005

Public Announcement
Toobing Trip!

Now hear this! I am getting ready to leave to go have a kick ass time toobing, drinking, getting sunburned (hopefully not) and just having fun. That said, I OBVIOUSLY won't be blogging! But... I will take a moment from my debauchery to think of all my poor friends who are not with me. I promise to raise a Jell-o Shot to you. ;o)
Impressive Wingspan

Someday, mine hope to grow up and be just like Shaz's!

Toobing Trip!

Currently I'm making pounds of pasta salad for this trip while stressing about every other tiny detail and trying to get things done so I can get packed and fighting off my guilt feelings of leaving my family for the weekend while I head off for some drunken fun with my friends.

This trip is going to rock... as long as I don't have a panic attack before I leave!

Work News

K is out now on a job interview, tomorrow he has another job interview and just a bit ago he got a call regarding his resume, presumably to set up an interview. Last night in speaking to Whysper, I discovered she works for a company that does crap that K is probably qualified to do AND they have 7 openings they are hireing for. I sent K's resume to her as soon as I got home last night.

SO.. the job search seems to be going along. I'm still seriously stressed about all this and hope that he gets a job RIGHT NOW.

I also applied for a job. No it doesn't require me to say "Would you like fries with that?" or ask anyone if they would like to supersize anything. It's a photography position. We'll see what happens. Otherwise I'll be asking people if they'd like paper or plastic... well that all depends on how things work out with K's job situation. But enough about that! Send good job vibes our way.

Seriously Though

I got a call from my father today. Things are not so good for him right now. His wife is having some major depression issues and recently has been threatening to commit suicide. Last night he stayed up most of the night because she had threatened to use his shotgun to do it. He took all the bullets from his guns and put his guns and ammo where she can't get anything. Nothing is more destressing and guilt inducing than listening to one's father cry on the phone. *sigh*

My father is on disability due to heart ailments and my step mother doesn't have insurance with her job. If anyone in the Houston area has any suggestions on where she could go to get some assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. I spoke with Mystic this morning and she gave me a few suggestions. More is always welcome.

Any thoughts/prayers/etc. you'd like to send his way, please do. He's my dad and I love him very much, any actions taken by his wife will directly affect him. Thanks in advance.

Pasta Time!

Well I best get back to making pounds of pasta and stressing! Woohoo! This tubeing trip is going to rock! Just wait for the photos.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That's a Wrap!

What is a taco? Webster's dictionary says:
Main Entry: ta·co
Pronunciation: 'tä-(")kO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural tacos /-(")kOz/
Etymology: Mexican Spanish
: a usually fried tortilla that is folded or rolled and stuffed with a mixture (as of seasoned meat, cheese, and lettuce)

and says:
n. pl. ta·cos

A corn tortilla folded around a filling such as ground meat or cheese.

What is a wrap? says:

4. A flatbread, such as a tortilla or lavash, rolled around a filling.

Webster had no listing for a wrap you'd eat.

Hmmmm... Okay... I sent K out to fetch tacos a few weeks ago. He got me my usual, soft taco, which is neither corn tortilla nor is it fried - is it still a taco? or is it a wrap? I had lunch with friends a couple of weeks ago and got the crispy chicken something-or-other wrap. It was in a tortilla and it was at a Mexican restaraunt, was it just a crispy chicken taco?

To further confuse:
What's a burrito?
Webster says:
Main Entry: bur·ri·to
Pronunciation: b&-'rE-(")tO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -tos
Etymology: American Spanish, from Spanish, little donkey, diminutive of burro
: a flour tortilla rolled or folded around a filling (as of meat, beans, or cheese) and usually baked

and says:
bur·ri·to Listen: [ b-rt, b- ]
n. pl. bur·ri·tos

A flour tortilla wrapped around a filling, as of beef, beans, or cheese.

Okay... K got me a burrito go go with my soft taco. The burrito was tasty, but it wasn't baked. My taco wasn't baked or fried and neither was my wrap. All three that I got had a tortilla wrapped around a filling. Were they all the same??? Is it all just some nefarious marketing ploy to make people buy food?? What the hell am I eating??? Maybe I'll just have a bean samich' and call it lunch.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Pop Tarts For Breakfast

Pop Tart

As I chatted with The Wife yesterday morning before work, I was amused to discover that Bert and Nick* would be bringing Captain John Pop Tarts for breakfast. K got Pop Tarts for breakfast also. I wonder how many dad's got Pop Tarts for breakfast? For Mother's Day I got scrambled eggs, toast, a big bowl of cereal and milk, coffee and juice. I didn't eat it all, I let the Little People have the cereal. K got Pop Tarts still in their foil package, brought to him on a plate by an excited three year old who kept yelling from the kitchen that 'You got Pop Tarts!' despite being shushed and told it was a SECRET. I think he enjoyed his breakfast.

Due to the increased levels of stress in this household from K having lost his job last Thursday, K did not sleep in on Sunday and was up well before the Little People, effectively ruining my plan of having the offspring surprise him with breakfast in bed.

(Slight break in post - my oldest, the 6 year old who was just sent upstairs to dress after a bath, just came down the stairs looking more redneck and white trash than I believe I could have even planned for her to look. She's wearing a denim jumper with a white wife beaterish looking shirt underneath and the effect is completly distrubing and comical. Ahhh gotta love it when the redneck, white trash genetics rear their ugly head.)

Other than that, Father's Day was completly uneventful. I went to work, the Little People went with their father and Mr. B to church, later K called his father like a dutiful son and I like the neglegent daughter did not call my father as I could not bear to have a guilt trip from my dad. Yes, I am bad.

Well off to clean house, worry about finances, list stuff on e-bay, sew and extort money from weathly relatives (like I have any).

*Bert and Nick are CATS.