Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll Be So Sad When Mardi Gras Is Over!

I'm absolutely loving making all the colorful cakes!

My other Mardi Gras cake (look down a couple of posts) sold really quick. Maybe this one will last a few days, I think it looks amazing in the display case.

I have so much to do tomorrow - 15 cake orders, most of them specialty cakes, are sitting on my table. I feel like I should have stayed and finished half of them or something but I had to leave - those meddling kids need me! Er... um.. I mean my kids need dinner! Sorry... too much Scooby
these days.

Main Entry:
dis·ap·point Listen to the pronunciation of disappoint
Middle English disapointen to dispossess, from Middle French desapointer, from des- dis- + appointer to arrange — more at appoint
15th century

transitive verb : to fail to meet the expectation or hope of : frustrate intransitive verb : to cause disappointment.

Things that disapoint. The weather peoples had suggested there would be ice this morning. Ice would suggest that most business (such as school) would be closed today as Dallas would be paralized (as usual) by the ice. It's 7:24 AM and there is no ice, meaning there is no paralisis, meaning SCHOOL IS STILL HAPPENING! Guess who is disapointed about the lack of ice? It's certainly not me (I have my own reasons for being disapointed), the only time I'm disapointed by a lack of ice involves a beverage and a hot day.

Well I have to get ready for work also, enjoy your no ice day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Third Time Is A Charm

Last night I baked my third and final attempt at the PERFECT chocolate cake for this contest. Thanks to my sweetie, Sarge, who gave me the recipe to use - I made a couple of small changes to make it all mine. And here is the result:

Oh the icing was soooooo good.

Mmmmmmmm chocolate cake....

I actually thought I fucked up the cake because I didn't put it in the right size pan. What can I say, I've never been good at math! After cooking it for an extremely long time last night I just stuck it in the fridge and went to bed quite despondant about the cake as I had already vowed that the third try would be my final attempt to get this thing right - ADD makes life fun, I was already BORED with this and fearful that continued cake trials would result in the 16 lbs I lost last year rejoining the firm so to speak. But the fates have an odd sense of humor, this morning I retrieved the cake and upon freeing it from it's springform prison I discover that it was not RUINED as I expected, but that it was GOOD... no, not GOOD... it was PERFECT. I could barely contain my elation as I spread the chocolaty goodness known as chocolate buttercream over the fabulous cake bringing it from amazingly good to near godlike. Yes a rich chocolaty diety, something all fat chicks could worship. mmmmm... worship never tasted so good!

On to other things... CAKE!

Ah yes, the season of Mardi Gras is upon us!
WTF is up with the baby being GOLD though? That's so freaky looking.

And now for something completly insane:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attempt 2

Well last nights chocolate cake was a dissapointment. It was still a good cake, but not the taste I'm looking for and my attempt at making the cake a tad bit moister just resulted in the cake kind of falling apart. Two out of three of the taste test team though it was great, but they are also under 10 years old and think anything with a high sugar content is fantastic. The over 40 crowd (teehee, I'm calling K a CROWD) tended to agree with me that although it was quite tasty, it wasn't just right. So... one more night of testing, I'll get an extra opinion from Sarge on Wednesday and then I may very well be at the END of my chocolate cake baking endurance. Who knows.

Scout Stuff

Just a reminder to all that Girl Scout Cookie sales have started! I know I sent out e-mails to most of you, and to those of you who I forgot to send an e-mail to, wow, I suck don't I? Anyway, e-mail me your cookie order, I'll give you more details on cookies and I'll even send a photo of the cookies with the details! Woohoo! Come on now, you know you want cookies.

Random Play

Recently I've had a brilliant moment. I know, it's rare, but it HAPPENS. I have started negotiating chores with my stubborn progeny with Wii time. For instance - take out all of the garbage to earn 5 minutes of Wii time. Sunday Cabbage Patch got with the program right away and earned 15 minutes of Wii time, Super Girl earned 5 minutes. Oh let me tell you the screams of 'That's not fair!' were loud and unending when Super Girl had to hand over the controls to ME after 5 minutes of play. Bwhahahahahaha! Sometimes being the MOM is AWESOME! It almost makes up for the fact that I really SUCK at all the games.

Over Heard

Sunday night as I prepared the red beans to soaking, Super Girl looked at the pot of beans with disdain and said "Beans... Don't beans give you gas?" What could I say except yes. I was silently impressed that she was thinking out her options of reasons for refusing to eat the beans.

Cabbage Patch has a new favorite word. Piss. Last week she pulled out that word as we were playing with her new Polly Pocket doll set. It came with a cat and a monkey. I was making the cat be a wee bit psychotic and hiss at everyone. At one point the cat hopped in the car and hissed at her doll to which she yelled "Cat! Don't piss in the car!" We had a discussion as to how PISS is not appropriate and how she shouldn't be saying it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I thought that was the end of it. This past weekend K and the kids met me for lunch. Out side of the fine dining establishments drive through area Cabbage Patch found a Pokemon card. Inside we waited for our number to be called the offspring played with the Pokemon card, at one point I heard Cabbage Patch say "I throw a PISS BALL at you!" All activity at the stopped as my attention was now focused on my 6 year old who was uttering piss yet again. "Cabbage Patch. If you say PISS one more time I will take you in the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap. Do you understand me?" All forward thinking of reasoning with a child and not falling back on the soap in the mouth trick our parents loved so dearly went out the drive through window at that moment as I envisioned my adorable offspring telling her teacher that she needed to take a piss. No, no. That could not happen. I have YET to be called from school for a child swearing (I know, that's a surprise to ME also!) and I'm not about to have it happen over PISS.

Okay, enough from me. I have to get on to work. CAKE PHOTOS later today!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Funny Pictures
moar funny pictures

I have the deadline for two contests quickly approaching. One is a HUGE deal, it's the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association 13th Annual Cake Decorating Challenge. I want to go to this so bad!! I have about 300 photos of my cakes to go through and choose the ones I think are good enough for this entry. If you've seen anything here that you think is AMAZING, leave a comment and I'll make sure photos of that care are included.

The next contest is a store wide contest. It's for a chocolate cake and icing recipe with . Last night I baked my first attempt at this recipe. See the results:

My poor suffering offspring. They've had to endure taste testing this cake and they'll have to endure more. I'm a monster.

Other than that, things are good. I've got several deadlines (not for contest entries) looming and lots to do. For now, I have to go to work.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


You people and your cake addiction. *shaking head* But what kind of enabler would I be if I didn't provide you with your virtual sugar buzz? Go ahead, you know you love my cake.

This race car is made entirely out of cupcakes and icing! No wonder the payments are so cheap!
Not sure why I can't get a good photo of anything with a black border from this angle. I think my camera has ATTITUDE!
Ahhhh and the side of the cake. Isn't it pretty? The mom was all "Yeah, it's fine," when she picked it up - that after being so PICKY about the cake!
13 year old boys are just as odd yet less demanding as the girls.
I airbrushed that guitar blue then added the neck of the guitar. I made sure it looked like the exact Gibson guitar that the boy liked. His mom LOVED the cake.

Then there was the woman who picked up her cake at 12:30, called back at 1:30 to complain about the cake, I offered her a small white cake to make up for the fact that I didn't go the cake half white and half chocolate (sadly, I do make mistakes), she told me she was in a neighboring city which is 20 minutes away and besides the party was over and the cake was eaten, she just wanted some money back. ummm yeah.... a kids birthday party is completely done in 40 minutes? She was just being a bitch and wanted money back, she probably knows out store will do whatever to make sure the customer is unhappy. A couple of months ago on a Sunday a woman brought in a small piece of cake in a zip lock bag and a receipt saying that the cake was dry AND that the center wasn't cooked all the way through. She demanded the money back and didn't have the credit/debit card with her that was used to purchase the cake. The store manager went ahead and gave her the money back. On Monday when my supervisor called the number the woman gave, it didn't work. Not only that but there was no order from Saturday with that woman's name on it. So, someone just picked up a receipt and decided to see if they could scam the store. They DID! Some people suck.

More writing later, enjoy the CAKE for now.