Saturday, June 28, 2008

Breakfast CAKE!

So damn tired. Should be at work RIGHT now. Enjoy the cake. Someday I'll actually be able to POST something other than CAKE.

Just CUTE!
Highly requested - Dale's car.
Baby shower cake.
I love this cake because I LOVED the movie! HULK SMASH! This is for the freezer case and the BEST part is that it was too tall to fit in the box so I had to squash it down in the cake and it really did look like hulk had just smashed into the cake! Very cool looking! HULK SMASH CAKE!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pastry Duplicity

A lot of the time I do the same design over and over and over. As such I tend to not bother to post photos of the same design over and over and over. June has been a really big month for the same designs. Let me show you.

I love polka dots.
This is actually a cake for the display case. I wouldn't be surprised if it was sold by Thursday when I go back to work. I also did one that is white with lavender dots and lavender roses on top. Sound familiar? Should, I've done that design many times before.
More dots! This is actually a cake for a wedding shower. The couple had gotten married a couple of weeks prior and the person who brought the wedding cake (see below) got such rave reviews she volunteered to bring the shower cake.
Polka dots! For an order.
I guess the little girl the cake is for is 7.
Stacked present cakes. I particularly love the look of this one.
Though this one is lovely as well.
Baseball has been a big theme also. I did three big cookies done to look like baseballs that I didn't photo.
The thing about this one is that the person who took the order took it WRONG. The trim and name should have been light blue. It's a baby shower cake. I had to carefully remove the trim and letters and re-do them in light blue. I wasn't a happy camper about that.
Another baby shower cake. I like this one.
And hate this one. It was exactly what the woman ordered but I think it is hideous.
The two hearts cakes have been SUPER popular lately. For weddings...
More anniversaries. Luckily I do like this cake and really like it when I get to make it a wee bit different. (the reason the hearts look smaller on some of the cakes is that the cakes are different sizes)
Slip Of The Tongue

Said by my youngest as we watch Batman Begins.
Cabbage Patch: He was going to say the F word. How do you spell FUCK? *imediately covering her mouth*
Me: Don't say that.

I know, I know, that kind of stuff is going to get me nominated for mother of the year. ;)

Monday, June 23, 2008

More Cake

I'm quite behind on my posting of CAKE. No excuses, just no motivation. Tomorrow is a day off so I may actually post something... or maybe just more CAKE photos.

Cherry Blossoms.
Pretty coral and shells.
I found the sugar shells and just HAD to make something for them to go on.
This is my display wedding cake. I totally fucked it up while staking it. Twice, I fucked it up twice. Obviously I fixed it. Here is one side of it. I really liked it with out the roses but I wanted to add the red to make it stand out a bit more.
And this is the other side. I intentionally did each tier a bit different as this is my only display wedding cake so I really had to do what ever I could to get the most out of it. Also, when I'm tired of looking at one side, I can turn it to the other side.