Monday, March 12, 2007

Mental Spring Break Down

So Spring Break for the Little People started Friday and you know what that means… I spent half of last week crying uncontrollably and drinking heavily in preparation for a week and a day of ‘togetherness’ with my progeny. The other part of the week I spent soliciting people for hand outs of antidepressants and suggestions of what to do with my offspring for ONE WEEK AND ONE DAY.

D and I came to an agreement where in I would take Coco the Wonder Dog and she would take the Tiny Terrorists from today until Tuesday. I’m not sure how that worked out exactly, I don’t remember us gambling and her losing or her being all that drunk recently but who am I to argue! Before noon today she whisked the Tiny Terrorists off to an undisclosed location for terrorist training. (She hinted at it being somewhere South West of here and this time away involving a hotel with an indoor pool and a theme park, but HAH! I know better. I know they are headed for a state of the art terrorist training facility. Bravo D, bravo for getting them in on such short notice. I await their demonstrations of home explosives and cute little My First Manifesto coloring books.) I of course get ALL the FUN! I have Coco and a hankering to dye a dog!

I just returned from the store with a bag full of supplies for coloring a pooch. I promise there will be photos!

I apologize for not posting sooner. No excuses, I just suck that’s all.

As for other news… I’m doing a shit load of spring cleaning since it’s nearly spring and Casa De Karmically Challenged is an utter shit hole. If I don’t post so much in the near future, well that’s probably why. Be forewarned, if you DO decide to send out a search party, I will gladly invite them in and refuse to let them leave until they help with the sorting and putting away and dusting and such.

And other, other news. I interviewed for a JOB a week ago Thursday. This was for a photography job at a big ass photo studio. I did not get said job. Boo hoo. Ah well, it’s no big deal, what with the kids on Spring Break this week I would have had to either kennel the kids while I worked or invest in an ass load of duct tape.

**** Later***
Fuck, well it’s 11:30 pm on Monday and I started writing this on Saturday. I think someone slipped some roofies in my coffee or maybe I took a handful of Bendadryl and passed out for the weekend because I couldn’t manage to get this fucking post done.

Update: D has taken the kids to San Antonio for fun at 6 Flags in SA – which they got thrown out of and D is lucky she didn’t get arrested (all Super Girl’s fault… or should I say Destruction’s fault), paid $35 for a pizza that was all wrong and spent a LONG time on the phone with me (passing the phone to my offspring so that I could promise her that grounding and toilet scrubbing were part of her future when she returns). AMAZINGLY enough D decided NOT to kennel my progeny and took them to the river walk and various other places to have fun today. The Tiny Terrorists apparently decided that they would forgo the crazy pills this morning and they all had a most pleasant day which included them begging for lunch of street vendor hotdogs, taking photos by some eloquent graffiti and requesting tattoos (for which D had to phone me so they both could ask me if they could get one to which I promised them that when they turned 18 they could get any tat they wanted and get whatever they wanted pierced).

But other than that… well I’ve been cleaning today. Tomorrow will be sewing and probably more cleaning and sorting and crap. D is keeping the Little People for another day so YAY! I might actually get something finished!

This is so weird; I keep thinking it’s a day ahead of what it is. I think I’m just going crazy.

Also… I’m totally on the brink of something absolutely wonderful – but I’m not going to talk about it because I’m completely superstitious and I’d totally hate to jinx myself. (Go ahead, laugh at me, it is stupid)