Friday, March 30, 2007

Puke Fest 2 - The Sequel!

Did I say I thought this kid was getting better? I should know better than to tempt the fates. She just puked again. It's the first time today, but still... it's puke and it's again. Luckily this child is not as dramatic in her sickness and I have rarely had the sudden thought that maybe I should take her to the hospital. Still... I'm tired of being the mom right now. I am tired of cleaning up puke and washing towels.

I need a drink. And a vacation with hot sexy people waiting on me hand and foot. I'll settle for a nice cup of coffe right now.
I've been TAGGED!

I was tagged by the lovely Ash.

Five things you've never revealed on your blog, and then tag five people!

1) My middle name is Lynn and I hate it.

2) I have the worst taste in music. I mean HELL I love Barry Manilow! After all, he writes the songs that make the young girls cry… he writes the songs, he writes the songs.

3) I’d love to be an illustrator of children’s books but I’m very insecure about my artwork and I doubt anyone would want to own it. I’m insecure about my sewing as well.

4) I love my cats but I wish I didn’t have them any more.

5) I’d like to file for the big D very soon.

Now for the TAGGING.
I tag no one and anyone! Do this if you’d like – I would enjoy reading your answers if you feel like doing this.

On to other things, Super Girl seems to feel better today but lethargic. It appears that the actual Puke Fest part Deux was just last night as she hasn't vomited anymore today. Super Girl bounces back from illness much quicker than her sister (no what's that shit about breast fed babies being healtier? This one was my formula baby!). I'm cautiously optimistic that she's nearly over this.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

When It Rains... Someone Pukes.

Isn't that how it goes? It's not? Well that's how it SEEMS to go at Casa de Karmically Challenged. Super Girl just started puking. One week after Cabbage Patch started her own puke fest, we are back at it. What did I do in my past life to deserve this?!?!?!?!?!

So ANYWAY... Anybody wanna come over for Puke Fest Part Deux? Can't guarantee her head will spin or anything, but I'll bet she can do that Linda Blair/pea soup thing. ;)
A Moment Of Silence Please...

I regret to inform you that after a brave showing that the cupcakes are no more. I too am saddned that their sugary goodness has left this moral coil. Their departure has left me with a great void in my life. The day seems a bit darker and slower without my sweet friend. Poor cupcake, I knew him well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Madness of Dreams

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that has clung to my brain like a sock sticking to a sweater fresh out of the dryer (hmmm… note to self, need to buy dryer sheets) and because it was so interesting (and by interesting I mean fucking bizarre) I felt the need (compulsion) to share it with you.

I was in a department store buying sheets for my bed – which is odd because every single bed in my home has at least 6 sets of sheets for it, no kidding 6 sets of sheets, it borders on obscene. And in the dream I KNEW this yet I stood there with my dream shopping companion debating thread count and cotton type when up come two people – a man and a woman. Apparently I know these people and we chat for a moment, they say something about needing a disguise for something and I’m all “Whatever, I’m buying sheets.” They go away and return shortly in disguise. They look like they came right out of that Dick In A Box video (not appropriate for work) except the girl was done up like the short dark haired guy in the video and it was way obvious that it was a girl dressed in drag – bad drag. The guy looks at the girl and says “Oh yeah, since you are making me do this, I am going to make you go out in public dressed like that.” Then they left the store and I woke up thinking “WTF? Was that Justin Timberlake?” (yeah it was).

Yeah, I know, that made no sense. Your welcome, have a lovely day.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Step One: Batter in the pan.

Step Two: Fresh from the oven.

Step Three: FROSTING!!! YAY!!!!

Watch It! I’m In A Mood!

Luckily it’s a GOOD one. So if you encounter me I’m liable to hug the breath out of you or tell you how cute you look in that shirt today (no really, you look amazing in that. I’ve always liked it. Every time I see you in it I have the urge to lick you. Hmmm? What? Where are you going? I haven’t finished making your cup of coffee. Oh fine, go if you must, you and your tasty shirt!) Yes despite having read the news this morning, having just dealt with 3 days of puking and now being 3 and a half days behind on my crap, I’m still in a GOOD mood. Not even knowing that I have laundry to fold and three more baskets of laundry to wash and dry can dampen my mood! In fact going into the newly cleaned laundry room makes me smile and want to dance with joy! Though I’ll just smile and refrain from the dancing – not much room in there, wouldn’t want to knock something over and make a new mess. Not even looking in the mirror and seeing that my hair looks like the ass end of a llama (a Peruvian long haired llama at that) can depress me (just made me think of knitting a sweater for some reason). I’m not going to let anything knock my mood either – I probably won’t even answer the phone today. I might even change my message to say “Hi, I can’t take your call today because I’m happy and I don’t want you to piss in my Wheaties. Leave a message and I probably won’t call you back.”

Wow, what a great day! I highly recommend that everyone start their day off with some kind of alcoholic beverage. (Oh don’t give me that look, you know I’m lactose intolerant, what else am I supposed to put on my Cheerios? They turn all cute and purple with a good merlot!) And now I’m off to make some coffee and cupcakes! Yes, yes, I am making cupcakes – I’ve had the urge to make cupcakes since Friday so this really crazy good mood has been just waiting to burst forth as we all know that cupcakes (the frosting that is) makes me just a wee bit hyper. I’ll be back later when the sugar buzz is well in place… unless of course I’ve decided to paint my bathroom cabinets… again (don’t ask) or maybe I’ll get on that whole lacquering the cats project. So I’m off! And honestly, you look fabulous today, no I’m not kidding, you do… in fact if you were here I’d probably make out with you while the cupcakes bake. Hmmm? What? Did I say that out loud?