Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Madness of Dreams

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that has clung to my brain like a sock sticking to a sweater fresh out of the dryer (hmmm… note to self, need to buy dryer sheets) and because it was so interesting (and by interesting I mean fucking bizarre) I felt the need (compulsion) to share it with you.

I was in a department store buying sheets for my bed – which is odd because every single bed in my home has at least 6 sets of sheets for it, no kidding 6 sets of sheets, it borders on obscene. And in the dream I KNEW this yet I stood there with my dream shopping companion debating thread count and cotton type when up come two people – a man and a woman. Apparently I know these people and we chat for a moment, they say something about needing a disguise for something and I’m all “Whatever, I’m buying sheets.” They go away and return shortly in disguise. They look like they came right out of that Dick In A Box video (not appropriate for work) except the girl was done up like the short dark haired guy in the video and it was way obvious that it was a girl dressed in drag – bad drag. The guy looks at the girl and says “Oh yeah, since you are making me do this, I am going to make you go out in public dressed like that.” Then they left the store and I woke up thinking “WTF? Was that Justin Timberlake?” (yeah it was).

Yeah, I know, that made no sense. Your welcome, have a lovely day.

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