Saturday, July 24, 2004

I Love That Spicy Meat!

That's the last thing Petey heard heard me say before his cell phone cut out. Suprisingly the conversation was not about XXX (let me tell you, I do love that spicy meat), but about food.

Planning to head out to a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party tonight. Petey is planning the party. heh. A trip to see a drag show is on the agenda - this promises to be a party to remember.

It's almost too bad that K is going to have to miss all the fun.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Scary Feet! Scary Feet! Scary Feet!

Mine specifically. Yesterday after a shower I realized that my feet are absolutely fucking scary. And not just because of the horribly misshapen and bruised toenail on the left foot. I have awful calluses and I scar very easily. I heal lightening fast but guarantee a nice mark from just about anything. I have high arches so it’s hard to find shoes that fit perfectly. Something always rubs some part of my foot. This added to the fact that I scar so easily leaves my feet looking frightening. It takes almost nothing to make a callous or scar on me. Wearing new shoes one day – new pink patch on toe that will either become a callous or scar. Wearing old shoes I’ve worn a million times – add to callous already present on foot. No shoes – something will be dropped on foot to cause frighteningly disgusting bruise or cat will dash across naked feet with claws extended to cause horrible painful looking scar that will not fade for months on end. Think about new shoes – some part of foot will become irritated. My feet are scary. I could go on and on about this but I know it would bore you – I’m seriously self conscious about my feet, though I’d like a professional foot massage and pedicure I have always avoided such a thing as I fear what others think of my frightening calluses.

Anyway, I digress. I noticed my feet looked more atrocious than normal the other day. I also remembered two important things, I am attending a wedding on the 31st and plan to wear lovely black sandals and second I’m visiting XXX for a few days and don’t want to unintentionally permanently injure the man by my feet rubbing against him in the night. This called for action. I needed a good foot soak, pumice and some serious moisturizer.

As luck would have it I purchased a foot scrub and some serious foot moisturizer last week. While I bathed Cabbage Patch I sat on the edge of the tub and submerged my feet for a while. Now that my feet have been washed, sanded and moisturized I am wearing socks in the hopes of waking tomorrow to if not heavenly soft feet then at least normal looking non lethal feet.
Movie Night
(or Cabbage Patch Trauma Night)

K is out tonight with his boyfriend. I thought it would be a lovely idea to take the little people to a movie. I figured we could catch the last matinee of Shrek 2 before we came home to make dinner. It was kind of a last minute thing that was decided during a phone conversation with K a little after 4 pm. The last matinee was at 4:45 pm so I cleaned up the kids and myself quickly then out the door we go.

We were barely out the door before Cabbage Patch starts WHINING. She has this LOVELY habit of whining whenever she has to walk anywhere. Usually she reserves it for the walk home but occasionally (like tonight) I get a special treat of whining on the way to our destination as well as the way home. Since Cabbage Patch just turned 3 she still falls a lot when she walks or runs or stands. Super Girl was much worse about the falling, her poor little knees and shins were constantly covered in scrapes and scabs. At 5 she seems to have outgrown that for the most part. Now it’s Cabbage Patch’s turn. The other day as we were walking across the parking lot to get into the car she falls and scrapes her knee. She’s fine. It makes a nasty looking scrape that gets an ugly scab on it, but she’s fine otherwise.

Tonight as we stepped foot in the parking lot of the movie theater she falls. On that knee. And bloodies it. Not just a little drop of blood or even a little trickle, but a freaking faucet of blood down her tiny little leg. I wipe the blood off her leg in hopes that the one river down her leg would be it, but I was wrong. I wipe about 4 streams off her leg before it starts to slow a bit. As I had nothing to wipe my hand on, I wiped it on the cement (I was careful not to touch her boo-boo with my now dirty hand from that point on).

We walk around the building to buy tickets and as we are standing in line I see a slow stream of blood has reached the front edge of her shoe. Sigh I get the tickets and we stand in line to get popcorn. I grab napkins to clean her leg up as we wait then put a piece of napkin over her bloody boo-boo to keep it somewhat protected.

Fast forward to after the movie and back home (yes she did whine all the way home). I discover that some Tiny Terrorist have absconded with the first aid kit. After some threats Super Girl locates the kit which now only holds three band aids and some empty wrappers (she’s off to bed early because of that). Grrr…

I get the peroxide to clean Cabbage Patch’s boo-boo as I now realize that the napkin was a bad choice of items to put on her boo-boo since I now have to somehow get it off and not further traumatize her. A few capfuls of peroxide later I decide a nice bath will work better as she’s starting to get a petrified look on her face. The bath is non-traumatic and enjoyable for her. She’s got a band-aid and Neosporin on her boo-boo (the one on her toe also – blister from her sandal) and she’s fallen asleep on the sofa while watching Wallace and Gromit. It’s so damn cute I may need insulin.
Sew Frustrating

Back in April I purchased a new sewing machine. A Brother LS-2125. I got it at a really good price as it was a new model being carried by my Wally-World and they hadn't put the new pricing on it yet so it was $10 less than what it is normally priced. I did not purchase anything else for the sewing machine at the time. I figured I had everything I needed. I already had 2 other machines at home (my antique one that was my great grandmothers and one I purchased 5 years ago but needs servicing) and had two different kinds of bobbins - plastic ones (which the LS-2125 uses) and metal ones. The machine came with three empty bobbins so I didn't need to seek out new bobbins until recently when I was sewing for Super Girl. I grabbed some bobbins from my stash and started sewing only to discover that after a short period of sewing the bobbin thread would tangle. Frustrating. This is the first time I realized there were more variety of bobbins than just plastic or metal (and I've been sewing since I was 9!!!).

We head to Wally-World with sewing machine manual in hand to procure bobbins. I break out in a nervous sweat trying to figure out what I needed - I can't make heads or tales of the manual. K chooses what he thinks is the right bobbins. We head home. Wrong bobbins. Last night another trip to Wally-World, return previously purchased bobbins, look for correct bobbins - this time with model # of machine written on front of manual. Can't find any that say they will work in my machine. Leave empty handed (bobbin wise anyway).

At home I look up the Brother page and fer fucks sake they don't have my model of sewing machine on their page! What the hell??? I start to wonder if maybe they don't make this machine anymore - it would be just my luck to have purchased the last of a discontinued model that's destined to blow up any day now. I do a search for my model of sewing machine on the internet and I can find it at several different places that sell sewing machines. I search for bobbins for my model machine - in the search I discover that there are no less than 6 different styles of plastic bobbins. YIKES! After much searching I discover what the correct bobbin is that I need. I don’t' know if I can find it locally but if not I know of a place I can order them from. In bulk even. I can order 500 of them if I want! 500! HAH!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Super Girl's New Outfits

I've still got several more things to make her efore school starts.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Got Your Nose!

I think everyone has either witnessed that game being played or played that game with a toddler. I know I have. Tonight after discovering the dinner we had procured at the store would take at least 70 minutes to cook in our conventional oven we took a trip to our neighborhood Culver's to have a tasty and ever so non nutritional meal. When we arrived Cabbage Patched pleaded with me to pick her up and put her on the counter. As I stood there peering at the menu Cabbage Patch starts playing 'Got Your Nose!' with me, but not with my nose. She says (rather loudly) "I got your boobies!" And grabs my boobs. I looked at her in shock as she did it again, then I grabbed her little hands before she could do it a third time and said "Let's not play that now." I looked up in time to see the teenaged boy cashier grinning and stifling a laugh.

Tea Pot

I am the proud owner of a shiny new tea pot.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Super Girl just asked for a Coka Diarrhea. I asked her to repeat her self and after she said it again I asked her where she heard it, she said Dad as she pointed to the can. I looked at the can of diet soda and said "Diet Rite cola not diarrhea."

Monday, July 19, 2004

Microwoes Part II

Tonight a cooked a lovely dinner of roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed cabbage and salad. The roast was perfectly cooked at 6 pm. My timing was off for dinner as I had forgotten that in order to cook the veggies I would have to actually cook them and not use the microwave as it is still broken. *sigh* I didn't remember this fact until the roast was out of the oven. I usually put things in my nice microwave cooking dishes and things are done in 6 minutes or less. Tonight I had to dig around for scarcely used sauce pans to cook in. I did at least remember to make the gravy last so that it wasn't all cold and coagulated by the time everything else was ready.

How on earth did my grandparents cook??? Someone PLEASE fix my microwave!
I Could Not Have Said It Better

I just read this off Meegan's blog. *sigh* that's the most amazing feeling in the world.

Psycho Link

Discussion over ice cream:
Me: We need to get a birthday gift for Gracie and a birthday gift for Josh and a wedding present for Martin & Angie.
K: Hmmm
Me: Well I'm going to get a book for Gracie. I'm going to get a book for Josh also.
Me: And we can get a book for Martin and Angie as well...
K: We'll get them AD&D books!
Me: HAHAHAHA! That's what I was going to say!
K: See our psychotic link is still working, we are still connected.
Me: Stop thinking of show tunes!!!! Aaaaaahhhh! It burns!
K: (laughing to hard to make words)
Me: Make it stop!


There is yet another reason life sucks without a microwave. This morning I was very tired. VERY. In the middle of the night I had taken some allergy medicine for an unsightly rash that was invading my neck and chest area so I woke rather groggy. I wanted COFFEE this morning. Hell I NEEDED COFFEE this morning. I dared not attempt to make coffee in my diminished state of consciousness as I was quite certain I would surely cause myself grave harm. Now if my traitor microwave had been working I would not have had to worry about serious injury, I would have had coffee.

More kvetching... I returned home from working on Saturday and as usual K had taken the Little People out for pizza. Pizza Inn pizza I believe. They brought home left over pizza and cheese sticks. Usually I do like to partake in pizza after a long day (without lunch); I'm not a huge fan of Pizza Inn pizza though. A quick warming in the microwave makes it somewhat edible. Well I couldn't warm it. It was VILE. Two bites of cold Pizza Inn pizza was all I could handle, I thought I would barf it was that gross. So I ate the cheese sticks. Cold. Cold and cheese stick should not go together. They were at least not VILE.

Ugh. I need my microwave fixed!!!
Gay Boyfriend

I'm laughing. Go see that and laugh too. I guess I got the ultimate in Gay Boyfriend - I have Gay Husband. heh.

Word For The Day

mendacious \men-DAY-shus\ adjective

: given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth

Paula gave a complicated and mendacious account of why her grandmother's account was short. She obviously isn't very smart to be using the account for shopping since grandmother is in a nursing home!