Thursday, August 25, 2005

Simply Fabulous!

This is a new reversible corset that was just completed.

I'm so in love with this fabric that I've considered marrying it... at the very least I'd have a long affair and share a bank account with it.

This side is lovely also, but I'm not as inclined to have a relationship with it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One Reason I Might Need A Smack

For convincing my youngest that her eyebrows were coming off and needed to be stuck back on, then poking her in the forehead, which convinced her they were infact coming off and she had to dash off to the bathroom to check the status of her eyebrows. I'm a bad person.
Photos and Such

First, some random photos from the Ben's Half Yard gathering earlier this month.

Did someone say COCK?

Now, that's some codpiece.

Did someone say Tit...

mouse? It's a titmouse you perv!

Argh! Grabbin' me some Pirate booty!

He liked it.

Thank you very much! I'll do everything in my power to uphold the title.

Let's just hope they don't find out about those photos from my college days.

Stripped of my title already!

I guess I'll just go back to sealing hats!

I thought about posting a photo of the guy in the blue shirt who was hitting on me, but I decided not to. Go look at the rest of the photos here. I haven't added any titles to the photos yet.

Bowling For Dollars!

Cabbage Patch before the incident.

I think it took a full 3 minutes for that ball to get to the end of the lane.

Fashionable shoes!

I was truly sad to have to give them back.

Sewing Stuff

The Dress!

Absolutly fabulous!

Sable's Dress

So hot!

There are other photos on here of other sewing projects. o look! Speaking of sewing projects - I need to get back to work!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Posting Issues!

So, yeah.. I know I promised more posts and photos yesterday, and I fully intended to do that. But ya see... K got the new router up and running (so now all three computers can be online at the same time and we can im each other instead of actually talking to teach other!) and that was GREAT... except for some damn reason I could no longer get to my mail or get to Blogger! DAMN! Anyway after all day of cursing it and fiddling with it, he READ the instructions and figured out the instructions that were INCORRECT - I had access to my e-mail and blogger! Woohoo! And it was only 11:30 pm! So um.. yeah... I didn't post. But I TRIED to upload photos. And I didn't. It didn't work. Seems that the program I use (HELLO) won't work with my router for some fucked up reason, so I'll have post photos MANUALLY! Damnit. SOOOOOOO I've been uploading my photos to some albums on rensites and well that's not so simple either! Sigh. I'm challenged today. Anyway, I did manage to upload, but it's taken me for-fucking-ever so you'll just have to wait a bit longer for the photos.

I have much to tell though... the bowling party, the first day of school, the scary moment with the kid and best of all, the discovery of a religious icon.

I'll leave you to wonder for now. I'm off to the store.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Reports Of My Demise Are Greatly Exagerated!

I'm not dead people, just busy, so you can stop sending sympathy cards and flowers. Sheesh.

I'm happy to report that I did finish the DRESS and will post fabulous photos soon. Actually I'll post photos of some other projects that I've finished and haven't had a moment to post also. Not imediately, but today for sure. I've got several orders to work on. I'm excited about that!

Okay, now I will randomly respond to things:

Attention All Who Are Part Of The Anti-Pea Collition:

Peas are NOT bad! They are TASTY and a fine addition to mac 'n cheese. I do understand that they may infact actually be tiny green monster eggs, but what better way to rid the world of monster than to eat their eggs BEFORE they hatch (I mean isn't that why we eat the Jumbo Eggs? So they don't grow up to be Giant Chickens and over run the world).

I would suggest that all of you give peas a chance and stop trying to stand in the way of the peas project. I personally am working hard for peas and have joined the Peas Corps and the World Peas Project For Children (all kids should have peas!). Won't you give peas a chance and pray for peas?

Okay, I have to go for now. D gave me a lap top for my birthday and K is doing stuff to get the router working so EVERYONE can be on the computer at the same damn time. Woohoo!

Stay tuned! Photos to come! Ben's Photos! Sewing Photos! Cat Photos! (not really on the cat photos.)