Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yep... I got tagged.... here ya go

Ok.. I got tagged by Princess Heart AND Queen Mystic! So I guess I HAVE to do what the princess ... so here it goes!!!!


Each player of this game starts with honesty, answering these questions.

People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own, providing their answers.

At the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't pick someone who has already been tagged with these questions.

Don't forget to leave a comment that say's "Tag...You're it!" and tell them to read your blog.

1. What is your favorite faire and why? Hmmmm… I do love Scarby because it's home fair, but I love TRF too! I'd have to say whatever faire I'm at with all my friends.

2. Most common color in your wardrobe? Red and black.

3. How many faire-related weapons do you own? None…. Yet.

4. How old is your character? No comment…

5. How many characters do you have? The fair Duchess Fate (aka Judypooh)

6. Nationality of your present persona: ummmm... fae

7. What kind of shoes do you wear? Sandals or maryjanes

8. Socks or hose? Knee socks or thigh high stockings.

9. Have you ever gotten so drunk at a faire that you don't remember parts of it? Nooooooooooooooooooo… But I've put forth a great effort from time to time to make that happen.

10. What were you drinking at the time? Water.

11. Have you ever been on cast? Nope.

12. Would you like to be on cast? Not so much.

13. Why? why what??

14. Have you ever been a vendor at a faire? no

15. Have you ever worked a booth at a faire? Again… no.

16. How many groups are you in? SPCF, Emerald Dragon, McBuggins and Gnomes.

17. List your titles: Duchess Fate, Judypooh, DORK

18. Are you in the SCA? Isn't that one of those veneral diseases?

19. List your titles and awards: Duchess Fate

20. Caffeinated beverage of choice: Coffee

21. Alcoholic beverage of choice: Loki… Just hand me some and I'll drink it.

22. Have you had sex while at faire or in the campground of faire? Why? Have you HEARD something? Was your tent next to mine? I'll try to keep it down from now on… NOT that I'd ever do that anyway.

23. How many times? Why? Have you HEARD something again? Well if your tent was NEXT to mine then you could have just kept count now couldn't you?

24. Do you sew your own clothes? Actually I have a herd of beautiful tiny faries who sew garb for me at night as I sleep. Sadly they tend to procrastinate only sew right before faire.

25. What does a Faire Scotsman wear under his kilt? And what makes you think I've ever investigated THAT? I'm royalty after all – I get others to do that for me… then let me know if it's worth my time. ;)

26. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at faire? IN faire… ummm… I'd rather just forget that. In CAMP, well – I really am just one embarrassing moment just waiting to happen at any time, just add alcohol.

27. Do you have a favorite show? Sound & Fury, Ded Bob, Iris & Rose

28. What is your favorite faire food that you eat at a faire? Fried Macaroni and cheese

29. Do you wear period underwear? Um… did you just ask me about my undies??

30. Do you camp or hotel when attend out of town faires? I love to camp… as long as I have access to a SHOWER. The parties in the camp grounds ROCK!

31. Have you ever lost your shoe or shoes while walking around faire? Not so far.

32. Have you ever been assaulted by the alcohol-impaired while attending? Who hasn't???

33. Head gear: Tiara, feathers, something fabulous

34. Have you ever been picked to be in a show? No

35. Who gave you your faire name? Fate – The lovely and eloquent Queen Mystic gave it to me. I've always been Judypooh, it's a combination of what people called me while growing up. No Pooh is not my real last name, nor is Judypooh what's on my birth certificate.

36. Have you ever met a special someone at faire? Depends on what you mean – as far as a Special Someone as in romantic interest – not so much, Special Someone as in Wonderful Friend and Long Lost Sibling Type Person – Yes.

37. Does your spouse or significant other attend faire with you? My Gay Husband attends faire sometimes. It makes life interesting. (Just wait until he convinces his boyfriend to attend too!)

38. Can you fit into a porta-potty while in garb or do you have to remove some pieces before stepping in? EWWWWWWW! I avoide port-potties at all cost.

39. Do you speak with an accent or stay in character when mingling with the mundanes? Not so much.

40. Invent one question on your own and ask your six tagged pals.

Have you ever seen a accident at the faire when one of the mundanes was hurt by a reinnes carelessness? nope

Ok... my question for you.... If you could add one thing to TRF (not change... add) what would you add? I don't know, I haven't explored TRF enough to make that call.

What's your most cherished faire memory?
PS I tag no one... feel free to pretend I tag you if you like ;)

Monday, December 11, 2006

At the Copacabana... Is that Next To Taco Cabana?

I guess I should be disturbed that my 7 year old just sang Copacabana in it's entirity this fine morning. I find it amusing.