Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pastry Duplicity

A lot of the time I do the same design over and over and over. As such I tend to not bother to post photos of the same design over and over and over. June has been a really big month for the same designs. Let me show you.

I love polka dots.
This is actually a cake for the display case. I wouldn't be surprised if it was sold by Thursday when I go back to work. I also did one that is white with lavender dots and lavender roses on top. Sound familiar? Should, I've done that design many times before.
More dots! This is actually a cake for a wedding shower. The couple had gotten married a couple of weeks prior and the person who brought the wedding cake (see below) got such rave reviews she volunteered to bring the shower cake.
Polka dots! For an order.
I guess the little girl the cake is for is 7.
Stacked present cakes. I particularly love the look of this one.
Though this one is lovely as well.
Baseball has been a big theme also. I did three big cookies done to look like baseballs that I didn't photo.
The thing about this one is that the person who took the order took it WRONG. The trim and name should have been light blue. It's a baby shower cake. I had to carefully remove the trim and letters and re-do them in light blue. I wasn't a happy camper about that.
Another baby shower cake. I like this one.
And hate this one. It was exactly what the woman ordered but I think it is hideous.
The two hearts cakes have been SUPER popular lately. For weddings...
More anniversaries. Luckily I do like this cake and really like it when I get to make it a wee bit different. (the reason the hearts look smaller on some of the cakes is that the cakes are different sizes)

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